Can Chihuahuas Breed with Big Dogs?

Big dogs and chihuahuas look as if they’re totally different species. Due to how different they look, it is often assumed that chihuahuas cannot breed with larger dogs. But how true is this?

can chihuahuas breed with big dogs
Can Chihuahuas Breed with Big Dogs?

The simple fact is that chihuahuas can breed with larger dogs. Dogs are all very closely related—every dog derives from wolves. Given their close genetic makeup, chihuahuas actually can and do breed with larger dogs.

It must be kept in mind, though, that a male large dog breeding with a female chihuahua can be dangerous for the female chihuahua. The genetic makeup of the larger dog will carry on to the offspring, and the puppies will certainly be larger than if the chihuahua had bred with just another chihuahua.

Vets often need to use cesarean sections in these cases. However, if a male chihuahua breeds with a female large dog, these complications will not arise.

Crosses between huskies and chihuahuas, Great Danes and chihuahuas, and other big dogs and chihuahuas are quite common. To make this crossbreeding safe, however, you need to ensure that the dog that gets pregnant is the large dog, not the teeny tiny chihuahua

If the chihuahua gets pregnant with the offspring of a larger dog, birth complications become far more likely. Likewise, it also increases the likelihood that the chihuahua will die during the process of giving birth—it’s very possible that the offspring could be bigger than the mother itself.

Thus, you can breed large dogs with chihuahuas; you simply need to do so safely by ensuring that the chihuahua is a male, not a female and that the large dog is a female.

What About Other Small Dogs?

You might be asking yourself: “Well, I have a small dog, but it isn’t a chihuahua, though. Can my teeny tiny dog still breed with larger dogs?” An understandable question, for sure. The answer is that all dogs—small, large, or in-between—can breed with one another. So yes, you can breed your small dog—no matter its breed—with larger dogs.

Will these small dogs have the same potential issues as chihuahuas?

Yes, unfortunately, you need to take precautions if you have a female small dog and a male large dog who have or have attempted to mate.

The complications for a pregnant small dog with the offspring of larger dogs can be very painful for these little dogs. We do not want our small companions to be in pain, or even die, from breeding with larger dogs.

In light of all of these facts, if you have a small dog—chihuahua or not—the best course of action, if it is to mate with a large dog, is if the small dog is a male and the large dog is a female. The risks are too great for the small dog here if the roles are reversed.

Should Big Dogs and Small Dogs Breed?

A question often asked with respect to chihuahuas and big dog breeding is whether or not big dogs and small dogs should breed at all. It’s a worthwhile question because, while dog owners may want more dogs, they surely do not want to make it so that any of their dogs are in pain.

Most vets would say that, while you can breed small dogs with big dogs, it’s better that you don’t. Why is that? Well, on one hand (as we’ve already mentioned), if the

On the other hand, as a planet that is further running the risk of over-population, not just from humans, but from other animals—yes, that includes dogs too—we should really consider whether or not it is a good idea to have our dogs producing even more dogs. Think of this: instead of having your own dogs give birth to more dogs, why not rescue a dog that’s in need of a good home?

There are endless dogs that are currently in shelters and are in need of a home. If you are looking to get another dog, it would be much more prudent to adopt from a shelter than allow your dogs to breed!

Spay and neuter your pets! It will calm them down when they become overly frisky for mating partners— and if you have a female small dog and a male large dog, it’s especially important to spay and neuter both of your dogs sooner rather than later.

chihuahua and big dog breeds
Chihuahua and big dog breeds


The original question of this piece was “Can chihuahuas breed with big dogs?” The answer to that question: “Yes, chihuahuas can breed with big dogs.” A related question was “Can big dogs and small dogs breed with one another?” and, just like the chihuahua question, the answer was, “Yes, small dogs and big dogs can breed with each other.”

However, given the potential complications of breeding small dogs/chihuahuas and big dogs together—such as birth complications, the need for a c-section, and even death for the smaller dog in question—it would be wise to simply adopt. If your small dog is not yet spayed or neutered, you should visit your local vet and get that done as soon as you can.

Your little dog, while they’re certainly frisky, can still breed with larger dogs. But should they? Upon the advice of most vets, the answer is “No, your small dog should not breed with larger dogs.”

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