What Human Foods Can I Feed My Diabetic Dog?

When your pet is first diagnosed with diabetes it can seem a bit overwhelming! Just like people, diabetic dogs need certain foods to help them live a long and healthy life. Many times, the first place we look is to the store.

What kind of new dog food do I need to purchase to help my pup?

However, there are a ton of human foods that can be used to make sure your diabetic dog is nutritionally balanced.

human foods for diabetic dog
What Human Foods To Feed For Diabetic Dog?

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Best Human Foods for Your Diabetic Dog

Just like with diabetic humans, certain human foods are safe and healthy for dogs to consume which allows them to be healthy and active, even though they have diabetes.

These different foods are inexpensive and have a significant nutritional value that will help your pup process glucose properly.


  1. String Beans
  2. Cucumbers
  3. Carrots
  4. Cauliflower
  5. Broccoli
  6. Leafy Greens Salad
  7. Green Beans
  8. Parsley
  9. Winter Squash


  1. Whole oats (like oatmeal)
  2. Brown rice
  3. Quinoa
  4. Wild rice
  5. Bulgur
  6. Buckwheat
  7. Whole grain barley


  1. Salmon (fully cooked)
  2. Shrimp (peeled and fully cooked)
  3. Boiled chicken (plain & no seasoning)
  4. Turkey

What is in These Foods That Help My Dog?

When we think of food as fuel for the body instead of just something to eat when we are hungry, what we choose changes. Specific foods have components to meet specific dietary needs.

In this case, a diabetic dog needs food that will promote healthy glucose production and processing.


There is a very big difference between certain types of carbohydrates when it comes to diabetic dogs and people. The grains listed above are all considered to be complex carbohydrates, which is what you are looking for when your pup is a diabetic.

Avoid things that are considered simple carbohydrates such as white rice, processed white bread, and refined sugars.

Why is this important? Complex carbohydrates take the body longer to process and provide steady energy rather than the other way around.

dog standing bewtween apple and doughnut


In conjunction with consuming healthy carbohydrates, protein helps to minimize glucose spikes. Furthermore, the proper protein will allow your pet to build lean muscle to ensure they can exercise and are at a healthy weight.

Healthy Fatty-Acids

Consuming healthy fats is just as important as consuming the proper fruits and vegetables. Foods like salmon that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids are heart-healthy as well as being compatible with working to help produce and absorb glucose.

Can I Still Give My Dog Diabetic Dog Food?

Yes! There are so many great dog food options on the market that cater specifically to dogs with diabetes. These specialized dog foods are ready to go and will certainly meet the needs of your diabetic pet.

However, if you are wanting to incorporate some of the foods on this list with their specialized dog food, it would certainly make their mundane pet food a little more exciting and appetizing.

Some great dog foods made specifically for diabetic dogs can be found and shipped right to your door quickly from Amazon. One thing to remember about any type of quality and specific dietary need dog food is that you get what you pay for.

Don’t expect to be able to purchase the five-dollar, fifteen-pound bag of dog food that will meet the needs of your diabetic pet. But to guide you along to find some of the best brands, here are some below:


This dog food is low-carb and high protein. Better yet, this is a grain-free product that lets you rest assured there are no unhealthy fillers that will ultimately harm your pet. This pet food claims to have 85% fewer carbohydrates than other leading brands with more than 46% protein.

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Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm Green Superfood Dog Food

The Paradigm Green Superfood for dogs is also 100% grain-free and has no unhealthy fillers for your pet. This food is made from 100% Human Grade Ingredients to ensure that your pup is getting the highest quality of food available, aside from something you make yourself.

Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free

This last option here is Nature’s grain-free Recipe. This dog food, like the other two, contains complex carbohydrates to keep your pet’s insulin levels consistent and give them steady energy throughout the day.

How Do I Know the Food I’m Giving My Pet is Working?

One main thing you need to look for is either your pet being overweight or underweight. In the case of diabetes, either of these two things can happen, either from the overproduction of insulin as well as the body not processing it correctly.

If your pooch seems to be plump recently and you cannot easily feel their ribs, then it is time for a diet change. On the flip side, if your pooch all of a sudden seems like you can easily see and feel their ribs and hips, you can just as serious of an issue.

Either way, with a few adjustments to each situation, a lean protein, high-fat, and low carbohydrates diet along with insulin will help your pet.

How Do I Know My Dog is Diabetic?

If you’re reading this, it is likely you have already made that trip to the veterinarian’s office and have had your dog diagnosed. However, you may be looking at this because you incline that your dog might be diabetic.

First of all, if you have even the slightest thought or feeling like your dog may be diabetic, go ahead and make an appointment with your vet as quickly as possible.

Diabetic dogs usually have a few particular characteristics that typically will tip off their owners and give out a red flag of something being wrong.

  1. If you notice your dog cannot seem to get enough water and is drinking and urinating way more than usual get to your vet immediately. This is usually the number one tell-tale sign that your pup may have diabetes.
  2. If you notice your dog is eating normally but still seems to be losing weight, this can be a sign of there being something wrong, such as diabetes. While there are stomach parasites, such as ringworm, that can cause this same problem it would be imperative to go ahead and take your dog to the veterinarian.
  3. Being hungry all of the time is another sign of diabetes in dogs. If your dog is excessively hungry all of the time, their bodies may not be processing glucose the way it is supposed to, causing your dog to be hungry all the time.
human foods for diabetic dog
Human Foods for Diabetic Dogs

Final Thoughts

You want to make sure that whatever you choose is the best option for your pet. Here is your chance to do some research, aside from what we have for you here, and see what kind of awesome pet recipes you can whip up for your doggie right at home.

Many times, making meals for your diabetic pet can be less expensive than purchasing a $40 bag of dog food. However, if time is of the essence in your busy life, then making your dog’s meals may not truly be a feasible option.

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