Why Are Greenies Treats So Expensive?

Greenies is a company that supplies cat and dog owners with treats and other food items that feature a unique cleaning aspect to improve and maintain your pets’ dental health. This company prides themselves on using all-natural ingredients as well as supplying our furry four-legged family members with additional nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in their treats. However, the extent to which these high-quality ingredients are beneficial for our beloved pets also has an effect on the price tag.

So why are Greenies treats so expensive? There are always costs associated with packaging and distribution with any product, but the Greenies company’s focus on quality ingredients, effective dental cleaning for pets, and additional vitamins and nutrients compared to other treats plays a significant role. With these treats, but you’re getting what you pay for. In this case, that’s quality.

Although some people remain both willing and able to purchase Greenies products in spite of the hefty price tag, other pet owners are left with very few options to choose from that can offer the same level of quality. Additionally, there aren’t many companies or brands in competition with Greenies either.

Why are Greenies treats so pricey?

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One bag of 36 treats costs the same as—or even more than, depending upon the brand—a bag of dog or cat food. It’s not economically practical for treats to cost more than a pet’s regular kibble. For many people, it’s simply better to go to the vet for a dental checkup and proper brushing. Although the ingredients and noticeable benefits of Greenies are excellent, the price is still far too high for most consumers.

Laws of economics at play

Aside from the ingredients and their health results, there is also another factor contributing to them costing so much. The Greenies company has a unique product and trustworthy brand name, and they’ve encountered very little competition along the way for their dental health treats. Without having to compete with any other companies for domination in this area of pet food and products, they are able to maintain the higher and more accurate pricing for the quality of their products without having to drop those amounts lower and make any changes that could impact the product itself.

As always, when there are consumers willing to pay the price they’ve named for their great products, they have no significant motivation to alter their costs either.

Are there any cost-effective alternatives to Greenies?

While Greenies are definitely a high-quality dental hygiene product for pets, there are also some less expensive options available as well. However, it’s important to look into the options that spark your interest to see if they will still effectively deliver the results that you’re looking for.


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  • Blue Buffalo Dental Chews: Allergen-free, high-quality dental treats without byproduct meals and cost about ½ as much as Greenies. These tend to work best for bigger dogs.
  • Virbac Tartar Control Chews: Good for heavy-duty chewers, these are also said to last quite a long time. These chews also have the VHOC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) seal, giving them solid credibility when compared to a more well-known brand like Greenies.
  • Natural Balance Chews: Packed with quality ingredients and nutrients, these are excellent for canines with food sensitivities. However, these are typically better suited for smaller dogs due to their size.
  • PetKind Doggie Dental Treats: Made while real whole meat, these treats are proven to help canine teeth and gums stay healthy. While a little more expensive than the other options in this list, they are still a bit more affordable for those who can’t afford to splurge on a major brand like Greenies.


  • Emerald Pet Dental Treats: These treats are a near-identical replacement for Greenies’ cat treats. They’re crunchy and have been shown to actually improve cats’ teeth over time.
  • Minties Dental Treats: These treats place more focus on their breath-freshening feature than on their ability to brush your cat’s teeth, but they’re not at all a bad option. These treats have a fair amount of healthy ingredients too, and people’s cats seem to like them quite well.
  • Hartz’s Dental Care Treats: With a formula designed specifically for treating gums, bad breath, and maintaining healthy teeth, these treats come highly recommended by vets. Hartz’s is also considered a well-known and trusted brand.
  • VetriScience Feline Dental Treats: Vets actually created this dental treat with a focus on using healthy ingredients while still being sure that the snacks deliver quality dental care.


While Greenies treats may not be very affordable for every single pet owner, there are still other options available. However, your final decision in the matter will come down to both what you can afford and what your pet seems to prefer best. Some owners have reported trying to switch out their Greenies treats with a cheaper alternative, but then their pets have refused to eat the new treat. If this ends up being your pet’s opinion on the matter, you would simply just be wasting money anyway by trying to choose anything else.

When your pet genuinely loves Greenies and doesn’t want to switch, you can either keep trying until you eventually find something that works or your best bet would be to buy a small bag of Greenies and just give them sparingly, being sure to make them last.

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