Are Kirkland Greenies Safe For Dogs?

Kirkland Greenies are a popular dental treat for dogs that can be found in supermarkets, pet stores, vet clinics, and on the internet, among other places. Most importantly, they are not overly expensive either. However, many owners are concerned about whether or not these treats are safe for their puppies to consume as well since most dogs find them to be delicious and love eating them.

Taking into consideration different ages and breeds and other criteria, overall, is Kirkland Greenies safe for dogs?

are kirkland greenies safe for dogs
Are Kirkland Greenies Safe for Dogs?

Unfortunately, Kirkland Greenies are not suitable for all dogs. It is recommended that Kirkland Greenies should not be given to canines that are less than six months old and/or that weigh less than 5 pounds. Additionally, when choosing to give these treats to your dog, you need to give your pup the correct Greenie size that is indicated on the packaging according to the dog’s weight.

When given and used appropriately, Kirkland Greenies (see Amazon) can assist in helping your dog maintain healthy teeth and gums. On the other hand, dogs can also ingest sharp bits and suffer injuries to their throats and internal organs if they eat these or any other harder treats or chews too rapidly. Keeping an eye on your pet when he or she is chewing on this or any other chew or toy is extremely important.

What exactly are Kirkland Greenies?

Kirkland Greenies are a toothbrush-shaped chew treat created to aid in the cleaning of dogs’ teeth, but they have come under criticism from some pet parents who believe that the popular chew treat is hazardous and has resulted in several canine deaths. Undigested particles of the product can obstruct a dog’s trachea, esophagus, or intestines, according to some veterinarians. A considerable discussion on the internet has driven the fear, but some vets have also raised it in person as well.

More than 50 incidences of Greenies being trapped in a canine’s esophagus or intestinal system have been reported since 2003, with 13 of those canines succumbing due to the injuries. Although this may appear to be a significant quantity, it is important to remember that the manufacturer Kirkland has sold millions of Greenies since the product’s launch. Dog owners should be aware that every chew treat has the potential to choke or cause obstructions in the digestive tract, especially in dogs who gulp down their meals.

The very flavor of Kirkland Greenies—which many dogs adore—may be a significant contributing factor to the problem.

If your dog gobbles down its goodies or meals with such power that it may break a Kirkland Greenie in half, you should be cautious when giving him any chew treats. Kirkland Greenies are generally as safe as any other treat if your dog gnaws on it for an extended period as intended.

Are Kirkland Greenies safe for every dog?

Kirkland Greenies, like any other tasty treat, are not suitable for every dog. According to the company, Greenies should not be given to dogs less than 5-6 months old or weighing less than 5-6 pounds, and you should give your dog the Kirkland Greenie size indicated on the box corresponding to the dog’s weight, as mentioned above.

The positive side of Kirkland Greenies

One of the positives of Kirkland Greenies is that dogs that receive one Kirkland Greenie treat per day show a 62% reduction in tartar, a 14% reduction in plaque, and a 33% reduction in gingivitis. The Kirkland company also claims that giving a dog Kirkland Greenies is safer than the practice of anesthetizing it to clean its teeth.

Do veterinarians encourage the use of Kirkland Greenies for dogs?

Dog dental chews created with natural materials are extremely popular because of their unusual texture, allowing them to clean your dog’s teeth down to the gumline. Veterinarians recommend them because they clear tartar and plaque from your dog’s teeth, give them fresher breath, and supplement your dog’s regular diet with vitamins and minerals.

kirkland greenies for dogs
Kirkland Greenies for dogs

What is the difference between Kirkland Greenies and Dental Chews?

According to the dog enthusiasts who have tried them on their canines, the similarities between Kirkland Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews are astounding. The parallels between the two products are obvious to most dog owners, who quickly notice the same traits in everything from the ingredients down to the distinctive design that both have.

Starting with the appearance, both Dental Chews and Greenies have grooves and other features that aid in the removal of plaque from the dog’s teeth. Both also include a special “paw grip” handle that allows dogs to hold on to the chew while chewing on it.

The components in both are also very similar, though they have a few slight differences. Grain-free and gluten-free, Kirkland Greenies are a great alternative to Dental Chews which may contain grains or gluten in certain variations. Additionally, Kirkland Greenies are generally more economical than Dental Chews as well.

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