3 Best Long Range GPS Trackers for Dog for 2024

GPS is a fairly new technology, especially when it comes to tracking animals. Even though zoos and other wildlife refuges will use this for tracking bird flights or the traveling patterns of big cats, something similar can be handy for house pets. However, the ones used for zoological purposes are expensive and not often available for public purchase.

Check out these three best long range GPS trackers for dogs. They’re readily available, and easily accessible and make finding your dog a far easier pursuit. However, they aren’t foolproof. As with anything, there are limits but there are also many benefits.

best long range gps trackers for dog
Best Long Range GPS Trackers for Dog

Quick Summary

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Who Should Get a Dog GPS Tracker?

Anyone who has a dog that runs off on a whim will benefit from a long range GPS tracker. But it’s also good for going on longer hikes, walks, and camping trips, where a dog is sure to run off at the first sign of a rabbit or fox.

Top 3 Best Long Range GPS Trackers for a Dog

1. Apple AirTag

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While not specifically designed for dogs, Apple AirTag will work just as well. You can use it to keep track of your wandering dog with your Apple iPhone or iPad. All you have to do is pair it with Find My app and you’re ready to use it.

The setup is simple, quick, and convenient and instantly connects to any wireless Apple device. You can even ask Siri for help when locating your dog. The batteries last for a year and are replaceable. The AirTag device is dust and water-resistant. This makes it ideal for use on your dog during bad or rainy weather.  

It has special technology to precisely lead you to your pup. You can even set the app on automatic to receive immediate notifications when the dog runs away. Plus, it’s encrypted and anonymous to provide privacy, this includes location and history.

Some users report poor accuracy in retrieval of dataConvenient app to track the dog in real-time
Easy to install and set up
Some users report poor accuracy in the retrieval of data 
Air Tag is water-resistant; and good for outdoor use.

2. Wagz Freedom Smart Collar

This GPS tracker pairs with the Wagz App in your wireless device which requires a Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth function. This provides data updates to ensure your dog is always safe and that you can find it. However, Wagz does require an additional cost because you must have a subscription to use it.

You can create a geofence by customizing the GPS to devise a geofence within the app. When the dog enters these no-go zones, the collar will give a little notification to prevent it from going there. It won’t hurt the dog, it provides an ultrasonic vibration that’s audible to your pooch.

Plus, it can track your dog’s fitness record including exercise, sleep, and step count in addition to providing a “Health; Happiness Score.” There’s even a thing called “Walk Mapping,” where the app records the distance, duration, and route of your dog’s hikes, runs, and walks.

Safe and effective dog collarInaccurate GPS
Programmable data including geofencing and activityMany unhappy people returned the device within two days of using it
No-shock notifications for your poochYou have to buy a subscription

3. Whistle GPS

This GPS tracker by Whistle offers a compact device with a collar that connects to AT&T’s 4G network. You can set up alerts and quickly find your dog no matter where they might be. It especially sends notifications when your pet leaves a designated geofence you’ve preprogrammed within the app.

So, to use this requires a Wi-Fi connection and a subscription to enable the interface. But, it does track your dog’s activity, health, and nutrition which include things like distance, calories, exercise, behaviors and even sleeping. This is handy for older dogs that have health conditions you have to monitor.

The device has a night light that you can turn on in the app and there are three safety settings: slow flash, fast flash, or always on. The battery lasts for up to 20 days on one charge, so you can use this light with confidence when trying to locate your precious pooch.

Another bonus feature with Whistle GPS is that you can talk directly to a vet through phone, email, or chat when you need it. The VETINSIGHT team of licensed vets powers the app, so you can be confident in the advice and guidance you receive.

Connect with a licensed vet right at your fingertipsYou have to buy a subscription
Track your dog’s health and activity along with its locationUnreliable design that tends to break or fall apart
Nifty night light to help locate your dog 

What to Consider When Buying a GPS Tracker for a Dog

If the selections above aren’t suitable to your needs, there is a world of GPS tracking devices you can use for your dog. Make sure it’s going to be reliable and durable with an accurate tracking system that allows you to monitor your pooch in real-time.

Also, it’s an excellent idea to have one that allows you to create a geofence. This will give you greater control over where your dog chooses to roam.

long range gps trackers for dog
Long Range GPS Trackers for Dog


Getting a long range GPS tracker for your dog will go a long way in helping you find your dog when it runs off. This is great for the backyard or when you go on longer hikes and camping trips. It is something of an investment, so take your time and do some comparison shopping before settling on a decision

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