Can Pugs Eat Raw Meat? To Feed Or Not To Feed, That Is the Question

Any caring dog owner wants only the best for his/her pooch, and that is plausible, indeed. Since you took the responsibility for a little four-legged, you are the sole provider of its shelter, bedding, water, and food. Your mutt 100% depends on you and trusts you to give it the healthiest life possible.

can pugs eat raw meat
Can Pugs Eat Raw Meat?

And speaking of health, do you know if cooked or raw food is better? If you happen to be a Pug owner, you need to investigate very thoroughly which diet to feed a prone-to allergies flat-faced mutt. Meat is one of the essential components of a well-balanced diet, but can Pugs eat raw meat? Or is it better to give it out in a cooked form?

Let’s dig into this without delay and talk about the most wholesome nutrition plan your pooch should follow to be in its top shape. 

The Best Diet for a Pug

A lot of raw diet followers (including vegans) will be inclined to feed their dogs the same type of meals as they eat themselves. However, it may not be the best approach as dogs have different needs than the two-legged. You need to make sure a pet’s diet is as balanced, as it can be for a canine.

Below you will find what your Pug should be eating to be healthy. Not sure about certain foods? Introduce them slowly as wrinkled pals can get allergic to the safest at first sight products.

1. Fruits

Are rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals (like magnesium, iron, and zinc), folate, niacin, and riboflavin. However, not all fruits are created equal when it comes to your Pug’s well-being. Some of them can trigger a severe allergic reaction despite all their goodness.

Normally, apples and bananas would be safe. But other fruits, especially exotic ones like mango and pineapple should be fed as a sample first before you fully include them in a Pug’s meals.

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2. Berries

These are vitamin powerhouses, even more so than fruits! They offer a wide variety of vitamins such as K, C, and B, fiber, potassium, and folic acid. All those elements are great for pregnant canine mommas.

However, don’t abuse the dosage. Half of a berry should be enough to satisfy your Pug’s sweet tooth. Some of them are allergy-triggering as well, therefore exercise caution when administering. 

3. Veggies

Veggies like cucumbers, carrots, and celery should be included as a part of a balanced meal for either a two- or four-legged, no matter. Not only do they contain vitamins A, K, C, and E, but it is also full of potassium, folic acid, calcium, fiber, and iron to keep your hound’s diet super nutritious. You can be confident that you are doing your beloved pet a lot of good by including greens in its nutrition plan.

However, as in the case with the aforementioned products, give raw veggies one piece at a time to make sure no allergic episodes are going to take place. 

4. Grains

For example, wheat, rice, corn, rye, and quinoa are very beneficial for any mammal’s diet, including canines. These are abundant in protein, vitamins, fiber, and carbs that in combination aid healthy digestion. On top of that, they help lower blood sugar, control appetite, and lower bad cholesterol. This is very important for a Pug dog breed as they are notorious for weight gain problems

5. Meats

And here we got to one of the most beneficial dog diet components. Most veterinary specialists recommend a pet owner keeps his/her dog’s meat-to-fruits/veggies ratio to about 50%/50%. Meaning, half of a mutt’s healthy diet should consist of protein-rich sources (like chicken, turkey, and beef) while the other half should be vitamin superpowers fruits, and veggies. As well as the above-mentioned grains, of course. 

And since we have mentioned meat, can you feed puppies raw meat, or is it better to cook it? There have been some speculations regarding the subject, so let’s dive into it and see which path a dog owner should take. And if you happen to have a Pug, you might be wondering: “Can Pugs eat raw meat?”

Raw Or Cooked Meat For Dogs: The Safest Option For Your Mutt

Many veterinarians argue that even though meat in its raw form is the most natural and habitual way of consuming it for wild dogs like wolves and coyotes, it is not always suitable for domesticated canines, including Pugs. They are no different from other breeds when it comes to their dietary needs. In case you have been looking for an answer to your question “Can Pugs eat raw meat?” a professional would tell you, no, it is better not. Why so? 

Raw Meat

So, is raw meat good for dogs after all? Some vegans and raw food enthusiasts would argue that their dog’s diet should be raw for the most part. Partially, it is true, but only if we talk about fruits and veggies. Those always have been safe to consume cooked or raw for that matter. 

Yes, uncooked meat contains all the necessary elements that are beneficial for your pooch. However, there’s a much higher risk of developing a foodborne illness like Salmonella or Yersinia. And not just for the furry pal, but for its owner as well! If you handle your mutt’s raw meat, you are at risk of getting very sick! More so, if you don’t properly clean your hands or sanitize cooking surfaces after cutting up some steak or those tender spare ribs. 

Cooked Meat

May not be as particularly nutritious as its raw counterpart. Nevertheless, it is the safest meal option in case your Pug friend happens to be a fan of chicken fillet or smoked turkey breast. You always cook any meat that you eat, right?

So, why expose your precious bundle of joy to unnecessary hazards when they can be avoided? At least you will have peace of mind knowing that you are not putting a dear pooch in harm’s way if you just boil, grill, or fry a juicy cut you both will most definitely enjoy. 

Just make sure to invest in a good-quality thermometer to check your meal’s internal temperature. Meats should be cooked to at least 150-160 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on how you prepare them. Not sure how to go about cooking? You can always search online for some info.

pug eating raw meat
Pug eating raw meat


Hope this article helped you in the search for an answer to a question you had earlier, which is “Can Pugs eat raw meat?” As we learned, it is better not to risk it and properly handle as well as prepare meat-based products. After all, it is a beloved furry family member’s wellbeing we are talking about. 

Always remember: it is better to exercise safe practices than be sorry. If you can prevent an unnecessary trip to the vet, why not stick with their recommendations on safely cooking all poultry, beef, pork, chicken as well as seafood? A pretty logical thing to do if you ask me. 

The only foods you shouldn’t worry about are raw grains, vegetables, and fruits as we’ve discussed above. Yet, if you have a wrinkled Pug companion, those should be given in moderation, one bite at a time, as they are known for developing reactions to some products. No allergies followed? Great, your pal can indulge in all the vitamin-packed snacks and happily wag its tail doing so!

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