Top 8 Health Benefits of Owning a Vizsla

Dogs are known as man’s best friends. Having a dog means having a faithful friend by your side all the time. In the case of the Vizslas, this situation increases further. 

benefits of owning a vizsla
Benefits of Owning a Vizsla

Vizslas are loving animals that establish strong bonds with their masters. They are very faithful to them and will try to protect you when they feel you are in danger. In addition, they are dogs that are characterized by their high level of physical activity. It means that they are very active and are capable of doing any outdoor exercise. 

Many people do not know that having a dog can bring us many benefits. It is scientifically proven that having a dog improves our lives in many ways. We can have someone to have fun with, play with, and show our unconditional love. 

A Vizsla has all these features, and of course, owning one will bring us many physical and emotional benefits. 

Some of the most outstanding benefits of owning a Vizsla are: 

The Best Companion 

Many people in the world suffer from depression. That may be due to different situations that are happening in their personal lives. However, dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression. Some studies have proven that looking at a dog can make you happy. 

Vizslas are very playful animals that can improve our days when we feel depressed. It is important, especially for older people since at a certain age, he or she separates from their social group and practically isolate themselves from the world. A Vizsla will accompany you in the moments when you feel alone. 

Physically Active 

As we know, the Vizslas are hunting dogs. It is for this reason that they love to exercise and stay active all the time. If you have a dog of this breed, you will never be bored. 

Vizslas need to exercise and be trained by their owners. Also, they are very playful so you should always be playing with them. You must realize that by helping your Vizsla to do all these activities, you are also exercising. That positively influences your performance and fitness. 

Seniors who own a Vizsla have less trouble walking or getting up off the counter than those without a pet. 

Decreased Stress 

Stress is something that many people experience throughout their lives. According to several studies, pets help us reduce the stress we have due to our mental fatigue caused by some situations we are experiencing. 

Specialists have verified that when we are close to a pet, in this case of a Vizsla, our cortisol levels decrease. Cortisol is a hormone that is released by stress. 

Taking your Vizsla with you when you leave home can help you avoid stress, whether it is in your office or anywhere else. Besides, this also helps the dog since this breed needs to be always in contact with the outside world. 

Healthier Heart 

Believe it or not, having a dog lowers your chances of a heart attack. Studies have confirmed that people can sleep more peacefully and rest better with their dogs. That could help you have less risk of getting sick. 

Stress is the cause of many cardiovascular problems. As we have mentioned in the previous point, having a dog reduces this state of mental fatigue. Also, when a person strokes a Vizsla, a person’s heart rate and blood pressure unconsciously drop. That is probably due to the incredible and adorable personality of these canines. 

Therapeutic Benefits 

Often, dogs are helpful when it comes to therapy. They facilitate the therapist’s work in activities related to recovery, rehabilitation, reintegration, or improvement of the patient’s quality of life. In a way, they assist disabled people in some activities that they cannot do on their own. 

Vizslas are great for these situations as not all dogs can help with treatments. There are certain aspects or requirements that a dog must have to assist during therapy. They must be reliable, docile, trustworthy, friendly, balanced, and trained to perform an activity. Therefore, this breed of dog is perfect for it. 

High Immunity 

There are two types of people in the world: those who are healthy all the time and those who get sick almost every month. Scientists have found through various studies that people who have dogs tend to get sick less often than other people. 

Why? Dogs, regardless of whether it is a Vizsla or any other breed, are covered in germs. Therefore, the entire home and the people living in it may be exposed to bacteria all the time. That allows you to get used to it, which will enable you to raise your defenses to avoid getting sick so often. 

Detection of Diseases 

Many dogs are good at detecting diseases their owner may have. Even many others are trained for that. Vizslas are excellent in these situations as they have an enviable sense of smell and instinct. 

Canines are good at detecting cancer (skin, lung, prostate, etc.). Furthermore, they are excellent for detecting low blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Also, many dogs are trained to help people avoid eating foods to which they are allergic. This last benefit is excellent, especially for people who have allergic children. 

Better Social Life 

benefits of owning a vizsla
Benefits of Owning a Vizsla

One of the best dog breeds to improve your social life is the Vizsla. They are dogs that need to do their physical activities and have fun outdoors. Therefore, it is normal that you should take them for a walk in the park or play with them in places where you can interact with your friends. 

Often, this situation encourages other dog owners to do the same with theirs. In this way, not only will your social life improve, but your Vizsla will also be able to make new friends. 


Having a Vizsla is not just having a pet, it means having a friend who will help you all the time even if you don’t know it. You can have a faithful friend with whom you can have fun and have good times. Many people think that dogs depend entirely on us and that only we help them. The truth is that our dogs also take care of us and offer us many benefits. 

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