Pugs Afraid Of Kitten – How Can You Deal With This Odd Situation

Pugs are always afraid of kittens, they don’t want to play with them but they like them too, so what should you do when you notice pugs afraid of kitten situation?

A Pugs life is full of fun and adventure. They love going out on walks, playing fetch, and watching the birds in the yard. When they are puppies, they love to curl up with their mom or dad and watch them sleep. But, in many cases, they get scared of the little kitten that lives next door.

They just don’t want to be near the kitten. Sometimes, they hide in the laundry basket, under the bed, or in the closet.

Here’s a helpful guide on how to deal with pugs afraid of kittens.

Understand The Behavior Of Pugs Which Are Afraid Of Kitten

Understanding the behavior of pugs which are afraid of kittens is very important. Pugs, or Pug dogs, are a breed of dog who is generally friendly, calm, and relaxed. But for some reason, when they see a cat, they become terrified and they don’t want to move at all. It’s been proved that these dogs were once petted as kittens and were conditioned to respond this way. So it’s important that you have a positive and warm relationship with your pug.

Use A Reward System To Train Your Pug To Like Kittens

How can we get Pugs to stop being afraid of the kitten? We might want to offer Pugs a nice treat (a yummy, healthy treat) for not being scared of the kitten. We might try putting the kitten in a different room or setting so that Pugs will not feel threatened by it. And, we might try to find a way for the kitten to play with Pugs without it coming too close to it. When we understand the behavior of our Pugs, we are better able to create a message that resonates with them.

Use A Reward System To Train Your Pug To Like Kittens

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Manage Your Pug’s Mood When It Is Around Kittens

The average cat owner knows that when it sees kittens, its pug will do anything to play with them. But a lot of dog owners don’t realize the extent to which their dogs react to kittens. To help you understand how your dog behaves around cats, here’s a guide.

It’s not often that you get to see a pug’s perspective on life. We were delighted to find out just how much they are scared of cats. Pugs love their owner, but when around cats they are worried about the cat more than showing affection toward their owner.

It seemed that the cat in the perspective of the Pug is too big. So, if the cat kept moving closer and closer to him, their mood changes and they start to tremble. If you notice this, gently put the cat away and wait for the pug to get relaxed. Give them some treats and pets, that way thinking he had done the right thing by staying calm and not showing fear-induced aggression towards the cat.

Teach Your Pug Not To Be Afraid Of Kittens

I am a firm believer in the power of pug love. In many households, there are more pugs, and some of them would happily spend all day and night cuddling up to one another. But some will never be convinced that they need to be friends with kittens.

Those pugs are usually afraid of kittens since they were a puppy, and it may seem that they would never be going to get used to the existence of cats. When you’re dealing with a pug that doesn’t want to be around a particular type of animal such as a kitten, this is where the power of positive reinforcement comes in.

You can introduce kittens to your pug in steps. In the first step try to see how it would react if you just show the cat to them. After that try to do some interactions between them. If the pug starts to react in a positive way, give them their favorite treats and acknowledge their good behavior. Lastly, try to use games which will remove the focus from the cat and make them focus on the interaction between a particular object. That way, they will still be around the kitten but they won’t feel scared.

Teach Your Pug Not To Be Afraid Of Kittens

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Conclusion On Pugs Afraid Of Kitten

In conclusion, Pugs can be scared of kittens and they are willing to show that to you. If you notice that your Pug is feeling anxiety around cats try to use positive reinforcement and get them to be friends. The best way to achieve this is to introduce kittens and cats to a pug when it is a puppy.

If you want to help in a scenario where pugs are afraid of kittens, consider the guidelines we gave you!


Are pugs afraid of cats?

If a pug is afraid of a cat, they will show signs such as shivering. However, in many cases the fear factor can transform into aggression and the Pug is most likely to attack or chase the cat.

Do pugs get along with kittens?

If the Pug has been socialized with cats, they may get along pretty smoothly with the kitten. However, the cat may develop a phobia of the Pug, which may lead to the Pug chasing them around. You must never let a Pug alone with a kitten, though.

How do you introduce a kitten to a pug?

Slowing down will help cats and pugs get along much better. Swap out scented objects, like as pillows, for a few weeks so your kitten becomes accustomed to the scent of your pug. Avoid the temptation to speed through it.

Are pugs aggressive towards cats?

Pugs are notorious for being aggressive towards other animals, and there are a lot of reasons why. From a very young age, they’re taught to be protective and territorial, and this can lead to them growling and lunging at any animal that steps into their space. Another reason why pugs attack other animals is because of their size. Because of this, it’s normal for them to act this way, and no amount of training will change that.

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