Is Watermelon Poisonous To Dogs?

Most people know that eating fruit is essential for a healthy lifestyle and should be a necessary component of every nutritious diet. Fruits are abundant in fiber, have a wide spectrum of vitamins, are low in calories, and contain no bad cholesterol. And, on top of all that goodness, they taste great! Fructose gives fruits that savory-sweet flavor much-loved by healthy diet enthusiasts. With a wide variety to choose from, anybody will find the one favorite fruit they will favor over others and would want to share some with their four-legged furry companions.

However, are there any fruit types that are not allowed for mutts to eat? In particular, is watermelon poisonous for dogs? But before we get into the watermelon subject, let’s take a look at some fruit types, in general, to see which ones are safe and which ones should be avoided. 

is watermelon poisonous to dogs
Is Watermelon Poisonous to Dogs?

Fruit Types That Are Allowed For Dogs To Eat

  1. Apples: their crispy texture is super appealing to pooches! And with all the antioxidants and vitamins let your hound crunch away all it wants! They are great to snack on but try not to overfeed your mutt. Too much of the good stuff can have an adverse effect. Your doggie wouldn’t be able to resist an apple’s yummy taste, therefore you can try to either give a slice as a treat for appropriate behavior or buy apple-flavored treats. Just make sure they are natural (aim for organic, that’s the best option).
  2. Bananas: any dog fans of a sun-colored snack out there? This potassium-packed sweet fruit can sure satisfy any picky treat-eater and is fabulously delish in a peanut butter/banana cupcake recipe. No need to throw away overripe bananas anymore your doggie some homemade treats and you will be receiving a bunch of grateful wet kisses. 
  3. Pears: loaded with vitamins, probiotics, and fiber, this fruit may also be in the top five fave canine snacks because of its crunchiness as well as sweetness. No need to feed a pooch a lot of pears, an occasional tablespoon-size portion will be beneficial. One thing though: dogs have to snack on raw pears, not canned. The latter ones have too much-processed sugar/corn syrup and preservatives that may be toxic to furry pals.
  4. Oranges: a sunny, bright, and oh-so-delicious, orange is a true royalty when it comes to vitamin C abundance (for a healthy immune system). Also, as an added health benefit, this fruit is rich in fiber, and potassium. A pet parent will just have to remember to remove all the seeds and peel before giving a slice of two to the anxiously waiting hound.  
  5. Watermelon: Is watermelon healthy for dogs? Yep, it is a great superfruit that dogs can indulge in safely. Especially those who have a little bit of a sweet tooth situation going on. Like the other types we’ve discussed above, this one also has a lot of nutrients our four-legged friends can benefit from. And, as in the case with its fruity counterparts, it has to be administered in moderation. 

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Fruit Types That Are Poisonous For Dogs

The two main toxic fruits are best avoided when it comes to your mutt’s diet.

1. Grapes: very harmful for a man’s best friend when digested! Eating grapes can cause a pooch to develop an upset stomach, diarrhea, and fever. But the worst that can happen is kidney failure, which can lead to a lethal outcome. 

2. Persimmons: this exotic fruit is another “felon” when it comes to bringing harm to a fluffy companion. While it is not a very common type for people in the Western world to indulge in, it is a regular staple on the Middle Eastern table. If you love this fruit and want to enjoy its sweet, tangy taste, make sure you keep it away from your pup.

Now, can watermelon be added to the poisonous fruits category? The answer is no, it is generally safe for dogs to eat. We’ve briefly mentioned it in the safe-to-eat fruits section. As with the majority of fruits, it is best not to feed a pooch too much watermelon. Keep it in moderation, just as an occasional snack. 

However, you might be asking yourself: “Are watermelon seeds bad for dogs?” Yes, they actually can be potentially harmful to the four-legged as well as the peel itself. An owner has to either buy a seedless watermelon or make sure to remove all of the seeds before letting a pup eat a delicious watermelon treat. But sliced fruit is not the only way to serve it.

How Do I Serve Watermelon To A Dog?

  • Frozen watermelon popsicles: go to a place like Walmart or Dollar Tree where they sell those in bulk for very cheap. Then, cut the fruit into medium-sized chunks and insert a popsicle in each slice. Put it in the freezer and serve as a cool-down snack for your overheated mutt. Since watermelon consists mostly of water, when you freeze it, it will turn into a natural frozen fruit bar you would typically buy at a supermarket. It is bound to become not only a pooch’s fave snack but its owner’s as well on a scorching hot day. 
  • Watermelon-flavored yogurt: just mix small, bite-sized chunks of the fruit with plain, unsweetened yogurt (organic is the best option). Put it in your puppy’s bowl and watch how fast it will be gobbled away! In case a furry friend is allergic to or dairy intolerant, a pet parent can look for a dairy-free yogurt. Another option will be to just mix the fruit with some peanut butter and stuff the mixture into the Kong toy. This trick is sure to occupy a mutt for a while because it will have to get the last drop out of the toy. That’s how good it is!
  • Mashed watermelon: you can also puree it in the blender and mix it with your hound’s dry food. It is sure to turn another “blah” dinner into a splendid gourmet meal! 
dog eating watermelon
Dog eating watermelon


I hope that after reading this article, questions like “Can Puppy Eat Watermelon?” or “Is Watermelon Poisonous to Dogs?” are not on your inquiry list anymore. Your mutt can safely enjoy watermelon, in any way you want to serve it. As long as the chunks are seedless, rindless, and fresh.

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