Tips for Overweight Springer Spaniels

Overweight Springer Spaniel

Keeping your Springer Spaniel at an ideal body weight contributes to your dog’s well-being and is also one of the easiest and best ways to extend its lifespan. Satisfying their adorable puppy dog eyes with table scraps and treats is probably shortening their life.

Can Dogs Eat Nutter Butters? Is It Safe?

nutter butters

Who doesn’t like a good Nutter Butter? If you don’t know what a Nutter Butter is, you are absolutely missing out! These classic peanut butter cookie sandwiches filled with peanut butter flavored icing, some cloaked in chocolate… are enough to melt over. 

5 Tips to Fatten Up Your Dog

small dog sitting on weight scale

Certain things in our society are promoted as needing to be slender and certain things are promoted as being better chunky. For example, who doesn’t love baa by with chunky little cheeks? However, our pets, when too skinny can have serious health implications.