7 Things to Do if Your Vizsla is Lost

One of the worst fears people have is losing their beloved pets. This situation can happen to any Vizsla dog owner, either because their pet’s walking leash has broken or because the canine owner has become distracted. 

things to do if your vizsla is lost
7 Things To Do If Your Vizsla is Lost

It is essential that your Vizsla dog always wears a small identification plate that contains its name, your phone number, and the home address. These features can help a lot in the event that a canine gets lost. 

We advise you to microchip your faithful friend. It consists of a very small device that is applied by a veterinarian under your dog’s skin. 

Each microchip has a 15-digit number that is unrepeatable and must be registered in a system, so if your Vizsla canine gets lost and fortunately the person who found it takes it to a veterinarian, he can use his microchip scanner and give notice of the lost pet. 

To prevent your dog from running off during a walk, you should get used to using a leash from a young age. This item can be insurance that your pet will not be able to escape. 

What Can I Do if My Vizsla Dog Gets Lost? 

1. You Have to Stay Calm and Focused 

It is usual for you to be upset, sad, worried, and anxious, but you need to keep your sanity first and foremost. Stress and despair will not help you find your Vizsla dog

You must calm down, breathe deeply, and analyze the situation to be able to locate your pet as soon as possible. Going crazy in this situation is only going to delay your time to find your lost friend. 

Keep in mind that every minute counts, because the more time passes, your Vizsla could be moving away from you. Take a deep breath and calm yourself so you can move forward and find your pet. 

2. Spread out Information Flyers 

If there have been no signs of your missing dog, you can use other methods to try to find it. 

Distributing brochures and flyers with the photos and characteristics of your Vizsla dog is a great idea to try to find it. You have to create an eye-catching ad that contains words in black letters.

Some of them may be “LOST DOG” or “WANTED”. Then you can put a photo of your pet along with a series of characteristics (name, breed, color, weight, etc.). Finally, put your name and at least two phone numbers so they can contact you if they have found it. 

The best places to distribute these types of flyers are: 

  • Trees. 
  • Light poles. 
  • Near stop signs or intersections. 
  • Animal shelters. 
  • Animal control organizations. 
  • Central parks 
  • Dog parks. 
  • Baseball fields. 
  • Veterinary offices. 
  • Grocery stores. 
  • Community centers. 
  • Church bulletin boards. 
  • Pet stores. 
  • Service stations. 
  • Schools. 
  • Supermarkets. 
  • Libraries. 
  • Shelters for dogs. 

Remember to request permission in advance in one of these places to be able to distribute the brochures. 

3. Check the Neighbourhood 

Ask all your neighbors if they have seen your Vizsla around, and if that is not the case, ask them to help you find it. The neighborhood is a large and spacious place where a dog can run and play freely, but above all, it can hide very well in crowded areas. 

Gather as many neighbors as you can, and start a search to find your missing pet. Do not despair. If all the people collaborate, they will surely be able to find it. 

4. Go Back to the Place Where Your Pet Disappeared 

It is the best place to start your search as dogs tend to walk in circles when lost. Take with you an object belonging to your Vizsla (a blanket or its favorite toy), so it can easily detect it by the smell. If you can’t find it there, leave the item in a nearby tree and see if it’s still there in a couple of hours. 

5. Make Phone Calls 

Grab your cell phone and call all the people you know. Start by contacting the neighbors, as they are the closest to your home and may have seen your Vizsla somewhere. Also, you can call animal control, animal shelters, and even the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to inform them that your dog is missing. 

You should always be attentive to the cell phone number that you have left in the places you visited or the one you recorded on your dog’s tag. At any time they can call you, giving you the good news that your Vizsla has been found safe and sound. 

6. Use Social Media 

Make a digital publication similar to the brochures you made earlier with the same image and information. 

Make sure to post this content on: 

  • Facebook. 
  • Twitter. 
  • Pinterest. 
  • Google+. 
  • Instagram 
  • WhatsApp. 

The power of social media, especially Facebook groups, can be very effective in helping to spread the word about your Vizsla dog’s disappearance. 

Many pets are found and returned because someone checked Facebook (or any other social network where the information was posted) to see if someone else had lost a dog and vice versa. Don’t forget to email or text a photo and information about your canine to all local or semi-local people. 

Vizsla dog lost in the forest
Vizsla dog lost in the forest

7. Never Give Up 

If finding your pet is the most important thing to you, then never give up. Moving from place to place looking for your Vizsla dog may be physically and emotionally exhausting, but you have to keep resisting until you find your best friend. 

It is advisable to do a rigorous search for a couple of days. You can take a day off and then go back to searching for your four-legged friend. Remember that many lost pets can only be found thanks to the tenacious determination of the owners. 

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