Dog’s Eye Gunk Removal: 7 Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Get Rid Of Annoying Boogers

Pretty much any mammal on this planet gets what’s called “boogers,” including humans. Our furry friends are no exception to this rule. So, if you are a dog owner, you might be wondering about a dog’s eye gunk removal steps to keep its peepers squeaky clean. Why is it important? If an owner doesn’t do it promptly, a pooch might develop eye infections that would only be possible to eliminate with antibiotics and/or medicated creams.

So why not instill preventative measures instead of the hassle (and money spent) to treat issues that came up just because you didn’t make it a habit to wipe your pet’s eyes regularly? But what exactly are boogers anyway, what do they consist of?

dogs eye gunk removal
Dog’s Eye Gunk Removal

What Exactly Are Dog’s Eye Boogers

The gunk that you see collected in the corners of your pooch’s baby blues (or hazel browns) may be a dog’s eye crusty build-up or a softer dog’s eye boogers. These are just the dried-up moisture and dirt that collects while your pet is out and about frolicking in the yard or is sound asleep. Getting these is completely normal, even though it might bother your pal some. If the build-up is very crusty, you will see a mutt trying to get rid of it by rubbing its eyes. It is best not to let it do so as it might cause these beautiful peepers to be infected by nasty, dirty paws. 

Normally, if you don’t see an excessive clear or colored discharge, having boogers is ok for an adventurous fluffy fella. Yet, if you see a very thick “gunky,” yellowish, or greenish puss, it is time to give a trusted vet a call. In case you were wondering about the dog’s eye gunk removal process (taken that the discharge is completely normal), we are about to cover the steps to safely get rid of the stuff your hound has accumulated overnight.

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Dog’s Eye Gunk Removal

So, let’s take a look at how to soften a dog’s eye boogers and remove them using the most gentle way possible.

Choose the Right Cloth

It has to be soft and gentle on your hound’s eyes. After all, you wouldn’t like wiping your gazers with a harsh, rough washcloth, would you? Hence, flannel, and 100% cotton should be the best choices for wiping a dog’s face clean.

Also, you can use specially formulated canine wipes that are very gentle on their skin and won’t cause an allergic reaction that some breeds are prone to (like Pugs, for instance). If you prefer eye drops-they can, by all means, be utilized. Just be sure to check with your vet about specific brands he/she can recommend. 

Use a Dog Eye Comb to Brush Out the Hair Around the Eye Area

If you have a long-maned mutt, who tends to grow a “bird’s nest” around its face, then you need to invest in a good pair of grooming scissors and a dog eye comb. You will need those to take care of the excessive hair that becomes a harbor for bacteria. Watch this video to help you understand how to utilize those instruments in case you decide to be your dog’s hairstylist. An owner can save a ton of money by cutting his/her fur baby’s long locks.

Trim Excess Hairs If You Have a Long-Maned Breed

Breeds like Shih-Tzus, Setters, and Collies are all long-haired dogs, therefore it becomes an utter nightmare to keep them clean and infection-free. More so if their locks grow over the eyes down to the nose. In this case, they need to be trimmed using professional grooming tools. Amazon offers a wide variety of kits you can implement that come in handy. However, if you are afraid to hurt your mutt in the process, it is best to turn to a professional groomer whose experience can be trusted not to injure a furry friend.  

Wet the Cloth You Are Going to Use

Finally, it is time to get into the actual wiping session now that all the unnecessary hairs are out of the way. It is recommended to use filtered water instead of tap for the best cleansing experience. If you have a Zero Water or Brita filter, use those to run your tap water through and then soak a rag you are about to use on your dog’s eyes. Make sure it is well-saturated for an easier booger-softening experience. 

Gently Wipe Your Dog’s Eyes

Using gentle strokes, wipe a pet’s oculars carefully, making sure all the gunk becomes history. Pay special attention to the eye corners to collect the most junk that needs to be eliminated. Be sure not to touch the actual eyeballs, as it can lead to infections that would have to be treated using antibiotic-packed creams and pills. 

Check Again If You Missed Any Spots

After you have completed the above-mentioned steps, it is time to double-check your work to make sure all the puss is gone and the excess hairs are perfectly trimmed to let your pooch see better. In case you missed a spot, you can carefully rub it off using either the same clean rag you used previously or your clean hands. 

Keep Up with the Wiping Routine Regularly

It is imperative to keep up with the canine personal hygiene in general, not just the eye area. Regularly examine your mutt’s “sparklies” for the presence of puss and abnormal discharge. Whitish, clear, or brownish crusty gunk may look gross, but it is usually harmless, being a part of a natural canine eye lubrication process.

A greenish, or yellowish discharge that may smell foul is another story altogether. At the first signs of those types of abnormal boogers, give your vet a call to schedule a check-up appointment. It could be conjunctivitis or something more serious, you never know.  

eye gunk removal on dogs
Eye Gunk Removal on Dogs


Here we’ve just covered the 7 great steps on dog’s eye gunk removal and I hope you found these tips helpful. You don’t have to follow all of them in this order, especially if your pooch doesn’t have long, thick locks like some other aforementioned breeds do.

As long as you use a clean, soft cloth, or a dog wipe that is well-saturated, you will be successful in softening those annoying boogers and getting your pal’s peepers in tip-top shape. The key takeaway is to stay consistent. The moment you forget about the canine cleaning routine, that’s when a furry bud starts developing all sorts of nasty eye infections. 

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