Are Jack Russells Good Dogs?

Maybe you are thinking about adding a Jack Russell to your family through the process of adoption and are concerned about how well they will fit in. In this scenario, the question “Are Jack Russell Terriers good family dogs?” may cross your mind. So, let us discuss all about Jack Russells and what makes them good family pets!

are jack russells good dogs
Are Jack Russells Good Dogs?

Jack Russell Terriers are wonderful additions to a household as pets because they are genuinely good family pets. Jack Russells are known to form strong ties with every family member of a household or family if they are properly socialized, trained, and supervised.

They are also appropriate pets for city inhabitants who make their homes in small apartments or flats. However, it is essential to remember that the puppies, as well as the adults, have a very high level of activity and energy, so training is a must for this breed.

More about the Jack Russell Terrier as a family pet

You might have overheard someone claim that Jack Russell Terriers are not suitable for families because they tend to be very hostile. There is a widespread misconception among individuals that JRTs do not behave appropriately, but that’s not correct. These claims are untrue in a general sense and solely based on misbehaving members of the breed.

It is not fair to judge all of the Jacks based on that criterion. There are a lot of Jacks who are good canines in every part of the world, but they were also properly raised and trained to become such good companions.

A dog’s behavior is influenced by numerous variables, including early-on training and socialization as well as the care and compassion of the owner.

Therefore, if you teach your JRT the rules of the home and what you expect of your new furry companion, you can anticipate a quiet and well-behaved dog in the future. Every intelligent and well-behaved dog has an owner who is committed to training them from the puppy age through adulthood.

What qualities do Jack Russell Terriers possess that make them ideal for families?

The following factors make JRTs one of the best canine companion breeds for families:

  • They don’t require much hands-on attention because they are so self-sufficient. As a result, they won’t “punish” you with bad behavior simply because you didn’t give them enough attention—that will only occur if their energy exertion needs aren’t met.
  • When compared to other breeds of little dogs, they have a high level of overall health.
  • Jacks are known for their unwavering devotion to their human families.
  • Compared to the average lifespan of other smaller dog breeds, JRTs live comparatively long.
  • They have a low caloric need and eat very little compared to many other breeds. In the long run, this will result in significant financial savings.
  • Jack Russells are very good with children and adore the company of little ones. They treat children with kindness and consideration at all times once they’ve been trained to do so.
  • Jacks are known for their vibrant personalities, which are characterized by a dynamic and bouncy attitude that makes the home feel more animated.
  • Jacks are still small even when fully grown, so there is no requirement for significantly more room in the home for them to feel comfortable when resting and just hanging around.

These are just a few of the reasons why we believe JRTs are the ideal canine companions for families.

Jack Russell History

Did you know that hunting was the Jack Russell Terrier’s primary function when it was initially bred? John “Jack” Russell, a parson from England, was the first person to breed a dog to fulfill his desire to have a companion who might assist him in pursuing his favorite hobby: hunting foxes.

Because of this distinction, the Jack Russell Terrier is sometimes called the Parson Russell Terrier as well.

Jack Russell Terriers are still used today to hunt coyotes, foxes, and even things like spare toilet paper rolls or balls of wool for pet owners who have trained their pups to help them around the home, so it’s safe to say that John Russell was very successful when he created this kind of dog.

Are Jack Russell’s well-mannered dogs?

A Jack Russell may be highly obedient to their master in addition to being friendly and devoted to other people. All that is required is consistent practice and training in the first several months of their growing up and being in the home.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that Jack Russells can also be incredibly naughty and will destroy whatever they can get their hands on, especially if they haven’t had their recommended amount of daily activity. This trait is especially prevalent in dogs that have not been exercised enough, which is the top concern you’ll be facing when bringing this otherwise lovely dog into your home.

Is the Jack Russell Terrier good with children?

Yes. Without a doubt, they can be great with children. They have a wonderful disposition around children and will generally treat them with great care.

You might have heard that some people believe Jack Russell Terriers are not a suitable choice of dog for families with young children, but again, that’s just not true. Many JRT owners have no issues whatsoever in bringing up their pups with kids in the home.

It doesn’t matter what breed of dog you have; you must teach them properly. If you give your dog the training and socialization it needs, you are practically guaranteed to have a friendly and compassionate dog by your side.

It is well known that Jack Russells come from a lineage of hunting dogs (as discussed above). As a result, they might not be the ideal dog breed for families with children less than three years old due to their instinctual need to go after small things. You must keep an eye on both the child and the dog if you intend to raise a JRT around a significantly smaller child.

Most essentially, you must appropriately instruct your children as well regarding how to approach the dog safely. In addition to that, make it clear to the dog that he is expected to respect the human members of the household. Because of their exceptional intellect, Jacks can modify their behavior to fit the environment of your home but only with adequate training.

Do JRTs get along well with other animals and pets?

If you already have some other pets like a cat or dog, or even if you only have a bird feeder in your yard, all of those other creatures will need to be on their guard because the Jack Russell is still a powerful predator even if it isn’t the largest dog breed out there.

You should bid farewell to your garden birds and any other visiting wildlife since you will likely find yourself observing a Jack Russell chasing the robins and bluebirds, and they’ll even go after any foxes or hedgehogs in the yard, too! Sometimes, Jack Russells may even jump over a fence after neighboring cats, to kill them! You will need to check to see that your fence cannot be scaled or jumped over. A Jack Russell can be trained to behave well, but it’s nearly impossible to overcome their natural hunting instincts.

Unfortunately, the Jack Russell is also not likely to do well with other canines, particularly those of the same sex. This is especially true of male canines.

A Jack Russell may surprise you with how well it can get along with and guard other animals—even things like guarding a cat or a parakeet—if it is properly socialized with other animals from the time it is born. This is especially true if they are trained to guard and protect fellow animals instead of hunting them!

How to raise your Jack Russell to be a well-behaved family member

Training is essential for canines of all breeds. It is best to begin training your dog between the ages of three and four months so that you can get the desired results.

It is not necessary to train them to “just be great dogs”; instead, it is essential to educate them on how to act appropriately. Try teaching these three training categories to your canine companions:

  1. Basic commands
  2. Feeding behavior
  3. Potty training

Additionally, it is best to begin early on when it comes to acclimating a Jack Russell Terrier to the company of other animals and new people. After that initial phase of helping them become comfortable, you’ll be able to have a calm dog later on as well.

The best thing you can do to help in this situation is instruct your children and other family members on the proper approach to interacting with the dog. Furthermore, it is recommended that you try to transport the dog together with all the family members so that he will be more loyal. The more time you can spend together as a “pack,” the more your dog will view the entire group as their pack and family instead of just one or two favorite people.

When training and in everyday life, make it clear to your Jack Russell Terrier that you are the one in charge and that you make all of the choices. Once he finally gets that concept, it will be much easier for you to handle your dog.

There aren’t very many challenging things on the list, and only persistence and patience are required to make this dog a perfect fit for your family.

In what kinds of situations can JRTs make the most suitable canine companions for you?

You must make certain that you bring the appropriate Jack Russell into your home, regardless of whether you have owned a dog in the past or are completely unfamiliar with the concept of doing so.

Here are some of the ideal scenarios that may make this breed best suited for you and your particular lifestyle.

You maintain an active lifestyle

Jack Russell Terriers have a high level of activity inherent to their breed. As a result, they require a home environment in which they can receive the appropriate amount of daily physical activity to feel secure and happy. Considering that making your dog happy is essential to fulfilling the purpose of owning a dog, you should make this a top priority.

A Jack Russell Terrier may be an excellent companion for those who spend their weekends going on long walks, jogs, or runs in the woods or who perform a variety of chores around the yard. They are always up for a game of running, jumping, and playing, no matter what time of day it is. They get irritable and agitated if they do not get the necessary amount of physical activity required to burn off all of their excessive energy.

If you lead an active lifestyle or if you’re looking for a reason to start getting healthier and more active, a JRT might be an excellent companion to help you reach your goal of leading a more active lifestyle.

You are an expert on the Jack Russell Terrier and are aware of all of its characteristics.

Before you welcome a Jack Russell Terrier into your house, you need to be very certain that you are familiar with all there is to know about the breed. If they are not appropriately educated from the very first day they arrive, they have the potential to be hostile and anti-social in addition to a wide variety of further difficulties that will make your life difficult.

Regardless of whether you’ve previously owned a Jack Russell Terrier or are conducting all of your Google research before getting your first one, you should make sure that you have a thorough understanding of what you’re getting yourself into so that you can provide a secure environment for your new pet.

You are looking for a dog that has a tiny physical stature but has a large personality and temperament.

JRT are high-powered bundles of vitality despite their small size. They are the perfect size so that you may pick them up for convenience, and their small size but increased speed will make walks easier since you won’t be tugged along at a rapid rate. It balances out very well for most JRT owners.

On the other hand, these dogs are certain that they are the largest dogs in the world and have no fear of anything, making them excellent guard dogs that will allow you to feel safe and protected in your own home. You’re looking at the ideal breed of dog if you’re the type of person who enjoys having that level of peace of mind.

You are looking for a dog that will be eager to play with you all the time.

As previously stated, Jack Russell Terriers get their energy out by running about and playing. This is the ideal choice for you if you are searching for a dog that will want to be active all the time and will like going for walks and playing games with you. You will have so many beautiful memories to look back on thanks to the fact that they will keep you busy all day long with games like “Chase the Laser” and “Tug of War”.

You’re looking for a dog with brains.

Jack Russells are among the most intelligent dogs that can be found in the world, even though no dog breed is notorious for its lack of intelligence. They absorb information at an almost incomprehensible rate, and they make frequent use of their intelligence to engage in dishonest behavior. It is reported that certain members of this breed can unlock doors, flush toilets, turn on the taps, and do other similar tasks.

Some don’t believe that dogs are capable of doing these things, yet this breed is exceptionally bright and picks up new skills very quickly. It has been shown that teaching a dog new tricks strengthens the link that exists between the dog and his people. These new skills may also make your day-to-day life easier; just think of what your JRT can do for you! When you have a dog breed that is as intelligent as this one, you can look forward to an endless supply of funny and thrilling situations.

You are looking for a dog that has an extended average lifespan.

JRTs have a lengthy life expectancy, and it is not uncommon for them to live above the age of fifteen. Because of their genes, they typically have a robust and happy life right up until the very end, during which they take pleasure in living a life that satisfies all of their needs in those final times. This might be the best dog breed for you to become familiar with if you are seeking a companion that will remain by your side for many years to come.

If you have this kind of trait or you know someone who wants a longer-term companion, a Jack Russell Terrier could be the greatest option for you to bring happiness into your life and your home. If you do your homework and ensure you have the correct lifestyle and ability to give your dog what it needs, you and this joyful and active dog breed can have a wonderful life together.

jack russell
Jack Russells: Are They Good Dogs?


Do Jack Russell Terriers make ideal watchdogs?

A Jack Russell is an excellent choice for someone who lives alone and whose primary motivation for wanting a dog is its protective qualities. The Jack Russell is a breed of dog known for its heightened awareness and acute hearing, both of which are vestiges of the breed’s history as a hunting dog.

You can rest assured that as soon as your Jack Russell senses something out of the ordinary, they will promptly let you know about it, regardless of how little the disruption may be.

Your Jack Russell may wind up acting as your furry doorbell, letting you know when your friends, the mailman, or children playing in the street are around.

Will a Jack Russell require a lot of activity daily? Are they good candidates for seniors?

In the same line as what was stated before, an older person who does not have the energy necessary to take care of such a dog will not be a good candidate for getting a Jack Russell Terrier as a pet.

Although a Jack Russell Terrier can spend the entire day lazing around on the sofa, this is something that can only be done after the terrier has been taken out for its prescribed amount of daily activity—which is a lot!

The good news is that a neighbor or a dog walker who is willing to give their services can assist these individuals who may want the guardian qualities and companionship of a JRT but are unable to meet the exercise requirements.

For walks, your Jack Russell most certainly needs a harness, and you should equip yourself with a durable leash that has a handle that is easy for you to hold in case they tug.

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