Do Samoyeds Smell? Are They “Dirty” Dogs?

Like many of the Arctic breeds, the Samoyed is clean. So no, Samoyeds do not smell. Samoyeds are one of the cleanest, nicest smelling dogs on our planet! They will attempt to take care of themselves as best they can. Sammy is one of the few dogs that don’t usually have that doggy smell. The luxurious … Read more

Best Dog Dryers For Samoyed [TOP 3 REVIEWED]

samoyed sitting on groomer table

Are you tired of chasing your wet Samoyed around the house with a towel? You need to invest in a reliable dog dryer. It can speed up the bath and subsequent drying process for pet parents. Sammies have a beautiful white dense double coat. Drying your Samoyed’s fur, on your own, can be quite a challenge.