61 Of The Most Popular Korean Dog Names

Korean dog names are fun and a cultured option for your new bundle of fur. They are simply unique and beautiful. 

popular korean dog names
61 Most Popular Korean Dog Names

Remember that your dog’s name is the key to proper communication between you two. Choose it wisely! It should be easy to use and should be easily accepted by your dog as well!

If you are inspired by the Korean region, you should definitely check out some great ideas for Korean dog names. 

In this article, we will give you some great ideas for your dog’s Korean name. You’ll find many options of original Korean names for both male and female dogs. Let’s get started!

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30 Best Male Korean Dog Names

Are you looking to name a dog? Well, you can’t easily go wrong with a Korean dog name. Here are the top 30 male Korean dog names along with their traditional meaning.

  1. Beom: It means ‘a model’ or ‘a pattern to follow.’
  2. Bong: The name of a mythical bird.
  3. Busan: A big South Korean city.
  4. Cho: It means ‘handsome.’ It is a simple and easy name to call out.
  5. Dae: It means ‘greatness.’ This name is suitable for large breeds.
  6. Daeshim: It means ‘the greatest mind.’ This name is suitable for intelligent breeds.
  7. Dak-Ho: It means ‘a deep lake.’ This name symbolizes a profound personality.
  8. Du-Hu: It means ‘goodness.’
  9. Geon: It means ‘strength.’ It suits a dog that is strong and agile.
  10. Gi: This short name means ‘brave.’ 
  11. Gojo: This name is inspired by the first-ever kingdom of Korea, Gojoseon.
  12. Horang-i: It means ‘tiger.’ This name is suitable for a guard dog.
  13. Hwan: It stands for ‘bright.’ This name would suit a playful and smart dog.
  14. Hyuk: It defines something as ‘radiant.’ We recommend this name for someone who has brightened your life – your good boy.
  15. Hyun: It defines someone as ‘intelligent and bright.’ 
  16. In-Su: It stands for ‘preserving wisdom.’
  17. Jeju: This short name is inspired by an exotic island in Korea.
  18. Joon: It stands for someone who has got ‘immense talent.’ It is great for a male dog that has a lively character.
  19. Jum: It stands for ‘king’ or ‘ruler.’ 
  20. Min-Ho: It stands for ‘heroic and brave.’ 
  21. Seulgi: It means ‘wisdom.’
  22. Seung: It stands for ‘winning.’ This might be more suitable for competitive show dogs.
  23. Suk: It stands for ‘rock.’ It is a simple and easy name to call out.
  24. Su-Won: A succinct term that means ‘to defend or protect.’ 
  25. Ulsan: Derived from the name of one of the largest Korean cities.
  26. Upo: The name of an exotic destination located near Nakdong River.
  27. Woong: This stands for ‘magnificence.’ It is a suitable name for large breeds.
  28. Yeo: A crisp name, that means ‘mildness.’
  29. Yong: It means ‘brave.’
  30. Yu-Jin: It means ‘precious.’

You can use a single-worded name or combine two words to create a unique meaning. Just turn on your imagination!

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30 Best Female Korean Dog Names

Here are the top 30 female Korean dog names along with their traditional meaning.

  1. Areum: It means ‘beauty’ in Korean. 
  2. Bada: It means ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’ in Korean.
  3. Bae: A fairly short name that means ‘inspiration.’ 
  4. Baram: This term is the Korean word for ‘wind.’ 
  5. Bomi: It means ‘springtime.’ 
  6. Chin: It means ‘precious.’ 
  7. Chin-Sun: It defines ‘someone who appreciates goodness and truthfulness.’
  8. Dasom: It means ‘love.’ The name of a Korean actress and singer ‘Kim Dasom.’ 
  9. Eui: A sweet name that stands for ‘righteousness.’
  10. Gi: It means ‘brave.’ 
  11. Gureum: This Korean term stands for ‘cloud.’ 
  12. Hae-Won: It means ‘a beautiful garden.’ It is suitable for a dog that brings happiness to the owner’s life.
  13. Haru: It stands for ‘day’ in Korean.
  14. Hayan: It means ‘pale’ or ‘white.’ Set up this name for your white-haired sweetheart.
  15. Hye: It means ‘wisdom and intelligence.’
  16. In-Na: It means ‘delicate.’ It is a cute name to give to a small dog that seems fragile.
  17. Ji-a: A short name that means ‘wisdom and knowledge.’
  18. Joo: This short word stands for ‘jewel’ in Korean. It is a simple and easy name to call out.
  19. Kuri: It stands for ‘copper’ in Korean. You pronounce it ‘cur-ree.’ 
  20. Kwan: It stands for ‘strong.’
  21. Mi Sun: It means ‘a combination of beauty and goodness.’
  22. Mi-Hi: It stands for ‘beautiful and joyful.’ 
  23. Min: It means ‘clever, quick-minded, and responding’.
  24. Min-Jee: It stands for ‘brightness and wisdom.’ This name suits a playful and intelligent pup.
  25. Mishil: It stands for ‘a beautiful kingdom.’
  26. Nam-Sun: It means ‘honest and pure.’
  27. Nun-i: A name derived from the word ‘nun’ which means ‘snow.’ This can be a suitable name to give a pure white dog.
  28. So-Hui: It means ‘splendid.’
  29. Soo: A female who is ‘noble, kind, and charitable.’ 
  30. Yun: It means ‘lotus flower.’
  31. Yu-Na: It means ‘to endure’. It is suitable for a courageous breed.

You can use a single-worded name or combine two words that match your dog’s personality. No matter which dog breed you have, these names will work perfectly for your pup.

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Why Korean Dog Names are Popular

Korean dog names are both unique and concise. With a Korean dog name, you will pick a canine name that stands out from the crowd. 

Here are some reasons why Korean dog names are popular:

  • A splendid place: Korea is home to some of the world’s most stunning landscapes, offering up bustling cities, beautiful beaches, and towering mountains. 
  • Unique style: Koreans always have their own unique style. Korea has an amazing history and is home to unique cultures and much more.
  • Positivity: The Korean language is highly influenced by Taoism and Buddhism. Hence the Korean names reflect your dog’s positive characteristics and traits.
  • Concise: Korean names commonly come with no more than two syllables. Hence these names are not only catchy, but they are also fairly short. Each syllable has a distinct meaning and reflects the traits of your dog.
  • Diverse heritage: Korea has a diverse heritage. It is well known for entertainment including Kpop and Kdrama. 
  • Easy to learn: The Korean language is one of the scientifically easiest languages to learn. Hence Korean dog names are easy to remember and pronounce.

Some of the famous Korean dog breeds include:

  • Korean Jindo
  • Dosa Dog/ Korean Mastiff
  • Sapsali
  • Nureongi
  • Donggyeongi
  • Jeju Dog
popular korean dog names
Korean dog names

Final Thoughts

You must choose a dog name that you can live with for many years to come. It should sound cool roll out the tongue easily and sounds good to you. So, each time you call your furry friend, they will be able to respond quickly.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of Korean names for dogs. What is your favorite Korean dog name? Do you know any more Korean dog names that we should add to the list? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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