10 Reasons Why Random Dogs Come Up to You

When it comes to dogs, some individuals will notice that they get approached quite often by random canines. These dogs may follow you and come to you again and again. This can be a one-of-a-kind experience for some people; some individuals may like it, yet some may not. However, you probably wonder why dogs do this and think to yourself: why do random dogs come to me?

There are many reasons for random dogs to regularly come up to you. The first and foremost reason is your scent or personal likeliness and the familiarity that certain canines may have with you. Aside from that main reason, there is also the hope of a reward or treat, the scent of food coming from you, the smell of other pets, your pheromones, or you having a calm attitude, exhibiting kindness, or displaying a similar temperament. Any of these can attract random dogs to approach you.

Dogs also have a sixth sense about humans. They may be drawn to you because of something going on inside of your body or certain changes in your emotions, so they’ll approach and be friendly in the hopes of comforting you. Sometimes, they may just recognize that you are a decent person based on your body language and feel like being social.

Fun fact: Stray dogs are born with the capacity to recognize and interpret human body language and mannerisms—not just domesticated dogs!

Let’s discuss the reasons why random dogs may come to you in more detail.

10 Reasons Why Random Dogs Come To You

#1. General Comfort and Familiarity

Many pets like to be in the company of people who are quiet and comfortable, especially those they become familiar with. This may often include people who pet these random dogs when they are in their immediate vicinity or neighborhood. For example, if a dog passes by on their own or on a walk with their owner and you pat them daily, the dog will generally begin to seek out your attention. You have become both comfortable and familiar, making you a positive part of a dog’s usual day. Dogs are also believed to become easier to manage and train as they grow comfortable with whoever is generally friendly with them, so this is a great benefit for managing a dog you see often that may not be your own.

If you pat random dogs or give them other positive attention regularly, you will usually quickly gain their respect. Almost all random dogs will respond positively to these pleasant interactions as long as they do not perceive you as a threat or have other behavioral issues or concerns.

#2. Pleasant Scent

One of the reasons dogs may enjoy being close to you can be due to your scent. If you pay attention when interacting with these dogs, you will often find that they are sniffing your toes or other particular body parts. Some may even raise their noses to sniff the air as you enter their vicinity.

If they enjoy the smell that’s coming off of you, they will generally want to get closer to you to interact and see what’s going on. Several animals, especially dogs, have a natural sensitivity to certain appealing or curious scents. If you’ve ever wondered “Why do dogs draw toward me?” it’s possible that it has something to do with your smell. Keep in mind that your personal scent is distinct from other humans, and this is something that dogs can recognize immediately. 

It is important to remember that each circumstance is different though, so you will want to pay close attention to these factors by observing the dog’s behavior to determine if this is the particular cause for their interest.

#3. Food Source

Most random dogs, especially those that are actually stray, are motivated to survive and will embark on the quest for food. It is possible that random dogs may be attracted to your presence because of the aroma of food that you hold in your possession.

When this is the case, they are seeing you as a source of nourishment and may expect you to feed them properly. If you generally are approached by dogs when you’re carrying food, this is a factor to consider when determining why these animals may desire to be in your company.

#4. You Have a ‘Welcoming Vibe’ About You

4. You Have a Welcoming Vibe About You

Some individuals become anxious when they see stray dogs or other pets belonging to strangers. But how do you feel about it? Do you have no fears or concerns when you are around them?

If this is the case, this explains why you get approached by random dogs. You have the ability to create a friendly environment.

Being comfortable in the presence of unfamiliar dogs is basically like if you had a sign on your head that says “Get closer!” or “Come here!” Your body language immediately tells them to not be concerned. “I’m completely harmless” is what you’re basically saying when you have no anxiety or fears in their presence. This isn’t some sort of supernatural power; you may simply just be a pleasant and loving person when you are out in nature. If this applies to you, it’s likely that your friendliness is a quality that you carry everywhere you go.

#5. Your Pheromones May Attract Random Dogs

Apocrine glands are found in all mammals, including humans and canines. These are a type of sweat gland that releases pheromones. To put it more simply, you can say that pheromones are odorless smells that include some information about whoever or whatever they’re coming from.

Consider pheromones to be an invisible, chemical version of showing a photo ID. They function like a social media profile for animals that are able to pick up on these chemicals. Whereas other people will be able to tell what your age and gender are simply by looking, with pheromones, you’ll need to “smell” this information and gain the basics of a person plus plenty more.

Keep in mind that the pheromones released by dogs are not detectable by our senses. However, because canines have a great sense of smell, they are sometimes able to detect ours.

Depending on what our pheromones are saying about us, it is very possible that by detecting certain pheromones, random dogs may be attracted to come visit you.

According to experts, the apocrine glands of dogs may be found all throughout their bodies but are primarily located in their private areas. With people, the majority of such glands as these are located in the armpits and groin areas of the human body. In addition, it has been suggested that when a female’s menstrual cycle begins, dogs are drawn to those females due to a change in their pheromones.

So, if you’re a female, there may be occasions when dogs are more attracted to you than other times. Now, you have a better idea of how this invisible information may cause a dog’s behavior to change throughout a month too.

#6. You Understand How to Communicate With Them

Another characteristic that attracts random dogs to you is your keen observational skills towards them. This may or may not be something you are aware of, though. However, it is likely in these cases that you are not engaging in any activities that they find unappealing, and you are probably able to relate to them in some way, finding their body language easier to understand than others. When you see a dog, you don’t instantly approach him or her; instead, you allow the dog to come to you before you even think of petting them. Alternatively, you may be aware of what they are requesting, whether it’s food or a belly rub.

This understanding allows you to approach them with less trepidation, and the lack of them trying to communicate without words is an added benefit on their end. As we mentioned before, this is one of the things that dogs are attracted to. It’s possible that you’ve had dogs or other animals in your home for a long time if you naturally pick up on their body language cues and can provide them with what they need.

Similarly, have you ever been told that you’re a very sensitive person by someone else? If that’s the case, this is also a viable explanation. Being sensitive can explain why you seem to be “in tune” with the behavior and emotions of dogs.

#7. You Have a “Nice” Manner of Speech or You Speak Politely

Dogs are also appreciative of courteous behavior, even if they don’t speak using our same words, so it’s possible that you have this trait in you as well.

Canines, like little children, love to be around individuals who speak in a gentle, higher-pitched, comforting voice as opposed to those who are too noisy or talk very slowly with no comfort or confidence in their voice. Canines may perceive yappy or unusual speech patterns as frightening sounds.

This is because, in addition to smells, dogs are also receptive to our tone of voice. According to experts, this aids them in detecting our emotions. This is something that they are more focused on rather than what we are actually saying to them.

In other words, dogs will wag their tails excitedly when they hear “Come on!” said in a high-pitched and fun voice. The same words said in a low and lifeless tone, on the other hand, may provoke a negative reaction or no reaction at all.

#8. You Maintain a Cool Demeanor

8. You Maintain a Cool Demeanor

Aside from your genuine kindness, you may also be a person of moderate temperament. In other words, you likely maintain your cool and collected attitude at all times. It is for this reason that dogs feel safe when they are near you.

If you treat dogs with kindness, they will be able to foresee your activities with ease. Furthermore, they are aware that you have no malicious intent toward them. Canines are very capable of reading human body language. This allows them to determine whether or not a person is safe and pleasant to be around. Since dogs are able to detect human emotions rather effectively (as discussed above), they are nearly always aware of whether we are upset or not.

Alternatively, if a person has a propensity to have an unexpected eruption of emotions at time (which they consider frightening and menacing), it’s very likely that they will completely avoid you.

#9. You Look Trustworthy

Canines are not fortune tellers or psychics in the traditional sense. They are, however, extremely perceptive of their environment.

Because of their extensive domestication, dogs have become specialists in interpreting human body language as well as our feelings and emotions. As a result, they can usually determine whether or not a person is someone they can trust.

If you respect the personal space of random dogs, they will very frequently learn to trust you and will be attract to you naturally.

#10. You Match the Dog’s Temperament

You’ve likely heard that opposites are attracted to one another. However, in these particular instances, this may not be the case. Sometimes dogs prefer being in the company of humans who have similar personalities to themselves.

It’s a common assumption that humans are supposed to be drawn to canines who look and act like them. Everyone dog, just like each of us, has its own personality. When a human and canine with similar traits meet up, they are very likely to hit it off and get along well.

This is why a dog owned by a brother or a friend may be drawn to you since you and the dog likely share many traits since it lives without someone else you are very compatible with. Hyperactive dogs, for example, may fare well in the company of people who are incredibly active too. Lazy dogs generally tend to gravitate towards the people who just want to chill on the couch all day.

When a dog has the same personality as you, you’ll generally be pulled toward them right away.

Bonus Reason: You’re Their “Facilitator”

It’s also conceivable that certain dogs have witnessed you handing out food to other pups or animals. After seeing this, they expect you give them something too. That may be why they are attracted to you.

It is also possible that you may given them a pat on the head or a belly rub in the past, and you simply forgot it. However, the dog that received your acts of affection was likely very happy and would be sure to remember anytime you came around again.

Can Dogs Detect the Presence of a Good Person?

Can Dogs Detect the Presence of a Good Person

Dogs have the natural ability to discern if someone is a bad or nice person. Your pup may not be able to discern the moral judgments made by another person, but he may detect signals of anxiety, fear, rage, and danger. Dogs are able to pick up on certain characteristics about people that even other human beings are not always aware of.

Dogs can detect when a human is upset because they look away a lot during a discussion, have stiff muscles, or start sweating. Dogs rely on their excellent sense of smell as well as their exceptional ability to interpret body language to determine how to react to different people. 

Many animals have trouble distinguishing between the facial gestures of various species, but dogs are exceptionally good at reading the facial gestures of humans. Dogs pay close attention to every element of our faces to forecast our future behaviors. They can even distinguish between a person’s hostile and non-threatening characteristics by merely looking at his or her eyes.


How do you get dogs to come to you?

You can do the following things to attract dogs towards you:

  • Maintain a calm and approachable attitude (It might be tempting to welcome a dog with a burst of exhilarating enthusiasm, but resist the impulse!)
  • Respect their personal space
  • Bend down to their level
  • Allow them to find their way to you
  • Take a walk in the park

Do dogs have a favorite person they like to hang out with?

Yes, dogs usually always have a favorite person, and they love to be around that person as much as possible. The personality of the owner and the breed of the dog both have a role in determining the dog’s favorite person. However, many dogs also adore most whoever gives them the most attention, takes them out on walks the most, or provides them with treats and other positive interactions.

Dogs typically choose a favorite human who has the same degree of activity and enthusiasm as themselves though. Additionally, some dog breeds are more likely to create a deep relationship with a single individual, boosting the probability that their favorite human will never fluctuate based on whatever happens over the course of their lives.

What is the best way to tell if a stray dog likes you?

If a dog in uncomfortable with human contact or a human presence, they will often make a growling sound as a warning to give them space. It is also common for dogs to hide their tail between their legs when they are terrified or try to squeeze themselves into any hiding available space away from whatever they feel is threatening them.

Upon approaching a friendly dog, it will wag its tail energetically, show interest, and ask to be petted. These are good indicators of whether or not a stray dog is pleased with your approach. Regardless, always exercise caution when approaching dogs that are not domesticated as they likely may be uncertain of human interactions and may possibly not react as one might expect.

What should you do if a stray dog decides to follow you?

What should you do if a stray dog decides to follow you

If a stray dog continues to approach you or even begins to follow you, you should:

  • Do not run away or attempt to escape from a wild dog as this will trigger predator instincts that could result in physical harm
  • Walk calmly and without erratic movement or anything else that may be interpreted as a threat or an attempt to play
  • Don’t look the dog in the eyes
  • You may allow the dog to smell you, but do not extend your hand out since this may be regarded as a threat by some animals

If the dog is certainly not aggressive or a threat in any way, or in the event that you feel compelled to adopt a stray dog that has playfully and happily decided to follow you, exercise caution in your behavior and keep a close on how the dog responds to physical and verbal stimuli. It is also best to seek veterinary care as soon as possible for any stray dogs you wish to welcome into your home to screen for parasites or illnesses that may spread to you or your other pets.

Is it possible for a dog to feel a human’s death?

Dogs have a good sense of smell as well as accurate detection of emotions and energy, and this allows them to piece together a complete tale from a single scent and sometimes even predict human emotions before humans do. With such heightened sense and awareness, they are also capable of detecting human disease and death.

Do animals have the ability to detect positive energy?

Yes, animals have the ability to detect positive energy. This has to do with their superior capacity to perceive subtle changes in posture and general body language compared to human beings. Dogs are well-known for being able to pick up on minute nuances in their environment, meaning they are also able to detect positive energy coming from someone or from other animals.

Why do animals and humans get along so well?

Animals get along with people because they consider them to be a source of happiness and sustenance for themselves. This is not true of all animals, but it has been observed in dogs, cats, and a variety of other household pets. They’ve learned over the centuries that having a human care for them means all of their needs will be provided for, so it’s a great survival tactic compared to fending for themselves.

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