Can Dogs Eat Broccoli Stems? Find Out Interesting Facts About Broccoli and 4 Best Ways To Prepare It.

Are you one of the vegan followers who meticulously watch what he/she eats and praises a healthy lifestyle? Then you definitely know a thing or two about broccoli. This green super veggie is a longtime staple on many people’s tables dating centuries back. Humans always knew about its great properties and tried to enrich their diets to live healthier. Nowadays, vegans are making a comeback, therefore greens are being worshiped in all their shapes and forms. However, if the two-legged can safely indulge in broccoli, can the four-legged do the same? And particularly, can dogs eat broccoli stems?

When it comes to vegetables, not all of them are created equal. You can consume some of them as a whole, while others are only partially edible. For example, tomato: you can eat the actual red, juicy part, but throw away its tail. Let’s see if it is also true about broccoli.

Broccoli and Its Properties

So what is broccoli and why is it so good for you? Broccoli, aka Brassica oleracea, Variety Italica, is a plant belonging to the cabbage family that grew in Italy during Ancient Roman times and was brought to the Americas much later, sometime in the 1700s. It is a fast-growing green that can reach 35 inches in height and can be harvested at anywhere from 70 to 140 days. 

Broccoli can flourish only in moderately cool conditions as extreme cold or hot climates can cause it to whither, with crowns turning yellow and dry. If a plant has not cared enough, it is not going to grow to its full potential. Hence losing the essential nutrients it usually boasts, like vitamin K, C, folic acid, iron, potassium, and fiber.

Did you know that it also has almost 90% water? Thus making it a great choice as a summertime snack for those human or canine fellas who need extra hydration. And speaking of our four-legged friends: can dogs eat broccoli stems? There’s nothing wrong in digging deeper into the topic to see if our fluffy pals can indulge in some green goodness risk-free.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli Stems?

Any dog parent who is an avid broccoli fan will want to share some of it with his/her best friend. Sometimes humans mistakenly consider foods they eat also being safe for their pooches. Unfortunately, it is not always accurate. Dogs can get severely allergic to certain products and/or get a bad tummy upset. But is it true when it comes to broccoli? Is it safe for the canines to try? And if so, can dogs eat broccoli stems or only the crows? 

Good news: your hound can eat any part of broccoli, no matter if it’s a stalk or a crown part. The only thing an owner has to remember is to prepare it the right way to avoid any unwanted situations like stomach cramps, vomiting, and, in some cases, choking. Broccoli is a hard plant, tough to chew and process for the people themselves, let alone furry friends. Their tummies are much more sensitive than ours, therefore they can only tolerate certain types of food. And no pooches are created equal when it comes to dietary preferences.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli Stems

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My dog Ariel loves broccoli, but I know some mutts who hate it! You can introduce a piece of a boiled/steamed green to see how your pet likes it. Don’t force it if they don’t: dogs are smart creatures and only eat what their body needs. 

In case a furry bud loves it, here’s a list of the best canine-friendly ways to prepare broccoli.

Ways To Serve Broccoli To Your Pooch

  • Boiled

Get a pot of cold water and bring it to a vigorous boil. Immerse florets and/or stems, lower the temperature, and simmer for about 1.5 minutes. If you overcook it, there’s a chance that most of its nutrients will end up in the water, not in the plant itself.

  • Blanched

It is very similar to boiling, the only difference with blanching is that veggies get dipped in ice-cold water right after being boiled. This helps greens retain most of their vital components as well as cool them fast for speedy serving. 

  • Steamed

Probably the best preparation pathway to make sure that broccoli keeps all of its nutrients while making it soft for ease of consumption. You can invest in one of those steamer things and follow the recipe guidelines so as not to overprocess the plant you are cooking. 

  • Microwaved

An easy-breezy way to quickly fix your pooch a healthy, wholesome meal. Just put broccoli florets and/or stalks into a microwave-safe bowl, pour about 2-3 tablespoons of water, cover it and cook for about 1-1.5 minutes on a high setting. You can add the cooked florets into the dry dog food or serve as a stand-alone feast. 


Can dogs eat broccoli stems? As we just learned, they certainly can and should! Just remember to cook them using one of the aforementioned preparation techniques to be sure that your florets retain all their wholesome goodness and benefit your pet in the best way possible. It is better to supervise a canine companion in case it grabs a piece too big to swallow and starts suffocating. Any of the above-described serving ways will ensure that broccoli slices are tender for chewing ease and safe to digest.

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Can dogs have broccoli stems?

Yes, they can! However, it is best to cut stems in small chunks as well as boil/steam them for easier digestion. If you feed your dog raw pieces, there’s always a chance it might be stuck in a poor fella’s throat, leading to suffocation.

Can dogs eat broccoli stalks?

Technically, broccoli stalk is another word for broccoli stem. But, if you are thinking more of those much smaller stalks immediately adjacent to the crown, the answer would be also affirmative. Dogs can eat any part of the plant as long as it is cooked properly for ease of consumption.

Can dogs eat cooked broccoli?

Not only can they eat cooked broccoli, but also they are strongly encouraged to do so. When it is prepared, its texture becomes a lot softer, which makes it super easy to chew and swallow. Yes, broccoli might lose some of its nutrients in the cooking process, but a dog owner should be more concerned about the safety of his/her pooch to avoid choking hazards.

Is broccoli good for dogs?

Oh yes, it is an excellent snack choice! Abundant in many essential vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients, broccoli helps the body fight against free radicals, and boost its immunity.

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