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Morkies are extraordinary and intelligent pets. Many consider them ideal as apartment buddies and if you are buddies with one, you know they are in need of pampering almost constantly.

Morkies are one of the best lap dogs and not just because they don’t shed as much as other dogs. They’re one of the cutest small dog breeds you can find and keep their childlike play for most of their life.

best puppy foods for morkies
Best Puppy Food for Morkies

Their small-sized height does not spare you from monitoring their health problems and meeting their peaky nutrition, although you may wonder where all that food goes.

Here are the best dog foods for Morkie puppies:

  1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula
  2. Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free
  3. Hill’s Science Diet
  4. Wellness Complete Health Natural
  5. Omega 3 Alaskan Fish Oil Chew Treats for Dogs

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Nutrition is critical for Morkie puppies as they need more of the many important amino acids and minerals (and more protein and fat in general) than do adult Morkies.

But remember, you know your Morkie best, so consider these products carefully with your Morkie in mind (and in your lap!)

A healthy dog means, among other things, a well-fed dog. Mistakes in nutrition and in food hygiene can have serious consequences on a Morkies development and can lead to the occurrence of illnesses and other health problems.

In fact, puppies, in general, are at risk for nutritional deficiencies if they eat foods specifically designed for adults, so it’s important to make sure you do your due diligence when choosing a food for your Morkie puppy.

A cute morkie puppy lying in bed

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Best Foods for Morkie Puppies

Alright, let’s take a closer look at these recommended Morkie Puppy foods. If you want to just cut to the chase, you can find where to get these dog foods at the end of the post.

1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Dog Food

To provide all the necessary nutrients and balance within your puppy’s immunity system, it is often recommended that their food is composed of 40% meat, 30% vegetables/fruits, and one-third fibre.

It is highly recommended that tiny dogs consume chicken and turkey meat (these are important protein sources for the body), and vitamins from sources such as: carrot (rich in antioxidants, vitamin A), sweet pepper (source of vitamins C, A, K, B), spinach, green lettuce (rich in vitamins A and C).

Small breed dogs benefit from a complex source of food combining multiple vitamins and tastes. The 3 months old puppies and below, should be fed 3-5 times a day, while puppies above this age can be fed only 3 times a day.

2. Wellness Core® Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

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A problem occurring frequently in small-sized dog breeds, such as the Morkie, is hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is reported as a sudden decrease in blood glucose levels below the normal range.

Puppies aged between 5-16 weeks may have this problem if they are not properly cared for with proper nutrition and exercise.

The cause consists of limited muscle mass, in these small breeds, which can cause difficulty in storing glucose.

Your puppy’s body uses glucose as the main source of energy. As long as the puppy regularly eats nutritious food, covering the necessary amounts of proteins, fibres, fat, and vitamins, the glucose level should remain stable.

The risk of hypoglycemia may also be caused by stress, a low temperature of the body, food changes, and/or infections.

Hypoglycemia gives signs of laziness, apathy, lethargy, tremors, depression, and, in the worst-case-scenarios, coma. The easiest way to detect hypoglycemia is to check the gums.

A healthy puppy will have gums that are warm and pink if they are cold and whitish your dog may have hypoglycemia.

If you are concerned with your Morkie puppy’s health, or just want to take preventative measures, then this product can help ensure that your Morkie is eating well.

And of course, if you are worried your little Morkie may have a condition like hypoglycemia, take them to a vet as soon as possible.

3. Hill’s Science Diet Small & Toy Breed Dry Dog Food

For small-sized dogs, it is ideal to offer a daily food compound of rice with vegetables and chicken, preferably chicken chest. Half of the portion should be rice, one quarter should be covered by vegetables and the rest should be meat.

Rice is a highly recommended ingredient in food for dogs due to its high fibre content. Fibre helps positively contribute to a dog’s digestion.

The small-sized kibbles within the Hill’s Science product are suitable for a puppy’s mouth, as they are easy to chew.

Follow closely the instructions written on the package in order to make sure your Morkie puppy gets their optimal nutrient intake.

4. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food

Due to the potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium content (which sustains bone development in dogs), corn is a wonderful snack for any puppy.

The salmon ensures the necessary intake of omega-3 fatty acids, which is necessary for a puppy’s immune system and overall health.

This Wellness Complete product is specially designed for small-sized puppies and their delicate mouths.

Chicken and turkey meat are recommended for any dog due to the number of proteins provided. The proteins will give the little Morkie energy and help increase their muscle mass.

If you are trying this product for the first time, the puppy’s body will need an accommodation period of up to seven days. This helps ensure that the digestive system isn’t shocked by an overload of new foods and nutrients.

5. Omega 3 Alaskan Fish Oil Chew Treats for Dogs

It is notable that rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Raynaud’s disease, and other autoimmune diseases dramatically decrease the quality of a dog’s life.

A diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, especially those extracted from fish oils, stimulates the immune system and is the most natural way to support your animal’s welfare for a long and healthy life.

The EPA and DHA supplemented by Omega-3 fatty acids interact with the body by being transformed into natural anti-inflammatory agents which help to reduce inflammation and pain in general.

Diets for dogs that include an adequate intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, along with Omega-6, are used to discourage inflammatory reactions caused by pruritic skin, atopic dermatitis, food, or combined allergies.

It’s called an essential nutrient for a reason! Heck, omega 3s aren’t just great for dogs, it’s essential for humans too, consider getting some omega 3 fish oil for yourself!

Lively Morkie enjoying running in the field
Morkie running in the field

Why Morkies Are Amazing Dogs

In case you didn’t know, the Morkie breed is a result of the Yorkshire Terrier – Maltese mixture. The little Morkies are energetic, playful lapdogs, being a good companions for persons who live in small spaces like an apartment (let’s be honest, Morkies are great in any space).

But besides their small size, they require a lot of care and attention from their owners, as they tend to be full of personality and can be quite stubborn at times.

These tiny balls of fur have a lifespan of ten to twelve years, with an average weight of four to eight pounds and reaching a height of six to eight inches.

In terms of a Morkies diet, the little puppies have a huge appetite regardless of their small size, and you should always take precautions to not overfeed them and put the puppies at risk of obesity.

All About The Amazing Morkie!

Final Thoughts

The Morkies, along with most small-sized dogs will often live longer than big-sized dogs, so they need special care in terms of nutrition which should be provided to help strengthen their immune system.

Food choices for Morkie puppies must be made with careful consideration of their thin, small mouths and their delicate digestive system.

BeIn Morkie and other small-sized breeds, obesity is at a higher risk because people, out of too much love and not wanting to disappoint their buddy, overfeed their little ones.

Keep a strict but nutritious diet for your Morkie so you can enjoy their affection for a long time.

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