4 Best Dog Doors for Screen Doors for 2024

If your dog is constantly whining to go back outside after you just brought him back in, it’s time to get a dog door. But, you’re not looking to put one in a major entranceway. Is it possible to install one on the porch screen door? Yes, it is!

These are the four best dog doors for screen doors for 2022. All of them comprise sturdy yet flexible materials with simple instructions. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll be able to get it up and operational in 30 minutes or less. However, you have to expect to cut a hole into the screen.

Even still, these are great options if you just want to let your dog decide for itself when to go outside. Review these here and see if it’s something that will be right for you and your pooch.

best dog door for screen door
Best Dog Door for Screen Door

Who Should Get a Dog Door for a Screen Door?

If your dog tears through your porch screen or constantly whines when it comes back in from the yard, then you should get a dog door for a screen door. It’s also good for elderly folks with a dog that likes to go out often or others with physical impairments.

The Top 4 Dog Doors for Screen Doors

1. Screen Doggy Door by Enjoying

This dog door by Enjoying comes with a magnetic flap you install into an existing screen. These are great for windows or porches and other sliding doors around the house. The door’s dimensions are 13 inches high by 11 inches wide. It’s black and made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.


You will have to install this into the door you already have by cutting a hole into the screen. You can use the inner flap the cut the screen down to the proper size and place it into the hole. This means you may need a little help to do this right and even. Also, make sure you base your measurements on the size of the dog.

The whole thing comes with six parts: two door frames, two flaps and two locks. Plus there are bolts with nuts to hold the outer frame and flap. This prevents the door from separating on its own and malfunctioning in the process. Plus, it snaps together for additional securing insurance.

Once installed your dog will be able to exit and enter freely so they can use the bathroom or have som fun out in the yard. The flap swings easily both ways, giving your dog the ultimate comfort using the door. However, kittens and puppies shouldn’t use this door since it may be too heavy for them to manage.

Keeps out flies, raccoons and unwanted crittersTakes a moment for the dog to figure it out
The screen holds up well even under frequent useNot good for tiny kittens and puppies
Easy and quick to install, about 30 minutesSometimes the door pops apart
Once dogs figure out how it works, they love itInstallation instructions aren’t clear
Strong and durable materialsCan’t install close to the frame or it rips the screen

2. PETLESO Dog Door for Screen Door

PETLESO’s dog door is great for any sliding screen door and it comes in three sizes: small (8¼ inches long by 10½ inches wide), medium (11 inches long by 13 inches wide), and large (12 inches long by 13½ inches wide). It comprises acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and has a magnetic closure.

It’s soft and flexible yet strong enough to handle the wear and tear put on it by your pooch. The flap closes automatically and without pressure, which means your dog can pass through freely and uninhibited.

Locking; Other Features

Plus, there are two slide locks on the bottom of the flap. This will help keep your dog in and other critters out. It comes with screws so you can affix the dog door firmly to a screen. A firm inner shaft hangs with the pet door and there’s a wire mesh, which helps prevent damaging your dog’s coat and paws.

It’s fairly easy to install and it can go almost anywhere there’s a screen; sliding patio doors, windows, and other such places. Just be sure to read the instruction manual fully and you’ll have it ready in minutes. However, to ensure the pet door will secure in the screen, it may be better to switch out your screen with one specifically designed for pets.

Works well and doesn’t destroy the screenSliding locks are difficult to use
Easy to installNeed two people to install it effectively
Sleek and sturdyFrame tends to crack frequently
Cute paw design on the flapBolts are far too small to hold the door in place
Doesn’t create an obtrusive eye soreSome dogs refuse to use it

3. PetSafe Screen Door

PetSafe’s screen door is great for dogs. It simply snaps into place and it’s ready to use. Plus, the design blends well with your screen and it won’t look strange or awkward. Also, they have a customer care center in case you have any questions or problems installing the door.

There are two sizes: small (9¼ inches long and 8 inches wide) and large (17⅛ inches long by 10¼ inches wide). The small is good for dogs up to 30 pounds and the large is excellent for up to 100 pounds.

The plastic it comprises lends itself to high-impact use with a durable metal frame strong enough to resist almost anything. This means it’s tear and puncture resistant. There are sliding wind locks to help keep the flap in place during strong winds but your dog will still be able to pass through.

Installation is very easy, about five minutesDoesn’t snap or stay together well
Holds up well with dog use and weatherUsed to be a medium that is no longer available
Doesn’t interfere with the sliding door functionSmall puppies can run into it and it will fall apart
Doesn’t interfere with sliding door functionMaterials tend to be cheap and flimsy
It’s very quiet, you can’t hear the dogInstructions aren’t very clear

4. OWNPETS Dog Screen Door

The dog screen door brought to you by OWNPETS is a door flap measuring 12 inches long by 14 inches wide and about ½ inch thick. You can lock it and it comes with a magnetic self-closing flap. It’s sturdy and durable too. The door comprises acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and is suitable for small to medium sized dogs.

The locking mechanism helps keep your dog inside while preventing other kinds of animals from passing through. It comes with screw reinforcements to help create a sturdy and stable installation. The design and engineering lends itself to long use that won’t easily fall apart.

Many owners have success with thisThe locking function is poor
Easy to install with two peopleDoesn’t click or snap as instructions indicate
Dogs love it once they understand its useWind will blow the flap open
Works great and fairly strongHeat and sun can warp the door
Instructions are clear and easy to followSmaller than advertised

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What to Look for in a Dog Door for a Screen Door

For whatever reason, you may not find the dog doors for a screen door above appropriate for your needs or dog. So, when you look into buying such a door, you want to ensure your screen can handle the installation. This means you may need to replace the current screen with one that can withstand pets and animals.

Also, avoid getting doors that require installation on the frame. These will rip out the screen, regardless of the strength. While you may think that having a dog door comprised of metal will be better, this may rip and tear the screen to shreds.

dog door for screen door
Dog Door for Screen Door


Getting a dog door for your screen door can be the perfect solution. It will give your pooch the option of going out when it wants and you won’t have to bother with the constant back-and-forth. But, you should ensure the dog door will suit your purposes and the size of your dog.

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