When Do Rough Collies Stop Growing?

Rough Collies were bred to be outstanding shepherd dogs, and they thrive on the opportunity to learn and play, making them a wonderful choice for energetic, outdoor-oriented homes. They normally like the companionship of other dogs, and if introduced properly from an early age, they will get along with cats and children as well.

On average, it takes small dogs nine months to attain their mature weight, while larger dogs might take up to 1.5 years to achieve their mature weight. The question that now arises is when do rough collies stop growing?

when do rough collies stop growing
When Do Rough Collies Stop Growing?

Usually, Rough Collies reach their maximum growth when they attain their maturity and finally reach their adult size. Usually, most Rough Collies reach their maximum growth point at around 15 months of age. On the other hand, larger Rough Collies may take up to 18 months to fill out their chest and reach full maturity.

During the growing stages of a Collie puppy, here are some pointers on how to manage the puppy’s weight.

A female Collie’s growth pattern in proportion to her age:

  • The weight of a female Collie at three months old should be between 9 and 12.8 kg, depending on her size and health.
  • At one year, a female Rough Collie should weigh between 19.7 and 33.9 kg.
  • The female Collie will reach maturity at the age of 15 months.

A male Collie’s growth pattern in proportional to his age:

  • The weight of a male Collie at three months old should be between 9.5 and 12.8 kg, depending on his size.
  • At one year, a male Rough Collie’s weight should range from 22.4 to 32.8 kg.
  • The male Collie will reach its maximum growth point at the age of 18 months.

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The features of a Rough Collie

When they run, their long and pointed features give them a wispy look, which is accentuated by the long fur that flows behind them. Because of their long muzzles, they have a flat, wedge-shaped—or “dished”—face. Their ears are upright, but the tips of their ears are folded over cutely from the top.

Choosing the most appropriate diet for the best growth of a Rough Collie

The very first thing a Collie owner can do to ensure the proper growth of their pup is to provide a proper diet. Collies do well on high-quality dog food that is primarily meat-based and has fewer grains than other dog foods on the market. Many breed experts believe that Collies should not be fed diets that contain maize or soy as the primary components in the food’s recipe.

To lessen the danger of bloat in Collies, it is advised to feed them twice or even multiple times per day rather than once a day. Adding some meat to the meal has also been shown to decrease the risk of this condition as well.

rough collies dog

How can you be an ideal human for a Rough Collie and ensure they grow up well?

Rough collies may make wonderful companions, but there are specific circumstances in which these dogs will shine the brightest.

For starters, they are extremely fond of children—they like playing with them, guarding them, and showering them with lovely puppy kisses whenever the opportunity presents itself. You shouldn’t have any problems if you have another dog or cat at home because they get along with them just as well as with each other. Just avoid stressing them out because that can affect their growth.

Keep in mind that Collie’s herding instincts can go into overdrive during outside playtime, and they may nip at a child’s heels if they feel threatened. Even though they will cause little harm, they may unintentionally make themselves seem terrifying to children and simply be bothersome to other pets. However, never scare your Rough Collie when playing or participating in other activities because the stress caused by fear—even what we humans may find fun—affects their growth as well as their mental health.

Nothing makes a Rough Collie happier than being able to spend time with its loved ones. If you’re away from home all day at work, your dog may get melancholy and bored as a result. And, as some of us are all too familiar with, a bored dog may soon turn into a destructive dog if left alone too often or too long. If you like to keep your sneakers and furnishings intact, we recommend lavishing plenty of care on your Rough Collie to prevent them from becoming unhappy and lashing out.

As long as they can receive adequate activity, this breed is adaptable to both urban and rural environments. To provide at least 30-45 minutes of outside activity every day, owners should prepare ahead of time for these activities and make sure what they’re choosing to do is sufficient for their particular dog.

If a Rough Collie is allowed to burn off some of its pent-up energy outside, it will be perfectly content to relax with its family once it comes inside the house. Exercise is an essential part of nearly every dog’s daily life and requirements to thrive, so be sure to meet your Collie’s needs to keep their minds and bodies as healthy as possible to ensure they grow up well.

Generally speaking, however, Rough Collies are not well-suited for apartment living due to their proclivity to bark when they become bored. This is not something your upstairs neighbors will be pleased about, so keep this in mind when deciding to bring home a Collie if you live in an apartment or if you already have a Collie and are looking to relocate.

rough collies growth
Rough Collies growth


What size should a 7-month-old Rough Collie be?

By seven months, a Rough Collie will have become an adolescent and should weigh around 15 pounds. Your dog is on the verge of reaching its age of sexual maturity around this time as well. Upon reaching maturity, they should have completely developed adult teeth as well as fully formed ears with drooping tips.

How much food does a Rough Collie consume daily?

The recommended daily quantity of food for a Rough Collie is 1.75 to 2.5 cups of high-quality dry food each day, split into two or three meals. 

Are Rough Collies considered medium or large dogs?

Rough Collies are athletic, medium-sized canines that stand 18 to 23 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 50 and 100 pounds. The overall appearance is that of a robust but agile worker who has not been influenced by passing fashion trends.

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