Can Shiba Inus Live In Hot Weather?

Shibu Inus has a reputation for being a dog that works in cold, mountainous regions. As a result, a lot of people wonder whether a Shiba Inu can live in a warmer location. We asked our experts for you.

So, can Shiba Inus live in hot weather? Yes. They can. They can live in most climates. However, because they are larger animals and have thicker fur, you may have to pay special attention to their heat levels.

Since the health of an animal is in question here, our experts don’t just want to leave it at a simple answer. We want to give you a more in-depth answer to ensure that your Shiba Inu is in perfect health at all times.

can shiba inus live in hot weather
Can Shiba Inus Live in Hot Weather?

Can Shiba Inus Live in Hot Weather?


While the Shiba Inu is well known for being a dog that works in colder climates, the coat that it has is an all-weather coat. It may be thick, but it works surprisingly well, even when it is hot outside.

Of course, you do have to remember that a Shiba Inu is an energetic dog. This means that they can burn off a ton of calories in a very short period of time. This can cause them to overheat.

If you have a Shiba Inu, then you will want to ensure that you pay attention to their needs when it is hot outside. If you do not, then it could potentially lead to serious illness or even death. However, thankfully, keeping track of the needs of the dog shouldn’t be that difficult. 

How Do You Keep a Shiba Inu From Getting Too Hot?

If you can, you should only be walking your dog for potty breaks. That is if the temperature is higher than normal.

We know that this is probably not going to be especially fun for the dog, but it is for the benefit of their health. You can play with them indoors to keep them exercised.

You should also ensure that your dog has constant access to fresh water. Try to change the water regularly so it remains semi-cold. You don’t want that water to heat up too much.

If your dog is outside, then you should ensure that they have access to shade throughout the day. Remember, the sun’s position will change as the day goes on. This means that a location outside that may provide shade now may end up being one of the hottest places later on. So, keep tabs on there always being enough shade for the dog.

Finally, you may want to take the start of the summer months to be a good time for you to give your dog a groom. The less fur that your dog has, the less chance that they have of overheating. If you go to a dog groomer, then they will be able to do this properly for you. 

How Do You Know if Your Shiba Inu is Too Hot?

Your Shiba Inu is probably not going to actively let you know that they are overheating. This is because it would be a sign of weakness. Instead, you need to keep an eye on them when it is hot outside. What follows are the most common signs of overheating in dogs.


If your dog is panting or showing any signs that they are short of breath, then this means that they are likely overheating.

Remember, the job of panting in dogs is to help to cool them down. If they are doing this repeatedly, then it means that your dog is having a tough time cooling itself down.

Quite often, this will be the first sign that your Shiba Inu is too hot.


Your dog may also start to exhibit increased drooling. Again, this is a sign that your dog is trying to cool themselves down and failing.

Drooling is actually going to have a detrimental impact on your dog. Remember, if they are drooling, their body is losing water. This leads to dehydration. This leads to heatstroke. 

Excessive drinking

If your dog is drinking almost non-stop, then they are too hot. It means that they are trying to cool themselves down but they are failing.

Gum and Tongue Color Changes

If a dog is suffering from heatstroke, then its gum and tongue will change to a brighter shade of red.


Is your dog less active?  Are they struggling to lift their toys or even walk? Then they may be weakened, and this is a sign of heatstroke.


If your dog appears to be confused i.e. they are not responding when you call them, or they seem to be doing odd things, this could indicate disorientation.


When a dog starts to vomit, then you know that the problem is serious.

Loss of Consciousness 

If you have been paying attention to the other symptoms, then loss of consciousness shouldn’t happen. If it does, then you need to get your dog to the vet. They will die if you don’t.

Other Symptoms

There are other symptoms that indicate that a dog is overheating. However, they are a bit trickier to measure. So, we suggest that you pay attention to the other symptoms. However, if any of these are also occurring, then you know that you have a problem on your hands:

  • Increased heartbeat
  • Increased body temperature 

If your dog shows any sign of heatstroke, then bring them inside immediately and get them to drink some water. If the problem worsens, or they do not seem to be improving, then you need to take them to a vet. This condition can be deadly.

happy japanese shiba inu dog walking in a hot weather
Happy Japanese Shiba Inu dog walking in a hot weather

Related Questions 

Can Shiba Inu stay indoors in hot weather?

Yes. As long as it is not getting too hot. If there is air conditioning, it should be turned on. They should also have constant access to fresh water.

Should you change Shiba Inu’s walking schedule when it is hot?

It would be advisable to only walk them during the cooler parts of the day i.e. you shouldn’t be walking them at midday. A Shiba Inu only needs to be walked for 20 minutes per day. 

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