Are Samoyeds Cuddly? (Yes! Here’s Why)

by Stuart | Last Updated:   September 23, 2021

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Yes! Samoyeds are generally known to be cuddly and affectionate dogs. They like belly rubs and being petted by their owners. Samoyeds love to cuddle, snuggle, and hug their owners. Most of them.

However, not all Samoyeds are this way in temperament. Some are more autonomous and have inclinations for being separated from everyone else with insignificant quarrel and consideration. It truly relies upon Samoyed’s own exceptional character.

Boy and Samoyed Dog laying in the grass cuddling

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Why Do Samoyeds Like to Cuddle?

If you own a Sammy, there is a good chance that they will want to cuddle with you. Samoyeds are typically very friendly and affectionate dogs. They like the company of other pets if they have been raised with them or taught not to chase them.

It’s in Samoyed’s nature to enjoy playing with everyone they meet. Cuddling is of course an expression of affection and a way for them to express their love toward their owners. 

All things considered, do recollect that you ought not to try too hard on the nestles and embraces. The Samoyed pup needs to get used to being left alone. Otherwise, the chances are that it might develop separation anxiety. 

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” – Josh Billings

Pet parent tip: Cuddle your Samoyed gently and with consideration. Do not grab it when it is eating or sleeping.

Are Samoyeds Affectionate?

Samoyeds are often described as “the smiling sled dogs.” They are cheerful, loving, and loyal dogs. Sammies enjoy a close association with those they live with. Samoyeds are regularly portrayed as “the grinning sled canines.” They are merry, adoring, and steadfast canines. Sammies partake in a nearby relationship with those they live with. Whenever mingled appropriately in puppyhood, they make an eminent family canine.

If your Samoyed isn’t overly affectionate, don’t worry.  As a working breed, Samoyeds can be strong-willed at times. That’s just how they are. However, they remain friendly, gentle, and devoted family dogs. 

Some Sammies may seem aloof and not like to cuddle. They may actually show their affection in other ways like:

  • Obeying you when you give a command.
  • Being very protective of you.
  • Smelling your hand or your feet.
  • Looking at you when you speak to them.
  • Happy and excited when you come home.
  • Licking your hands and feet.
  • Walking beside you when you walk them.

Are Samoyeds Clingy?

Clingy dog breeds frequently chase after their owners. This happens for a simple reason, they are in love with you and cannot live without your presence. 

A bored Sammy will look for something to do, and following you around is an easy way to kill some of that boredom. You might think it’s cute and endearing. But if they repeat this behaviour over and over again, it encourages your Samoyeds to be clingy. They will have their minds set on following you around when they have nothing else to do that occupies their attention. Clingy Sammies tend to want more physical contact.

Your Samoyed is so clingy either because 

  • They have separation anxiety
  • They want attention
  • They are bored
  • They are sick 
  • They are in an unfamiliar environment 
  • They are used to getting rewards from you whenever they act this way
  • They are in love with you

The reason could be either one of these or a combination of several. Constant attention does lead to clinginess in Samoyeds and dogs in general.

Do Samoyeds Like to Be Held? 

Samoyeds like to be touched, but not to be held. They have a tonne of energy, they love to chew on things, run around in open spaces or on trails, and they love to knock objects over (whether on purpose or by accident). Sammies need entertainment, attention, and human interaction. But these interactions do not involve being held and carried. For Samoyeds, the presence of the owner shows affection.

Do Samoyeds Bark A Lot?

The Samoyed barks a lot, and some individuals have high-pitched, extremely piercing voices. Most Samoyeds will bark to announce visitors.

Sammies are talkative dogs and tend to vocalize in many different ways including barking, howling, or yelping.

How Do Samoyeds Show Affection?

If you have raised your Samoyed from a young age, it will be devoted to you.

  • Holding hands: Your Sammy may take your hand gently in its mouth and hold. This is Samoyed’s version of showing affection. It is telling you that you can trust your doggie that it will not bite you. Allow your dog to do it. Don’t shake it off and run to the tap to wash your hands.
  • Rubbing against you: Rubbing against your legs or any other part of your body is also a sign of affection. Sometimes Samoyeds may just sit next to your legs, touching. They may lie on the couch in your personal space.
  • Bringing you its favourite toy: Sammies love to play and will try anything to get you to join. However, favourite toys are special and dogs generally do not share them with anyone. So when they offer you their favourite toy to come and play with, it’s a huge deal. It shows more affection than the gesture seems to merit. So, if it happens, make a huge fuss and play and cuddle with your pet. Your Sammy loves you!
  • Your Samoyed yawns with you: Yawns can mean different things. If they yawn in response to your yawns, it’s a good sign. When you yawn and your Samoyed yawns with you it means that it is in tune with you, showing that you are mates. 

Wrapping Up

Samoyeds are very social, happy to greet everyone they meet. Generally, these dogs enjoy companionship and love to be around their owners. They have a luscious coat that feels great to pet.

If your Sammy isn’t very cuddly, it could be due to poor socialization, being mistreated during puppyhood, or simply because they just do not display their emotions this way.

Even though Samoyeds are cuddly and affectionate, they need a strong owner to lead them. Be consistent and patient with them, they will learn to be that cuddly, sweet Sammy you always wanted.

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