Boxer Mix With Pug Is A Great Family Dog

A boxer mix with a pug is a great family dog if you are looking for one. This cross is most often called a Poxer. This article tells you all about them. I will tell you all you need to know if you want one. This hybrid mixes the lovable Pug with the powerful yet gentle boxer.

What makes this designer breed different from either of its parents? There are several physical and character traits that distinguish the Poxer. For instance, the Poxer has a sportier, more muscular build. They are not quite as fragile as the Pug. The pug side loves people and kids while the boxer side will be protective of both.

boxer mix with pug
Boxer Mix with Pug

Pub Boxer Mix Is A Hit!

The Boxer is typically a much bigger dog than a Pug so what you usually get when you mix them is more of a medium-sized dog than a small or large one. The coat of a Poxer is short and therefore does not need the attention that a Pug needs With respect to grooming.

The Boxer has folds on the snout of a short muzzle and short face. Pugs on the other hand have the flat face that goes with Brachycephalic traits. There is no way of knowing when the pups are born if they will look more like the Boxer or more like the Pug.

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Both breeds love people and so does the Poxer. Both are great dogs for families,  especially for people who live in apartments without dog parks. The Boxer mix with Pug is a fun dog to be around. So what are Boxer Pug puppies really like?

Boxer Pug Puppies

There’s no question that the Boxer Pug puppies your family went to look at were adorable. They are very cute indeed as little pups. Just remember this mix is not going to grow up to be the size of a Pug. However, they are more likely to be closer to the size of a Boxer. They are playful and rambunctious.

The puppies can have both physical and behavioral traits from either parent. Therefore it is impossible to know before they are born what Boxer puppies will be like. Generically the Boxer Pug puppies will be in between the size of a Pug and a Boxer.  They will have a short coat because both parents have a short coat. They stand about 14-22 inches and weigh from 20-26 pounds when grown.

Because of the characteristics of the parents, your Poxer puppies might be great with kids, smart, and playful. They might be loyal, fearless, and need a lot of exercise. If you “buy” a Poxer as a designer breed dog be sure to ask the breeder to let you meet the dog’s parents and if possible their parents. Watch the behavior of the parents if you want a clue what the Box Pug puppies will be like.

The Health Of The Pug Boxers

For the most part, this designer breed is healthy and happy. However, there are some things that they are prone to be susceptible to inheriting. For instance, the Boxer mix with Pug does have the potential to be overweight, to have eye injuries or issues, and to have ear infections. Because of the difference in size between the Boxer and the Pug, they can also be prone to:

  • Hip dysplasia and limping.
  • Other eye issues
  • Patella Luxation
  • Rashes and yeast infections

Each one of these propensities brings with it its own kind of trouble for your Poxer.

Hip dysplasia is probably a genetic condition. Pugs are especially known to carry these genes. This condition can cause your Poxer a lot of pain and this could be exasperated by the size of the pug boxer mix. There is a trademark sway the dog with this condition has when walking.

Other eye issues of the Boxer with Pug mix can run the gamut from simple discharge to the large protruding eyes of the Pug. The eyes get dirty easily with irritating debris from many sources. Therefore you will want to clean them often.

Patellar Luxation – Like hip dysplasia this can be a painful debilitating condition as the kneecap is dislocated. This condition will cause limping and pain.

Rashes and Infections – Skin issues can be common in Pugs and carried over to the Pug Boxer mix. Many of these are yeast-type infections and very irritating to your dog. However, there is a condition specific to the Pug Boxer mix that the separate breeds do not have. The Poxer can have many folds in his body and face. To avoid these infections and discomfort, clean the folds routinely.

boxer and pug mix
Boxer and Pug Mix

Pug Boxers

Do you think the mix might be right for you and your family? If so you should know that this “designer” breed is not cheap. It’s not cheap to purchase one and then you need to take into consideration the costs of food, veterinary care, toys, crates, extras, and emergencies.

To begin with, the boxer pug puppies might cost between three hundred and six hundred depending on the quality of the breeder decides the pups. To be sure check around for the prices of Pugs and Boxers in your area. The hybrid should cost a little less than either of the parents.

Go back and look at what I said the Pug Boxer mix might deal with healthwise. You should put a little bit of funding away in case one of these things happens. You might consider purchasing health insurance for your Poxer as well. In that way, you will be prepared.


A Pug Boxer mix is a great family dog and if you like these parent breeds just go for it. Boxer pug puppies are adorable and I also bet you can find an adult in a shelter that needs a home. Remember they are a medium-size dog with a medium level of energy. They are playful and loyal. For instance, the pug boxer mix loves children and they are intelligent and easy to train. You can’t go wrong with a Pug with Boxer mix.

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