Why Are Samoyeds Called Shoobs? [ANSWERED]

Samoyed, or a "shoob", sitting on icy tundra

is an internet slang term for a Samoyed. The Samoyed, also known fondly as the “shoob”, is a breed that absolutely embraces the idea of all things lovely. From their gentle and affectionate personality to their long, magnificent white fur, the Shoob is quite a popular breed.

Can Samoyeds Live In Hot Weather?

samoyed dog with curly tail standing on grass in sunshine

Summer is a concerning time for pet owners everywhere, but for Samoyed owners in particular. Your dog might be great at handling cold weather, but what about hot weather? A Samoyed can live in hot weather, however, extra care must be taken in the summertime in a warm climate. 

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Welcome to SirDoggie