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Planning on having an Akita and wondering if Akitas are good with kids?

Akita is an affectionate breed and makes a good family dog. However, Akitas are not the best choice of dog breed for those with young kids. They do not react well to being mistreated. Children who are running around and yelling could trigger aggression in this breed. 

akitas and kids
Are Akitas Good with Kids?

As with any breed, small children should never be left alone with an Akita. You should always supervise any interactions between dogs and young children, no matter how friendly and loving a dog can be. Proper socialization and meeting people under positive circumstances is imperative if an Akita is going to be around children. 

The Akita is a bold and willful dog, naturally wary of strangers but extremely loyal to their family. They are alert, intelligent, and courageous. They tend to be aggressive toward other dogs, especially those of the same sex. They are best suited to a one-dog household.

Quick Note: There are two separate varieties of Akita. One is Japanese Akita or Akita Inu and the other is American Akita. They both have slightly different appearances but share the same personality traits.

Raising Akitas alongside kids

Here are a few things you should know when raising Akitas with kids.

  • Teach your child to never hit, pull, or climb on top of your Akita canine.
  • Encourage your child to show love to your Akita by cuddling, rubbing, and kissing their dog from time to time.
  • Encourage gentle handling frequently
  • Remind your child that Akitas do not like the presence of other kids or strangers, so ask your children’s friends to be gentle and to give your Akita some space.
  • Reward your Akita when they’re well-behaved in the presence of your children
  • Allow your child and Akita to bond together through the use of games or walking
  • Encourage frequent bonding time between the two, especially during your Akita’s puppyhood and adolescent ages.
  • Train your Akita to protect and watch over your children, whilst still showing love and patience towards them.

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Is Akita a good family dog? 

The Akita is a wonderful family dog with a deep sense of loyalty. As a family dog, the Akita will certainly be playful, affectionate, courageous, and protective. This affectionate and loyal family member is happy to be an only dog and can be aggressive toward other dogs outside the family.   

A securely fenced yard is important for the safety of the Akita and the strangers who may mistakenly come into their turf. In your absence, these loyal guardians will protect against anything they perceive to be a threat.

Other Akita qualities that work well with children are their utmost respect for family, protective nature, and patience with young children.

Activities for kids and Akitas

Spending time doing activities that involve both the kids and an Akita is a great way to encourage bonding time, as well as making sure your Akita has used up enough energy throughout the day!

Activities you can partake in that include both kids and Akitas are:

  • Frisbee Toss

Frisbee Toss will have your pup catching a frisbee in mid-air. It requires skill, coordination, and timing and Akitas excels at this game. This is a great energy burner for your kid and Akita. 

  • Bubble Blowing

Having your kid blow bubbles for the Akita to catch is a fantastic game for smaller children. You can get special flavored bubbles made especially for dogs.

  • Dog Training

Get your kids to try training your Akitas! You can make it into a game. This can help your kids build confidence and a sense of accomplishment, and your Akita can get some treats!

  • Soccer

Your child and Akita can have a blast playing the soccer game. Of course, dogs use their noses to “kick” the ball around.

  • Hide and Seek

Akitas and kids love to play hide and seek. It’s a great exercise for teaching your dog to wait until called. Your kid can reward them with treats when they find you.

  • Fetch

This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable games a child can play with an Akita. This classic game teaches kids about teamwork and can be a lot of fun.

There are plenty of different activities you can partake in that involve both kids and dogs. You can even have a little “pup & kid” photoshoot in your backyard!

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Are Akitas dangerous?

The Akita is a large and powerful breed with strong protective instincts. It is not a breed that is likely to attack humans. However, due to its power and “scissor-shaped” jaw, Akita’s bite cannot be opened unless the dog decides to do so. They also do not bite their owners, unless badly trained and treated. 

They are naturally confident and courageous dogs and will protect their owners when needed. If handled badly, Akitas can be dangerous and may react aggressively when provoked.

The Akita can be aggressive with other dogs and is particularly prone to same-sex aggression. They need early training and socialization to overcome these tendencies.

Positive reinforcement, patience, and consistent but firm training are essential for Akita. If your Akita is mishandled or mistreated, it often responds by becoming aggressive. What you don’t want is a bored and unsocialized Akita. That leads to such behavior problems as excessive barking, destructive chewing, and aggression.

Pet parent tip: The Akita is not recommended for novice dog owners, for those who want a lapdog, or for those unwilling to take charge.

Are Akitas easy to train?

Training can be a challenge, for the Akita Inu is assertive, strong-willed, and bores easily. Training the willful Akita can be challenging and requires understanding, experience, and patience. Akitas are known as one of the most challenging breeds to raise. It’s best to work with a trainer familiar with the breed. However, get yourself involved in the training as well. 

All you need to do is to be consistently firm and patient with your Akita. He will turn out to be a perfect companion. Praising your Akita during training is rewarding for you and them. It helps them understand your expectations and the differences between the things they should be doing and shouldn’t do.

akitas and kids
Akitas and Kids

Final thoughts

What is never debated is Akita’s fearlessness and utmost loyalty. This is a dog who is truly fearless, fully confident, and will exhibit unfaltering devotion to family. The naturally protective Akita has a propensity to become aggressive if they aren’t raised properly.

They enjoy the companionship of their family and want to participate in daily activities. Before you adopt an Akita, it is important to take a look at your lifestyle and how accommodating it would be for a Husky’s needs. As a dog owner, you must understand the exercise requirements, diet, grooming, and training needs of Akita.

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