Do Poodles Like Snow? Read This First!

It is likely that most places in the United States will have some snow on occasion. A bit of snow isn’t going to stop your dog from being walked. Plenty of people wonder whether a poodle will enjoy being walked out there in the snow. We asked our experts, and they have the answer for you.

So, do poodles like snow? Poodles are not great dogs that can tolerate the snow.

do poodles like snow
Do Poodles Like Snow?

Do poodles like snow?

Poodles, like all dogs, love to explore. The snow is going to be something different and it is going to really tap into their inquisitive nature.

However, as you probably know, not everything that we like is going to be healthy for us. Poodles may love the snow, but it does not necessarily mean that being out there is a good thing for them.

There are three places where your poodle will get cold and this will cause issues:

Paw Pads

You can think of your dog’s paw pads as shoes. They aren’t quite, but still.

The paw pads on a dog are exceedingly sensitive. The poodle will certainly start to feel the impact of the cold on them.

Paw pads are loaded with moisture to help keep them doing their job. However, this can lead to them freezing. If that happens, your dog will be in serious pain.

Paw pads can also dry and crack when exposed to snow. If that happens, they crack. When they crack, your dog will be in serious pain. It is as if they have dirt, stones, and the like going into an open wound.


The dog’s nose will suffer from the same issues as their paw pads. This means that they can dry out and crack.


Poodles may be covered in fur, but they only have a single coat. It is akin to going outside and walking around in the snow wearing nothing more than a T-shirt.

If a poodle is out there in the snow, it is going to freeze. This can lead to all sorts of issues. For example, if they are out there long-term then they may suffer from hypothermia.

At the minimum, their skin is going to be exposed to the cold temperature. Once again, this is going to lead to drying and cracking. This can lead to some serious health issues. 

What Are the Signs That Your Poodle is Too Cold?

Poodles, like most dogs, really don’t tell you if they are uncomfortable. It is a trait that comes from wild dogs. Showing they are uncomfortable would be a sign of weakness. This means that you have to keep an eye on them. They won’t let you know that they are cold otherwise.

There are a variety of ways that you can spot whether your dog is a bit too cold.

Unusual Behavior

If your dog is acting in a strange way, then this could indicate that they are too cold. 

Dogs will normally put their tail between their legs if they are getting too uncomfortable with a situation.

Lifting their paws up

If they are lifting their paws up, this could potentially indicate that there is an injury to their paw i.e. it is cracking, dried out, or the temperature is just too cold for them.


As with almost every other animal, a poodle will shiver when it gets cold. Shivering is the body’s way of trying to warm everything up. If your dog is shivering, then you know that they are freezing and they need to be brought inside quickly.

Slow Movements

If a dog is moving around slowly, then you know that the issue is serious. You now need to get them inside almost immediately.

Once you get a cold dog inside, chances are that they will become comfortable quickly. However, if your dog seems to be showing any signs of a health issue after an hour or so, then you should take them to a vet. They could be suffering from hypothermia or another effect of the cold.

poodle dog in snow
Poodle dog in snow

Related Questions 

How long should you walk in the snow with a poodle?

You should only be outside long enough for the poodle to use the bathroom. If you are out there for too long, they are likely to suffer from the effects of the cold. Your poodle will need to be kept exercised indoors.

Does paw wax protect a poodle’s paws from the snow?

Yes. It will prevent them from drying out. However, do bear in mind that it may not prevent all the discomfort that a poodle will get from being out there in the snow. Winter boots (see Amazon) may offer more protection.

Should you feed your poodle extra food during the winter?

Some people give their poodles an extra cup of food per day during the winter months. It increases their fat levels. This can make it easier for them to stay warm.

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