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Can a Dog Outrun a Deer? Read This First!

Animal factoids are super interesting, especially those regarding the animals we interact with regularly, like dogs and deer. These fantastic four-legged furry friends are some of the most fascinating and impressive creatures on earth. So, it’s fun to ruminate and compare their capabilities like running speed.

can a dog outrun a deer
Can a Dog Outrun a Deer?

Can a dog outrun a deer? On average, dogs can’t outrun deer. This is because the general speed of a deer is 43 mph while the fastest most dogs can go is 31 mph. However, this depends on the breed of the dog, how healthy the dog is, and the average speed of the particular dog in question.

So, while it’s not often that a dog will be able to outrun a deer, there are some instances where it is possible.

Is it possible for a dog outrun a deer?

There are a few circumstances where a dog can outrun a deer. While the average speeds of each animal generally denote that dogs can’t outrun deer, certain variables determine the outcome.

For instance, if the deer is a fawn or a pregnant female, a dog running an average of 35 mph will be able to run past the deer. When the deer is experiencing an injury or if it’s quite old, a dog running 30 mph will be able to outrun the deer. Also, certain breeds of dogs have the potential to outrun a deer.

Which dog breeds can outrun a deer?

Very few dog breeds would be able to outrun a deer. The most undeniable of these is the greyhound, they clock at speeds of 45 mph or more. This is why they’re often used in professional racing.

But there are other types of canines that can either outrun a deer or they give the deer a run for its money at the very least. The following is a list of several types of dogs:

  • Saluki: 42 mph; these are Middle Eastern hunting dogs bred to catch antelope
  • Sloughi: 42 mph: another desert dog breed designed to outrun large animals like antelope and gazelles
  • Vizsla: 40 mph; an agile Hungarian hound that is incredibly proficient at hunting, catching, and retrieving a variety of prey in almost any environment or terrain.
  • Afghan Hound: 40 mph; these Central Asian supermodels love to run. So while they have an average speed of 40 mph, it’s not uncommon for them to run much faster than that.
  • Ibizan Hound: 40 mph; from the Basque regions of Spain, this dog’s slim, lithe capacity means there is the potential for them to run faster than their average record.

Why can’t most dogs outrun a deer?

The reason why most dogs are unable to outrun a deer is because of size, design, and logistics. While it may be logical to understand that a Chihuahua or Border Collie wouldn’t be able to outrun a deer, it may seem surprising that a German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, or Dalmatian might not.

German Shepherds are excellent guard dogs with amazing agility. But, they cannot handle running for long distances at full speed. These dogs often do 20 to 25-mph sprints in bursts. When you include a rougher terrain into the equation, such as a rocky mountain, the German Shepherd will not be able to adapt to the changes as easily as a deer.

Doberman Pinschers and Dalmatians are thin, lithe, and quick on their feet but that doesn’t mean they could outrun a deer. Although, they can do so if they have an above-average running speed.

dog outrun a deer
Dog outrun a deer

Final Thoughts

Understanding the animals on Earth not only enriches our knowledge but also gives us perspective on our place in the natural world. When you compare dogs and deer, the similarities and differences are equally amazing and fascinating. So, in general, dogs cannot outrun deer on average.

But, under certain circumstances or with the right breed of dog, it can happen. However, since deer can have a speed of 43 mph or more, there are very few breeds that could take them on successfully. The only one with any amount of certainty is the greyhound because they can run more than 45 mph.

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