Chapped Dog’s Nose Home Remedy: Learn About 5 Reasons For Dry Snout Syndrome And Powerful Products That Can Help

In case your pooch has got a very dry, cracked, and irritated snout, you may be wondering if there is a chapped dog’s nose home remedy you can test to help ease a furry friend’s suffering. One thing you are welcome to try is rubbing some natural oils you have handy in your kitchen/bathroom on a pal’s nose and see if that might do the trick.

Be careful with the dosage if your beloved companion is known to have allergies to some oils you have tried in the past. Some breeds can have a reaction to anything and everything it seems like (just ask any Pug parent, for instance), therefore an owner might be hurting his/her fluffy pal instead of helping. 

Below you will find a list of canine-safe ointments for you to choose from and pick one chapped dog’s nose home remedy that works like a charm on your companion without any side effects. But first, it will be beneficial to know why your canine develops a dry snout condition. Let’s get into it, shall we?  

chapped dogs nose home remedy
Chapped Dogs Nose Home Remedy

Why Does My Dog Have Dry Skin?

There may be a few reasons for the dry, chapped dog’s skin:


During extremely cold or extremely hot weather, a pooch’s snout can become very irritated and start cracking. It is very similar to a human’s chapped lips or broken skin around fingernails (I don’t know about you, but I get those every winter) As soon as the weather stabilizes, a mutt’s snout should return to normal. 


Some pooches are prone to dehydration during hot summer months if not given aqua regularly, especially after vigorous physical activity. Please, make sure you don’t take your pooch out to potty anywhere from 11 am to 3 pm as the sun is the strongest during that time. But if you have to, bring enough water to satisfy your mutt’s thirst. 

Old Age

Unfortunately, a dog’s body slowly deteriorates as it gets older. This is just nature taking its course and it can’t be avoided. Skin is no exception and gets flakier as years go by. This happens partially because the four-legged “seniors” produce less mucus, therefore their nostrils get very dry.

Physical Reasons

A hound might have something going on inside its body, some kind of ailment that is causing skin cracking. A few of the reasons may include allergies, Hyperkeratosis, sunburn, blocked tear ducts, and even a Distemper infection. No dog owner is a healthcare specialist, so he/she wouldn’t be able to tell what the exact root of the problem is. Hence, it is imperative to take a dog to the vet to find out for sure. 


Certain canine species like Bulldogs, Boxers, or Pugs tend to get flaky snouts because they cannot reach them with their tongue to keep those “buttons” hydrated. The only way to help your pal on its “moisturizing endeavor” is to invest in one chapped dog’s nose home remedy or maybe multiple ones combined if the dryness problem is really out of control. Speaking of remedies, let’s name a few of the relatively safe ones to soothe a canine’s severely irritated derma.

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Chapped Dog’s Nose Home Remedy 

Wet Towel

Just take a clean, soft towel/cotton cloth and wet it. Gently pat on a pet’s dry nose to moisturize it. May not be the most effective solution, but works when you don’t have any of the below-mentioned products. 

Coconut Oil

Provides excellent hydration to soothe any irritations like flaky derma, chapped lips, and cracked nose. Both humans and the two-legged can use it. Just dab a little on a mutt’s red snout and rub it in well. 

Olive Oil

Another natural product everybody has in their home kitchen. Yes, it is a phenomenal chapped dog’s nose home remedy that is also natural and non-toxic. Unless your pet has an allergy to it, a dog parent can freely use a few drops of oil to help lubricate a cute fur baby’s snout. 

Petroleum Jelly

A very common skin lubricant Vaseline has petroleum jelly in it. It is generally canine-safe. However, some four-legged do tend to develop a reaction to it. Test it on another canine’s derma patch that is not irritated to see what happens. 

Ointments Formulated for Dogs

One of the best solutions to a dog’s flaky nose. Creams and gels that were specifically formulated for animals work best since not only they are the safest but in some cases more effective than the aforementioned remedies. 

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Here we listed the best products that work in the case with a severely scaly derma and you can choose one chapped dog’s nose home remedy that works best for your furry friend. Remember to always test for any possible allergic reactions especially if a pet is usually prone to getting those. Hopefully, you will be able to find a solution and help your pooch live a healthy as well as dryness-free life!

chapped dogs nose remedy
Chapped Dogs Nose Remedy


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