Why Do Dogs Smell Good When They Sleep?

Some people believe that dogs smell good when they sleep because of some internal reaction that happens as they sleep. It smells like warmth releasing from the dog. However, no scientific answers have been found on this matter so far. Dogs do smell when they sleep, but it may not always be pleasing.

Pets are like our own children to many of us. That is why we tend to notice things many other people would not, and one of them is how they leave a strong or different smell when they sleep. It is a good smell to some people, while to others, it is more like popcorn. But why do dogs smell good when they sleep?

Like humans, dogs also have a natural body smell. But is it always a tolerable smell, or are we imagining things a lot? Well, you will find the answer today.

why do dogs smell good when they sleep
Why Do Dogs Smell Good When They Sleep?

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Why Do Dogs Smell Good When They Sleep? Or Do They?

Dogs’ natural body odor is produced by their glands. The gland areas are around a dog’s ears, nose, paw pads, and anal area. So when dogs sleep peacefully, the odor comes out a little stronger than usual.

So it is not the pleasant smell you are getting, but something else entirely. But why do you get such a smell when they sleep but not other times? Let me explain.

You Are Sitting Or Lying Closer To Your Dog

Do you notice the smell when your dog sleeps during the day or only at night? Dogs do not stay in one place during the daytime because they like exploring, playing, and running around at the time. And even if the dog lies down for a nap, you are probably not around much.

But when you both chill together, or your dog sleeps at night, the sudden calmness in the environment makes you sense a different smell. You may also notice a different smell or feel the warmth from your dog as it sleeps deeply and also because you are sitting or lying too close.

Not Enough Odor In The Air

This may also happen at night more than during the day. During the day, there are more than odors in the air. You are doing a lot of things and so many other things going on around you, making it difficult to tell if your dog smells different.

But at night, there are not many activities going on, and the air contains less odor at the time. That is why your dog’s smell seems more acute, and it smells different to you. But is it good? That depends on how clean your dog is.

Why Do Some Dogs Smell When They Sleep?

You get a different smell from your dog because the glands produce a natural body odor through various body parts. And here is why your dog smells the way it does.


A dog’s ear infection can happen at any time. Yeast infection can get worse if not treated at the right time.

Your dog will try to itch its ear all the time if its ear is infected. And you may notice that it smells similar to baking or beer.


Yes, paws can be the reason why your dog smells different. Not many people know that dog paws are also an active part of their body, and they release sweat through the glands of those areas. During hot days, bacteria and fungus breed and grow over the areas causing them to smell.


I’m pretty sure you already know that this area is responsible for the foul smell most often. The odor released from the anal glands is the strongest and most stinky. Make sure it is not happening due to any disease or infection.


Does your dog have a thick coat of fur? Such dogs’ fur accumulates more dust and dirt than dogs with short coats. If not kept clean, it can lead to skin disease or skin infection. And we all know that nothing will stink worse than an infection.


Does your dog go out too often or stay outdoors most of the time? If so, the dog is exposed to heat, dust, and other environmental conditions all day. This can lead to the dog smelling differently when it sleeps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my dog smell like a fish?

If your dog smells like a fish, it is because of the odor released from the dog’s anal glands. The anal glands are located on either side of the dog’s area, emitting a strong fishy odor. But you need to check with a vet to ensure it is not an anal sac, which is a critical disease.

Q. Can dogs wet their beds in their sleep?

Dogs wetting their beds in sleep is not a usual incident. But some dogs urinate a few drops in their sleep sometimes. But it should not be enough to wet the bed. However, if the dog is doing that frequently and wetting beds, it could be a sign of kidney stones or urinary infection.

Q. Do dogs enjoy sleeping with their owners?

When pets choose to sleep with their owners, it signifies friendship, trust, and affection. So yes, dogs do like sleeping with their owners and enjoy the warmth of their bodies.

Q. Why does my female dog stink?

Female dogs give away a strong scent to attract male dogs during their heat cycle. So if your female dog smells funky, that could be the reason. Other than the heat, dogs can smell bad if there is a yeast infection, which means you need to take them to a vet.

why do dogs smell good when they sleep
Dog smells good when they sleep

Final Verdict

Cats and dogs always have a special place in their owners’ hearts. So when they sleep close to you or stay closer, you notice the difference in their smell, which may seem good to you. But why do dogs smell good when they sleep?

In short, if your dog is healthy and clean, you are probably getting a warmth that smells good to you, like it does with babies. However, dogs smell based on their hygiene level and surrounding environment, which isn’t always very good.

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