8 Dog Breeds That Love Rain (Read This First!)

Rainy days may seem somewhat dull to humans, but they can be very entertaining for our canine companions. Dogs are naturally drawn to water, and rain is no exception! Nothing compares to these furry creatures when it comes to getting drenched, filthy, and stinky in mud and water.

dog breeds that love rain
8 Dog Breeds That Love Rain

On the other hand, one of the nicest things about rain is that it provides a pleasant environment, a calming feeling, and a sense of mental satisfaction and peace for both canines and humans.

However, you may also observe that sometimes your dog may avoid the rain yet enjoy it on other occasions. This is because of the variety of different traits involved due to canine genetics, various breeds, and unique sets of behaviors. It’s also quite well known that some dogs love rain more compared to others, and this is where our list comes in to help you get a good idea of who enjoys it most.

Here are all the top dog breeds that love rainwater and enjoy it whenever it rains.

8 Dog Breeds That Love Rain

1. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever (“Lab”) is considered one of the most popular dogs in the USA nowadays. This dog serves as a hunting assistant, playmate, service dog, and even as a search and rescue dog.

Labrador Retrievers stand at around 22-25 inches tall and usually weigh around 56 to 82 lbs., making them tough and athletic canine companions. They are dressed in soft, weather-resistant undercoats that are topped by a dense, short, solid topcoat that protects them from the elements—this includes things such as cold water, various ground coverings, and any types of grasses.

Due to their weather-resistant coats, Labs love the rain and enjoy rainwater the absolute most. Labrador Retrievers are the best-known breed notorious for playing in the water and roaming around in the rain.

The other good thing about this breed is that they are extroverted, friendly, and loving—and they flourish when they engage in household activities and events. Due to their high energy levels, they also require a lot of physical activity and hard, persistent training. This breed loves to work and play even—and especially—in the rain.

2. Chesapeake Retriever

The Chesapeake Retriever, also known as a Chessie, is a big gundog bred for recovering games from bodies of water. They have a similar appearance to the Labrador Retriever, but they instead have a wavy coat and a much more aggressive temperament than the Labrador. With having similar weather-resistant coats like the standard Labrador Retriever and being protected from the elements, they also love rain and want to go out whenever it’s wet and pouring, no matter the occasion.

Due to their wavy coats, they are considered great hunting dogs in rainy conditions and serve well as swimming/water dogs in modern times.

3. Chinook

Those searching for a canine athlete can look no further than the Chinook, a breed of dog designed expressly for sledding in the rain. Chinooks stand 23-25 inches tall and weigh around 56-94 lbs., giving them a robust build that aids in their physical pursuits—even in the rain.

This breed of dog is a common member of the U.S. Army Reserve. If you are interested in sharing your life with a Chinook but don’t spend a lot of time sledding or mushing in the heavy snow, they will also make excellent hiking companions (even in harsh, rainy weather). The only trait that isn’t so great about this dog is that they tend to be very aggressive towards strangers.

4. Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog comes from Portugal, where it was employed to herd fish into fisherman’s nets. As its name suggests, it is one of the best water dogs—and this means it loves rain too. This dog has most often been kept to herd fish into nets since they perform their job regardless of the harsh environment (such as during heavy rains), so they’re excellent for coastal owners who rely on net fishing.

This dog breed is also considered very ancient along with the fact that these dogs were used in the past to recover damaged nets and lost equipment from the seas, even in storms. Due to this consistency in their swimming abilities and lack of fear of actual large bodies of water, this makes them one of the best swimmers too.

5. Parson Russell Terrier

The Parson Russell Terrier (or “Parsi”) is a dog of small stature. However, its small stature does not appear to hinder it from participating in even the most strenuous outdoor rainy activities.

These are robust little dogs that are 12-15 inches tall and that weigh around 14 to 16 lbs. They were raised to hunt prey that would hide or cut through holes, and they succeeded in this purpose admirably. Regardless of whether one’s coat is smooth or damaged, it is waterproof and capable of withstanding damp circumstances and enduring tough terrain as they pursue their targeted prey.

Despite their intelligence and vivacity, Parsis need strict instruction—and a job might not be a bad idea either. A sport like agility, for example, is a positive outlet for the breed’s ferocity—even in the rain.

6. Flat-Coated Retriever

Originally from the United Kingdom, the Flat-Coated Retriever is a gundog with a short coat. It was initially bred to hunt animals both on land and in water, and it has retained its fondness for rain and swimming throughout its ancestry and descendants. This dog breed loves and enjoys rain very much.

Flat-Coated Retrievers are energetic and outgoing. Due to this, they make excellent family pets.

7. Sussex Spaniel

The Sussex spaniel has a long history of being an excellent outdoor companion, and this particularly applies when being out in the rain.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Sussex Spaniel has an “abundant heavy coat” that is somewhat flat or wavy in appearance. Sussex Spaniel is typically a medium-sized dog with a short frame, weighing between 38 to 45 lbs. They generally stand at about 14-15 inches tall at the shoulders as well.

The Sussex Spaniel is not an indoor dog due to how much they like spending time outdoors—especially since their coats provide them with protection from water and rain. They are, however, a very people-oriented breed of dog that enjoys spending time with their family and are ready to please.

8. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a massive breed of dog that originated in Canada and has been employed mostly for water rescue operations regardless of the environment. These large dogs love to work, including rescue, in the rain. The Newfoundland breed is incredibly powerful and may even be employed as a drafting dog as well as a working dog.

With their size and strength, along with their inherent protective instincts, these dogs make excellent water and rain dogs.

dog breeds that love rain
Dog Breeds That Love Rain
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