How Much Are Brindle Pugs? Discover The 4 Best Ways You Can Get One And The Pricetag Of Each Option

How much are Brindle Pugs? In case you were planning to get a Pug pal, you want to know how much you would have to spend on a pup of your dreams. Pugs, for the most part, come in these colors: fawn, black, silver, apricot, and brindle. The fawn and black ones are the most abundant out of all of the color palettes. Hence, they will be cheaper than, let’s say a blue or a motley Pug.

And how much are Brindle Pugs exactly? We will get into the topic of brindle Pug price shortly. For now, since some pet parents may be wondering what kind of color “brindle” is, we will dig deeper into describing it. Let’s take a closer look at this intriguing shade.

how much are brindle pugs
How Much are Brindle Pugs

What Are Brindle Pugs?

What is implied in “brindle” is a very interesting combination of red, brown, white, and black colors, giving a pooch (and some other four-legged creatures like cats and cows) a very distinctive “striped” appearance. Almost tiger-like so to speak. “But how do the stripes form?” you may be wondering. The motley appearance comes from a very complex gene combination where a red base is from phaeomelanin pigment while black lines on top of the flame-colored base are from the eumelanin pigment. 

Now, if you strongly desire to get a motley Pug, perk up your ears! We are about to discuss several different ways you can introduce a multicolored mutt into your family. 

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How Does One Get a Brindle Pug? 

1. Pet store

A few pet stores might sell Pug puppies, however, it is a rarity. You may see other breeds like Labradors, German Shepherds, Schnauzers, and mixed-breed pooches as well. About 90% of pets you see at a local pet store are coming from puppy mills where pets get mistreated and neglected as far as health care is concerned. 

Most of these dogs have underlying health issues that may not be visible right away while the pooch is still a baby. Nevertheless, they will most likely come out sooner or later as your pup grows. A store Pug will be a little cheaper compared to a purebred one from a Pug seller. “How much are brindle Pugs if you buy them at a pet store?” you ask. Typically, around $700-$1000. Yet, it is not recommended to get a squishy-faced pal at a pet store, since it is a lottery (you don’t know whether or not a hound is 100% healthy as very few pet stores give you a detailed wellness report). 

2. Breeder

A much wiser option compared to the above-mentioned one. Pug puppies (especially those of a rare shade like the brindle ones) are usually distributed by reputable breeders, who specialize in wrinkled pals. A respectable seller will make sure all his pups are well taken care of, are healthy, kept in comfortable living conditions, and get plenty of physical as well as mental stimulation. 

Indeed, breeder pups are more expensive, but you get what you pay for. Be prepared to spend anywhere from $700 to an astonishing $2000! If you care about your future dog’s well-being, you should get one from a long-time Pug seller.  

3. Shelter

In some rare cases, you may get a brindle Pug from a local animal shelter. Normally they get a Pug pooch of a unique color only if its previous owners abandoned their dog for various reasons. If you have been looking for one and found your dream dog at a rescue facility, you are in luck! So how much are brindle Pugs if you decide to adopt them? All you would have to pay for is shots (around $300-$500), and you may also donate some money on the side to help care for animals who are desperately waiting for their forever home.   

4. Gift

That’s the best option, particularly for those who are in a financial bind at the moment and can’t afford a pricey breed like Pug (not to mention a brindle Pug that is extremely expensive).

If you are lucky enough to have a family member or a friend who is a Pug seller, then you can get one as a holiday gift and won’t have to spend a single penny. But not all of us have that kind of luxury, therefore we have to primarily rely on the aforementioned options. 

brindle pug cost
Brindle Pug Cost


We have just answered the question “How much are brindle Pugs?” and discussed all the possible ways to get one. Any owner has to decide for himself/herself which route to take, depending on the amount of money one is willing to spend and the road he/she wants to take for ethical reasons. For example, some people would not buy a pup at a pet store since they don’t approve of puppy mills. Or they wouldn’t get a sheltered mutt since they are not going to be 100% sure it doesn’t have any behavioral and/or physical issues. In any case, it’s your choice and if you want a brindle-colored wrinkled pal, then go for it! 


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