3 Best Elevated Dog Beds for Labrador for 2024

The elevated dog beds for Labradors listed below are some of the most ideal for their shape, size, and weight. They provide a comfortable and dry surface on which a Labrador can rest, relax, and lounge. These aren’t just ideal for home and domestic uses, but also for camping and vacationing trips.

Whether you have a maturing dog or you just want an elevated bed to pamper your Labrador, this is the article for you. If what you see here doesn’t suit your purposes, hopefully, it will provide good ideas to find one that fits your ideal.

best elevated dog beds for labrador
Best Elevated Dog Beds for Labrador

Quick Summary

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Who Should Get an Elevated Dog Bed?

Labrador owners who have a dog that’s hurt, injured, recovering from surgery or is getting on in age should get an elevated dog bed. However, it’s also ideal for any situation where you want your Lab to stay off the floor. For instance, when you’re mopping floors or if it’s raining outside.

Plus, it makes an ideal place for your pooch to rest regularly. Such a thing is useful for those who wish to train their dogs not to sleep in beds with people.

Top Picks for an Elevated Dog Bed

1. Elevated Dog Bed by Vehoo

This raised cot by Vehoo is portable and washable with the ability to use it inside or outside. It has non-slip rubber feet and breathable mesh and it comes in a range of sizes, colors, and patterns. The biggest is the extra large, with dimensions of 49 inches long by 33 inches wide and nine inches high. It can hold a dog weight of up to 150 lbs.

The design of it allows for good airflow under the dog which can keep them cool in summer and warm in winter. The mesh material is resistant to heat and the powder-coated steel makes it incredibly sturdy. This provides a resting and sleeping spot for your dog that’s healthy, clean, dry, and comfortable. 

Many previous owners are happy with the bedSome say the bed’s assembly is a nightmare.
Variety of sizes to fit any dog 
Huge array of colors and patterns 
Use it inside or outside 

2. Elvis Industrial Pet Bed by Christopher Knight Home

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This dark brushed gray elevated dog bed by Christopher Knight Home has a solid pattern to the fabric and comes in one size. It measures 36¼ inches long by 27¾ inches wide and nine inches high. It has an iron frame to provide a super strong base that supports your pup with 100% polyester fabric.

The design and engineering are such that they will fit with any décor while providing your dog the utmost comfort. It’s quite luxurious for a dog, but it’s great for aging canines or injured/recovering pups. The comfort and cushiony sensation will help with joint and bone pain. But, there is some assembly required.

Opulent and luxurious designOnly one size
Ultra plush and softDoesn’t fit all dogs
Strong and sturdy iron 
The smokey dark gray is good with décor 

3. Elevated Dog Bed by K&H Pet Products

K&H Pet Products offers an elevated dog bed with several sizes and a conservative choice of colors and patterns. It has a mesh center and polyester base. The bed measures 32 inches long by 50 inches wide and nine inches tall.

Excellent air circulation under the bed means your dog will stay comfortable, regardless of the time of year. It has both indoor and outdoor uses with slip-resistant feet made of rubber. The water-resistant mesh is ideal for keeping your Labrador healthy and dry.

The frame is durable and lightweight with the capacity to hold over 200 lbs. The mesh cover is removable and easy to wash in the machine. There’s a little assembly but it’s not difficult.

Quick and convenient setupNot good for large dogs
Lightweight with durable metalSeams rip easily
A nice selection of sizes and colors 
Easily portable 

What to Look for in an Elevated Dog Bed

To find the best elevated dog bed for your Labrador, there are a few things to consider. First, your dog’s weight, size, and activity will be major determining factors. If you have a very young and hyper dog, you want the strongest materials available.

When you have a dog healing from surgery, suffering from an injury, or experiencing joint pain, you want to make sure there will be a cushion. You want something that will be soft, comfortable and supportive.

In the event you have a dog that chews on everything, make sure the materials will withstand this kind of abuse. If you can’t find something you think will be durable enough, you can always cover the bed with something like silicone. That way your dog will get added cushioning and it won’t destroy the bed.

elevated dog beds for labrador
Elevated Dog Beds for Labrador


Finding the best elevated dog bed for your Labrador is going to be something of an investment. You want to ensure it can handle your pooch’s weight, activity, and potential abuses. So, take your time and look around to see which one will be most ideal.

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