Our Mission

Many pet parents, especially new pet parents, are inundated with too much information when trying to make healthy choices for their doggies. But I hope to inspire that by investing in their doggie’s health now, they can actually save money in the future and ensure their doggie lives a longer and healthier life.

Like any good social worker, I try to navigate complex systems and connect people with some of the best resources, and have some fun along the way.

I hope to connect pet parents to the best information, products, and resources out there for their doggies. Rory and I are always researching to find what we consider the best.


stuart and rory headshot for sirdoggie.com

Rory is the newest edition to our family! After spending some time grieving after the loss of our previous dog (Kenzie), we were ready for a new addition. Wow, it’s easy to forget how much work a puppy is! I feel like a new pet parent all over again and I’m sharing what I learn along the way here at Sir Doggie.

P.S. it took many takes to get a photo without her licking my entire face!


Kenzie was our 12-year-old Springer Spaniel and the inspiration behind this website. When she was younger, she began developing food allergies and was experiencing additional health complications from being overweight. I started to critically look at all the “healthy” products I was giving to Kenzie.

Kenzie also developed some extreme separation anxiety after her lifelong friend Reese (a chocolate lab) passed away. Needless to say, vet bills began adding up quickly and it took an emotional toll on our family, but we are happy to say that Kenzie had some of the healthiest years near the end of her life.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.