Why Does My Vizsla Whine So Much?

Many Vizsla dog owners are curious as to why their pets whine a lot. This type of dog has various reasons to complain excessively, but you can control this attitude with the necessary care and attention. 

why does my vizsla whine so much
Why Does My Vizsla Whine So Much?

Why is My Vizsla Dog Whining a Lot? 

Vizslas are communicative and usually do it through whining, moaning, or making other sounds so that you know their opinion on everything that is happening to them. Some can become excessive barkers if this habit is not controlled early on. 

On the other hand, this attitude of crying and moaning can also be due to anxiety, fear, pain, hunger, excitement, lack of exercise, boredom, seeking attention, health problems, etc. 

Vizsla Whining from Inattention 

Vizslas tend to whine or complain when they need to tell you something. That is an entirely normal situation, especially for this type of dog. Therefore, do not punish or blame your partner while it cries or complains. Instead, try to investigate what the problem is and take the appropriate steps to resolve it. 

Vizsla Whining from Anxiety 

It is well known that Vizslas suffer from separation anxiety when they are away from their humans. It is one of the reasons these animals whine frequently. 

Vizslas require a lot of attention from their owners. If you don’t pay enough attention to it, it can cause this canine to become prone to anxiety, which can be bad for its health. 

Vizsla Whining Because It Wants Something 

When these animals are hungry, thirsty, need to go to the bathroom, want to walk or play with their favorite toy, etc., they tend to cry and complain excessively. The only way to stop that attitude is to comply with their requests. 

There will be times when your Vizsla will whine for more food, even after you have given it its respective meal. We recommend that you do not give in to the temptation to provide it with more food than you should since you can make your pet fat, which would be detrimental to its health. 

Vizsla Whining from Lack of Activity 

Vizslas are known as high-energy hunting dogs. If you have a canine of this breed as a domestic pet, it will need daily strenuous exercises. You cannot just buy an animal of this type and believe that it will lie down sleeping all day. 

If Vizslas don’t get the exercise they need, they can feel anxious, bored, and stressed. Because of that, these animals tend to whine in unusual ways. 

We suggest that you carry out a series of activities with your Vizsla dog to control this attitude. Some of them can be: 

  • Jogging
  • Run
  • Swim
  • Canine training circuits
  • Long walks around the park, beach, mountain, or field
  • Play throwing the ball or a freebie
Vizsla dog whining
Vizsla dog whining

Vizsla Whining for Pain 

When your Vizsla dog starts crying or complaining a lot for several days, this means that it feels pain in some part of its body. Vizslas are prone to hereditary diseases or conditions that seriously affect their health and quality of life. 

If you notice that your Vizsla limps, licks frequently, and has difficulty sitting or lying down, it is because it may feel pain in some part of its body. That is why you should carefully review each area of ​​your pet’s body, and in the case of an ailment, it is recommended that you take it to the vet. 

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