Can Shar-Peis Wear Collars? Read This First!

Shar-Peis can be wonderful companion pets.  Their unique head and body shape make finding a collar for them challenging. 

There are differing opinions on whether collars are safe for Shar-pei dogs.  So, can Shar-Peis wear collars? 

can shar peis wear collars
Can Shar-Peis Wear Collars?

Yes and no. If you decide to use a collar, your options are limited.  Buckle collars must fit your dog properly, as a collar that is too big can slip off their head if they pull or lunge.  In the case of a Shar-pei, whose neck and head are the same thickness, this is a common problem. For this reason, buckle collars aren’t recommended.  

Chain collars can be used to avoid the collar slipping off, but they can be dangerous to the dog if not used properly.  Since there is a choking action with a chain collar, many owners prefer to play it safe and avoid it.  The best choice for your Shar-pei is a harness.  Harnesses allow you to safely leash walk your dog without pulling on their neck or risking escape.

Let’s examine the best harnesses for Shar-Peis.

Harnesses for Shar-peis: Our picks

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness

This Y-shaped harness fastens in front under your dog’s chest rather than above the back.  It’s considered a training or anti-pulling harness because it makes leash-pulling uncomfortable for your dog.  Since Shar-Peis are energetic dogs that frequently pull, this harness will help make walks enjoyable for both of you.

Depending on your preference, your leash can be attached to the chest or on your dog’s back.

This harness is easy to wash and dry and has reflective striping that allows you to safely walk your Shar-pei in the dark.

PetSafe 3in1 Harness

The PetSafe harness is h-shaped, which is the most common type of dog harness.  If adjusted correctly, it will fit your shar-pei well.

This harness is made from extremely durable material, making it strong enough to secure energetic dogs while soft enough to avoid irritating your dog’s skin.  It adjusts to a wide range of sizes, so it can be easily adapted to fit any size of the dog.

The leash attaches to this harness on the back, making it ideal for owners who like to run or bike with their dogs.  This one also has reflective striping for increased visibility at night.

shar pei dog wearing collar
Shar-Pei dog wearing collar

Why choose a harness for a shar-pei?

Shar-pei dogs are famous for pulling on the leash during walks, especially if they’re young and easily excited.  When this happens, wearing a collar can be not only uncomfortable but dangerous.

Collars that pull on the neck can easily cause damage to your dog’s throat, but there is a secondary danger for Shar-Pei’s.  Because their neck and head are roughly the same size, collars can slip over the top of your dog’s head, allowing him to escape.

A harness gives you greater control over your dog than a collar.  You can easily influence his direction, and manage his behavior, and it’s safe and comfortable if he pulls.

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