Popular Latin Dog Names & Their Meaning

Puppies brazilian terrier in studio

There are so many reasons to consider Latin dog names for your fur buddy. Perhaps you’re proud of your family heritage or recently adopted a dog with Latin roots. Maybe you just really love never-ending cultural offerings, delicious and wide-ranging cuisines, a thriving nightlife, and friendly and welcoming Latin people.

Are Samoyeds Cuddly? [YES, HERE’S WHY!]

Fluffy Samoyed

If you own a Sammy, there is a good chance that they will want to cuddle with you. Samoyeds are typically very friendly and affectionate dogs. They like the company of other pets if they have been raised with them or taught not to chase them.

Chocolate Havanese Breed Guide

Chocolate Havanese Breed

Thinking about adding a new furry member to your family and wondering what breed to choose? Are you looking for a rare breed that is energetic, versatile, and playful? If you answered yes, then a Chocolate Havanese is a great option for you.