How to Open Purina Cat or Dog Food Bag?

When you look at a bag of Purina for your cat or dog, you notice there are several different ways they close their bags. Some of them look sewn while others come folded and glued. Yet there are the new packages that have no opening or option to reseal.

Therefore, knowing how to open a Purina cat or dog food bag will be contingent upon how they closed it during manufacturing. In most cases, you can use scissors to cut it off. But, with the sewn bags, there’s a bit of a trick to it. If you open these wrong, it can be very frustrating.

Of course, how you open the bag will also depend on how you store the food in general. Remember, it’s always advisable to keep cat or dog food in an airtight container.

how to open purina cat or dog food bag
How to Open Purina Cat or Dog Food Bag

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What’s the Best Way to Open Purina Cat or Dog Food Bag?

Opening a bag of Purina for your dog or cat shouldn’t be difficult or confusing. But, in certain circumstances, it can be downright baffling. At times, it may seem like a conspiracy or the company’s way of playing a sick joke. But, it’s not.

There are some tips and techniques for opening each general kind below. However, remember, when in doubt, simply use scissors to cut open the top.

Newer ProPlan Packaging

Purina has recently come out with a new packaging look for their line of ProPlan dry pet food. While the ingredients are fresher and the bag’s design keeps the flavor in, it’s impossible to open. There’s nothing that indicates where or how to open it at the top.

Some people report being able to tear open the top. But others who do this say they end up busting the bag wide open. So, if you attempt to tear it, test the waters. If it’s difficult, just use scissors to open the bag.

The other less-than-desirable aspect of these bags is that there’s no way to reseal them once opened. Therefore, you’re going to need a chip clip, clothespin, or an airtight container. If you use a fastening device, fold down the opened end of the bag to close and clip it shut.

Bags that Come Folded and Glued

Some lines of Purina come with the top folded and glued flesh against the food. While this supplies a perfect square package of food, you don’t just want to go right in with scissors. With these, gently pull up on the folded end to loosen the adhesive. The bag should just roll open at the top.

Be sure to remove all the glue from the outside of the bag if you plan to store the food in there. This is so that pieces of the adhesive won’t work their way into your precious pet’s food. Once again, use a chip clip or clothespin to seal the bag once you fold it down.

Sewn-Style Bags

And now for the piece de la resistance . . . the ubiquitous yet mysterious sewn bag. While most people just resort to cutting off the top just under the sewn material, there is a way to open them via the string. Once you know how you’ll prefer to do it this way every time.

It’s not difficult, but there is a trick to opening these bags. You only have to exercise a little observation and patience to do so. First, you want to examine the bag and string; this is where the trick of the thing lies. There is a “right” side and a “wrong” side. If you open the wrong side, it will become impossible to open, even from the “right” side.

So, inspect the string on either side of the bag. One side should have a double-stitched string and the other will have a single-stitched string. Make sure the side with the single-string stitch is facing you. This is the “right” side from which to start pulling. Once you’ve identified the correct single-stitch side, follow these instructions step-by-step:

  1. To be certain, check that you have the single-stitch side facing you. This is the correct side to begin separating the top.
  2. Keeping your focus on this single-stitched side, follow it to the furthest end on the right side of the top where the mechanism sews shut.
  3. With a gentle pull, tug at the far right end and ensure it loosens. If won’t budge, you don’t have the right end. So, try the other side. A tail should poke out when loose.
  4. Yank on this tail of the string with a firm but gentle touch. It should slowly and effortlessly unravel.
  5. This sewn string should detach and disassemble with ease and in one piece.
purina cat or dog food
Purina Cat or Dog Food: How to Open

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Opening a Purina cat or dog food bag isn’t difficult, but it can be frustrating. It doesn’t have to be though. But, you do have to be patient and it will be open in no time. In most cases, scissors to cut off the top will be sufficient.

But, if you have a sewn-style closure on the bag, then you have to ensure you pull it open from the correct side of the bag; pulling the single-stitch at the proper end. Regardless of how you open the bag, close it back up with a clip or store it in an airtight container.

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