Why Do Pugs Stink?

Since both the two-legged humans and the four-legged canines are animals, it is normal for each creature to have its own scent. Now, it is one thing to just have a slight body odor if you come inside the house on a scorching hot day, and another when the smell starts getting “stinky,” unbearable to take. Humans can clean themselves up quickly, whereas canines depend on their pet parents to do “the dirty work.” And some pooch breeds are stinkier than others. Pug is no exception. So, why do Pugs stink? Let’s find out! 

why do pugs stink
Why Do Pugs Stink?

Is It Normal For A Dog To Have A Foul Smell?

As we mentioned above, all animals have their own odors and that is completely ok! It becomes a problem when the bad smell turns really strong, to the point where you cannot be in the same room with the smelly object. 

Canines smell bad for a number of reasons: bad teeth, uncompressed anal glands, dirty paws, problems with the digestive tract, and if they hadn’t had a bath for a while. It is one thing if a pooch has gas and releases it once in a while (sorry to be direct, but again, all animals do that, including humans), and another if it has one of the issues we have just mentioned. If the latter, then these problems need to be addressed as soon as possible. 

Pugs, believe it or not, are considered one of the smelliest breeds in the four-legged world. And, there are a few reasons for it. Why do Pugs stink? 

Why Do Pugs Stink?

Some of the reasons you’ve got smelly Pugs are preventable and easily fixed, while others require a more thorough approach. Let’s start with the less threatening ones. 

  • They Haven’t Been Bathed in a While: just like when humans don’t take a bath for a prolonged time and start to develop a foul smell, so do dogs. Especially if they return from a lengthy walk in wet weather. The coat becomes saturated and, if not brushed and cleaned for a long time, your Pug can develop a very strong “wet dog” odor. Not a big fan of that? Time to “have fun” in the bathtub and scrub that mane good! Even though your wrinkly friend may not like the idea, it will definitely smell a lot more pleasant, guaranteed!
  • You Don’t Clean Their Wrinkles Deep Enough: oh yes, those adorable, much-loved wrinkles are both a Pug’s blessing and a curse. While face folds make their appearance unique, they also harbor some issues: bacteria that live in the wrinkles. If not cleaned away properly, the dirt, sweat, food residue, and saliva combined will give off a terrible odor that will drive any pet parent nuts! The solution? Make sure you wipe that cute face regularly, going really deep in between the creases. This will ensure all the microbes become history and there will be no more of that horrible scent.
  • They Have Plaque Problems or Gum Disease: if you brush your teeth twice a day, why don’t you do the same for your hound? They cannot perform the brushing themselves obviously, so it becomes an owner’s responsibility to be on top of the pooch’s teeth cleaning. You don’t actually have to “go crazy” with it, no need to do the ritual twice a day. Set a goal to do it no less than twice a week for that breath to be fresh and clean. If you tend to forget to brush your pup’s fangs, you can invest in a good teeth-scrubbing toy, designed for tough chewers. Double profit: your furry Pug companion will not only entertain itself but keep those prongs sparkling white and plaque-free!
  • It May Be Time to Compress Their Anal Glands: sometimes you may notice a foul “fishy” smell coming from your wrinkle-faced bud’s rear end. That’s because its anal glands are stuffed and need to be emptied. Usually, canine anal glands are compressed randomly when a furry pal defecates, but it might need help occasionally if the weird smell still lingers. If even after compression the rotten fish scent is too stubborn to eliminate, it is time to pay a visit to the vet and check whether or not your stinky Pug has a colon infection.
  • You Feed Them Cheap Food: surprisingly enough, bad quality food can trigger gas problems and unpleasant body odors in dogs. You will know right away if the food you are feeding your Pug is not suitable for it: you will cover your nose more often and move away from the very stinky creature lying on the couch. Occasionally, a pooch might even have diarrhea if the dry food is not suitable for its system. Yes, that happens more often than you think! It is so worth investing in good quality meals for a precious little fella to be healthy and smell-free. Trust me, your nose will thank you in the long run. 
pugs stink
Pugs stink

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Steps To Prevent My Pug From Smelling Bad

  • Bathe Your Sinky Pug Regularly: at least once a month will do the trick and eliminate the question you haven’t gotten an answer to yet: “Why Do Pugs Stink?” Your Pug will be clean and pleasant to be around. And don’t forget about routinely wiping the wrinkles down as well. 
  • A Pug Pup Should Eat Good Food: high-quality nutrition is a guarantee that a fluffy fella’s health will be top-notch. Its gas problem will go away and it will be full of energy. Also, you can easily add some raw fruits and veggies to your puppy’s diet. The crunchy ones are canine’s fave: for instance, cucumbers, peppers, apples, carrots, and celery. Can’t go wrong with those!
  • Brush a Smelly’s Hound’s Teeth Regularly: make it a habit to brush those Pug fangs at least twice a week for a fresh breath and fewer health issues.
  • Compress a Puppy’s Anal Glands: fishy smell? Time to squeeze that cute tushy, get the puss out. If even the idea itself of doing this ritual grosses you out, turn to the vet or a groomer for help. 


Here you have it, we’ve answered the question of “Why Do Pugs Stink?” We have covered the most common reasons why there’s a foul smell coming from your Pug’s body and what to do about it. Make sure you follow the guidelines described here and you will never have to deal with the terrible “aroma” again, lurking near this cute furry thing. However, if you have followed these steps and nothing worked, then please take your companion to the veterinary specialist to check it out. There might be some underlying serious causes for the stinky Pug to be…, well, stinky. Let’s change that!

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