What Is Kibble? Evaluating Dry Dog Food

animated picture of dog food and kibble

We love our dogs and we just want what is best for them. When you become a new pet parent or whether you have loved your doggies for years, you may wonder what exactly kibble is. Is it the healthiest option out there?Aand what are the pros and cons to feeding kibble to your dog?  

Are Dryer Sheets Toxic for Dogs? [YES, HERE’S WHY]

Dog after washing in a washing machine

As a pet parent, you’re always working to ensure your pet is safe, but have you ever wondered if dryer sheets are toxic for dogs? Well, if you have, here’s your answer. If dryer sheets aren’t ingested, they won’t hurt your dog as severely, but they can still cause other issues from contact or inhalation.

How Long do Chihuahuas Stay in Heat?

chihuahua in heat being held by owner

If you’re a brand new chihuahua pet parent (congratulations by the way!), you may have a lot of questions and uncertainties about how to best care for them. And if you’re a pet parent to a female chihuahua, you have some unanswered questions about their heat cycle, like how long it lasts.

Welcome to SirDoggie
Welcome to SirDoggie