Can Pugs Howl? A Flashback To A Canine’s Ancestry

Every canine owner knows that his/her dog’s ancestry is connected to the wolf family. Dogs are domesticated wolves who learn to live with humans and protect them from danger. They are our cute security guards who would bark if an intruder approached.

can pugs howl
Can Pugs Howl?

Well, at least my dog does, thankfully. The barking comes in handy to keep the unwanted people from coming in unannounced, let alone breaking into the house. Did you know that one witty Pug saved his royal master’s life?

He did it by alerting his royal highness of the enemies approaching his chambers while the latter was sleeping. We are talking about the Dutch Prince William and his loyal guard Pompey who protected him by loudly barking at the sound of the creeping Spaniards during the Spanish-Dutch war.

And what about howling? Can Pugs howl as well as bark? Let’s find out! But first, we need to know why mutts howl, to begin with, right?

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Why Do Dogs Howl? 

So, why do our furry companions choose to howl? There should be some pretty solid reasons for such behavior since dogs use sounds to convey a message to other canine counterparts and/or their two-legged parents.

Communicating something

Simple as that. Dogs don’t speak human, unfortunately. Even though we wish they did, right?

Hence, they have to use their body language and sounds to express their feelings. It will be hard at first to learn what your pooch is trying to say to you. However, as you get to know it more, you will be able to decode its barking/howling and piece this communication puzzle together.

Inform them of their location

Directly connected to the above paragraph. If you have ever heard the wolves or coyotes (I have since I lived in the woods), they would very often use howling as an interactive tool. That is how they let the strayed-away pack members know where the rest of the pack is located. The lost wild dogs would follow the howling sound and find their group. 

They are trying to make it into the “voice”

Just kidding! Canines can’t compete against people, even though some of them can put talentless two-legged to shame! Some just start “singing” by howling along to their favorite song.

If a pet parent is a musician, it is a given that his/her mutt would try to share its owner’s music passion. One can pull up numerous videos on YouTube where a dog would try to sort of mimic the lyrics it hears! This brings us to the next chapter.

Mimic the street sounds

In case you own a pooch, this one will be very familiar to you. As soon as an ambulance, a police car, or a firetruck comes by, your doggie’s chin will be right in the air and it will be making the distinctive “Aww-ooh” sounds. It will try to mimic them, sing along, so to speak. That is extremely adorable in the daytime, but not so much at night. 

Seek attention

If you are busy with some errands or preparing that important presentation on the computer for work, you don’t have time to play with your mutt. Hence, it might express displeasure by making howling sounds to attract your attention. In case it is very annoying to you, the best bet would be to just take a break and play for a few minutes with a bored creature.

Another great option is to either send a pooch to daycare or hire a dog walker who can provide plenty of exercise to the overly energetic four-legged. 

Express happiness

Just like dogs howl when they are bored, sometimes one can observe quite the opposite: an overjoyed hound expressing its excitement very vocally! If you tell them that you are about to go to the dog park (my dog, for instance, knows the word “ride”) or take a mutt’s leash, they will know that the fun times are approaching and may not be able to contain themselves. That’s when a pet parent will see how his/her dog is letting its inner wolf out.

Medical issues

Whining is usually the one clear indicator that a dog is sick/injured. However, some pooches will use howling as an SOS message to their masters. Since we know that the four-legged cannot tell us directly what’s bothering them, they use sounds and body language to help them get the message across. It may not be unnecessary to check out the howling situation with your veterinarian.

There are a few owners who, after reading the above howling reasons would exclaim ”My dog won’t howl!” and might think that something must be wrong with their pooch. Believe it or not, certain breeds won’t be into the whole “Aww-ooh” experience, for several reasons. 

They don’t know how to howl

A newborn pup may not know how to do that because they haven’t figured it out yet. They might as they grow older, but it is not a guarantee. Or if they see their siblings starting to make sounds, they will follow along. Canines are such copycats!

Bad Past experience

If you got your furry bundle of joy at a shelter, it may not be a howler since they were punished for doing so by a previous owner. Therefore, they associate howling with a negative thing that they are not supposed to be doing and just stop altogether.


Some mutts would be very vocal if they are hurt, while others would withdraw and seek isolation. No two canines are created equal. I think any pet parent is aware of that and also knows their pooch like no one else does. Your dog might just be the “quiet sufferer” type, so it is important to pay attention to clues. 

They are a part of a quiet pack

Yep, some mutts are not born to be howlers at all! And that is completely ok! Shar Peis, Great Danes, and Bulldogs are a few of those mellow breeds that do not get very vocal, and just mind their own business. 

Now, what about Pugs? Can Pugs Howl? If you happened to be a proud parent of one, you might want to get an answer to this question I bet.

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Can Pugs Howl?

Technically yes, as any other canine would. And basically for the same reasons as we’ve just briefly mentioned above. Maybe your Pug’s howling may not be as frequent as its Puggle’s relative, but it does come out once in a while.

Especially true about a Pug who suffers from separation anxiety. If you are planning to get a flat-faced friend and are also asking yourself “Do Pugs bark a lot?”. I have some good news to share!

They are not known to be notorious barkers and are ideal dogs for those parents who live in condos/apartment complexes. No angry neighbors are going to be knocking on your door, expressing their frustration.

pug howling
Pug howling


Canines are just domesticated wolves who express their emotions a bit differently from their human counterparts. Sometimes the former would use howling as a communication method. And, depending on what breed they are, it may or may not indicate an alarming state of affairs.

You and only you know your mutt well to “read the message” and correctly interpret it. Use this opportunity to build a strong mutual bond between the two of you. That would be the best investment any owner would make. Better than any high-rolling stocks or bonds. Howler or non-howler, your hound is unique in its canine way.

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