Is a Daycare for Vizsla a Good Idea?

Vizslas are majestic animals that are characterized mainly by their abilities during hunting. They are known for their high level of physical activity and the amount of exercise they require each day.

daycare for vizsla
Is a Daycare for Vizsla a Good Idea?

The personality of these canines is quite sensitive and affectionate. They are friendly and love to be with their owners or members of their human family, considering that they can also socialize with other people and animals. 

Caring for a Vizsla is a great responsibility as it is a medium-large dog that requires a lot of attention. That is important, considering that they cannot be left alone for a long time as they could become destructive and anxious. 

These animals love to play, run, jump, or do any physical activity outdoors, so they tend to get bored quickly if you keep them indoors. That is a problem for most people who tend to work or study and leave their canines alone. There may be various solutions for this situation, but one of the most recommended is to take your Vizsla to a daycare. 

A daycare for dogs has become an excellent option for all dog owners who do not have enough time to care for their pets due to their jobs or studies. These places guarantee the safety of our pets, as well as the exercise sessions necessary for them. 

We must bear in mind that not all daycare is suitable for Vizslas since not all have the required regulation or offer the best care services for these animals. Before choosing a daycare for our canine, it is essential to take into account the style of it, the experience of the dog sitters, the methods used for training, and more. 

Most Suitable Daycare Styles for Vizslas 

There are various daycare styles that may be suitable, depending on the dog’s characteristics, temperament, and needs. It is important to note that these places can be located outdoors or inside a house.

An example of the latter is home-style dog daycare. These places are designed to provide dogs with a familiar environment where they can feel comfortable. However, a home-style daycare is not very suitable for a Vizsla considering its physical characteristics and high activity level. 

For that reason, below, we will talk about two daycare styles that may be suitable for Vizslas: 

Separate Play Area Style Daycare 

These places can be both indoors and outdoors. However, this one differs from home-style daycare in that it tends to have a more spacious area in which Vizslas can play and run comfortably. 

This type of daycare for dogs is characterized by dividing the canines into different groups according to their characteristics and level of physical activity. That means that if you leave your Vizsla in this place, it will be grouped with several dogs with similar features, including other Vizslas. 

The number of canines in each group will depend exclusively on the staff’s care capacity and the house’s size and rooms. Generally, these groups usually have between 10 to 20 dogs. Obviously, canines with a medium-large size will be located in the largest area. 

The separate play area style daycare is designed especially for dogs with a high level of physical activity and those that are a little more cautious. It is for this reason that these animals are divided into several groups. 

Dog Park Style Daycare 

Unlike the previous one, this daycare is located only outdoors in large and open spaces. This place is specially designed for medium-large dogs that present a high level of physical activity and require a lot of exercise. 

A Dog Park Style Daycare is the ideal place to leave your Vizsla in the care of experts while you go to study or work. Your pet will have fun, train, play, and be happy together with other people and canines. 

As we have said, these places are outdoors so they can be exposed to any climate. We know that Vizslas and other types of dogs do not love the heat, but they will be under the care of daycare staff who will make sure they feel cool. Similarly, in the case of rainy days, your dog is likely to get wet. However, remember that Vizslas do not smell bad in these types of situations. 

The staff of this type of daycare is trained to provide maximum safety and fun for your Vizsla. Without a doubt, a Dog Park Style Daycare is excellent for your pet to spend time with other canines and never feel alone in your absence. 

How to Choose the Perfect Daycare for Your Vizsla? 

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a place where your Vizsla can be properly cared for is the daycare staff’s honesty. Many people in charge of these places lie in order to make you leave your dog in their facilities. The reality is that most of the time, their care services do not turn out to be excellent as they had claimed. 

When looking for a daycare for your Vizsla, be sure to do previous research on the Internet and then verify the information with the answers that the daycare staff gives you about safety, policies, training methods, and general care. 

A reputable dog daycare does not hide any aspect of its facility and allows you to tour the entire site to see for yourself. However, in these cases, you should bear in mind that it is very likely that the staff will not allow you to make the tour while the dogs are there since the presence of an unknown person could stress them. 

Vizsla dog playing in the field
Vizsla dog playing in the field

Aspects to Consider 

Before looking for a suitable daycare for your Vizsla, you should bear in mind that they may have specific rules and requirements to accept your canine. What you must do is communicate personally (or through a phone call) with the daycare staff to learn about the policies of the place. Spaying, neutering, and vaccination records are the most common requirements for a dog daycare.

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