A Complete Guide To The Vizsla Pitbull Mix

There is a wide variety of animal breeds worldwide. It means that you can find animals of all species with different characteristics such as color, size, behavior, etc. 

vizsla pitbull mix
Vizsla Pitbull Mix

If we talk about dogs, we can find hundreds of beautiful breeds, each with a different physical appearance and emotional characteristics. However, within that large group, we can also find mixed dog breeds. 

We must take into account something important, and that is that the crossing of breeds presents a difference concerning cross-breed dogs.  

The crossing of dog breeds is usually carried out deliberately to obtain a dog with specific features from both parents. 

Among all this great variety of breeds, we can find an exciting mix between Vizsla and Pitbull. 


Its high performance in hunting characterizes this wonderful breed of dog. Vizslas are affectionate, friendly, playful, and active animals that require daily physical exercises. They are even known for their high level of physical activity. Therefore, you should keep in mind that your Vizsla will not like to be locked inside the house since it is a dog that needs to move constantly. 

Its physical appearance features a broad head, short rusty gold fur, a slim but muscular body, and brown eyes (in most cases). 

They create a strong bond with the members of their human family, although they are also very friendly with strangers and other dogs. These pets will follow you anywhere in your house and will not detach from you. 


This dog differs from the Vizsla in specific ways. The first clarification is that many people claim that this type of dog is aggressive, and that is not entirely true. Each Pitbull has its own personality and behavior. 

They are dogs that can become loving with family, including children. However, if a person mistreats them, they can act aggressively. The key to avoiding that is that their owner educates them correctly from a young age. 

The great strength of this dog lies in its physical appearance. Its body is muscular and well-proportioned; its head is oval, broad, and elongated. The eyes of Pitbulls are not big and are usually dark in color. 

A Vizsla Pitbull Mix dog sitting a grassy field, with trees in the background

Vizsla – Pitbull Mix 

Both dog breeds (Vizsla and Pitbull) share certain features that perfectly complement them. The Vizsla is characterized by its hunting skills, while the energy and strength characterize the Pitbull. 

The mixture of your Vizsla and a Pitbull results in a dog with great skill both from intelligence and strength. This dog keeps its coat short with any color that the breeds of its parents may present. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain. 

It features the long legs of a Vizsla and usually weighs approximately 50 pounds. Both the Vizsla and the Pitbull are active and energetic dogs that need a lot of physical exercise. Therefore, it is assumed that the mixture between the two should give rise to a pet twice as active as its parents. 

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