A Dog Belly Band: How Does It Work?

You may have heard of a dog belly band and wondered, how does it work?

Dog belly bands and diapers are useful for certain situations where your dog may need a bit of extra support and protection. For example, your female dog may be on heat, or your dog may have a little pee or diarrhea problem. In this article we will look at the topic of dog belly bands: how do they work? 

dog belly band
Dog Belly Band: How Does It Work

Period Diapers For Dogs

Unneutered female dogs are in heat twice a year (sometimes more, depending on their breed.) When a female dog is in heat, blood drips from their behind. This is just a fact of life, but putting a period diaper on your girl can stop blood from getting on your furniture and floors. These diapers cover her rear-end thus absorbing any drops of blood. They are perfect for when you are going out visiting too, for example, so you can put your dog in diapers when you’re at a friend’s house. Neutered female dogs do not go on heat, and therefore do not leak blood.

If it is your first time caring for a dog in heat, you can read some more general advice about how to care for her here.

Do Male Dog Wraps Work?

Yes. Belly bands go over a male dog’s penis to stop urine from leaking. This can save time and frustration because you don’t have to clean up. They are good if you have an older dog who has incontinence. But if you have a puppy then they need to be properly toilet-trained. Having said that, a belly band may be helpful when visiting a friend’s house. Puppies do get excitable and dribble sometimes! Some otherwise healthy dogs mark their territory in a new house when they are nervous. The belly band can stop them from doing this.

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Dog Bowel Incontinence Diapers

Sometimes dogs suffer from fecal incontinence. They may have a food intolerance that you’re still figuring out. Or maybe they are an older dog, and they just can’t help it. Either way, incontinence diapers for dogs, which cover the crotch and rear end, are a good idea. This will save your furniture and will make it easier to take your dog out, like in the car for example.

You can read more about bowel incontinence in dogs here.

Whether it be a diaper for a female dog on heat, a belly band for a leaky male dog, or a diaper for a dog that has trouble with bowel movements, read on to find out about some different options for these products.

Reusable Dog Diapers

These dog diapers are made from fabric that is soft and breathable yet waterproof. They come in some nice, cheerful patterns so your dog can go out in style. Many have a strap that runs up the length of the dog’s spine and then ends in a loop that goes over the dog’s head and sits around their neck. This ensures that the diaper cannot hang loose or slip down.

The downside of this type of dog diaper is that you will need to do quite a bit of laundry. Having multiple pairs on hand helps, and some laundry buckets to soak soiled diapers before washing. Many brands of reusable dog diapers come in a pack of three, and they are not expensive.

Dog diapers have adjustable waistbands and straps, stretchy leg holes, and a hole for your dog’s tail, ensuring a snug fit.

Some dog owners have found that in the case of dog diarrhea, the only real way to stop leaks is by putting a disposable diaper on their dog and then popping a reusable one over the top.

Disposable Dog Diapers

Much like diapers for human babies, disposable diapers are a handy option if you are time-poor and do not have time for laundry. They are also really handy to keep on hand if you are taking a car trip anywhere, i.e. to the vet clinic.

Disposable dog diapers are usually sold in bulk packs of at least 12 diapers. The downside of using disposable dog diapers is, of course, the waste aspect. So if you are an environmentally conscious person then this may not sit well with you. And they may slip down after a while.

More Tips For ‘Leaky’ Dogs

  • Keep the fur around your dog’s bottom trim, as this makes it easier to clean ‘muck’ from their hair
  • Have a collection of old towels and rags on hand for cleaning up your pet, and your furniture and floors
  • Disposable baby wipes are handy in the case of an unexpected ‘accident’
  • If possible, when the weather is fine then it may save both you and your dog stress for them to spend some of the day outdoors
pug wearing dog belly band
Pug wearing a dog belly band

In Conclusion

You might have a male puppy who just gets a little bit too excited and dribbles pee. Popping a dog belly band on him can save your sanity (and your friendships) by stopping pee from getting on your carpet and furniture (or your friend’s stuff for that matter.) Or you may own a female dog who is too young to be neutered, and she is in heat. Period diapers for girl dogs are great for stopping blood from getting dripped all over your house. Perhaps you have a golden oldie, who is having some bowel trouble, in which case, dog bowel incontinence diapers can be life-savers.

As frustrating as it can be having a dog that continually messes inside, just be gentle with them and remember that it is not their fault and they cannot help it. Just remember that they are your loyal buddy for life so we owe them some TLC when the need arises.

Thankfully there are plenty of dog diapers, disposable and reusable, on the market to choose from for male and female dogs, and all shapes and sizes. You may find that using a combination of both works well for you and your beloved dog, to help you both in these challenging situations.

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