Do Huskies Shed? Easy Tips For Husky Parents

by Stuart | Last Updated:   September 15, 2020

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Do huskies shed?

Huskies shed their coats at least once or twice a year and this normally occurs at the change of major seasons. Huskies have adapted and been bred for harsh climate conditions, so, they have developed a double coat. Shedding can sometimes cause discomfort for dogs so make sure you brush your Husky throughout the process to ensure their well-being.

Before getting a Husky, you need to ask yourself if you are up for the challenge because they are going to keep you busy, at least while they are still young. If you are considering adding a husky to your family but have questions, don’t worry, you have come to the right place.

Huskies are loyal dogs who can be great members of our family. You need to remember that they require a lot of attention. If you know that you are ready to give them this attention and still have a lot of questions.

In this article, we are going to take a deep dive into what you need to know about Huskies shedding their coats.

Husky dog with log thick coat getting ready to shed for Spring time

How Many Coats Does a Husky Have?

Even though Huskies make for great members of our families, they were actually bred as working dogs. They were also bred to work in harsh and unforgiving environmental conditions. So, they have had to adapt to this. 

While wolves, the ancestors of all dogs, also have double coats, not all dogs have it. Like wolves, the Huskies coat consists of two sections. A soft furry coat on the inner layer and a hard coat on the outer layer.

When a Husky sheds, they shed their “undercoat”, the inner layer. It is known as “bowing their undercoat”. They do shed their outer layer all year but this is subtle and is hardly noticeable.

Why Do Huskies Have a Double Coat?

As we mentioned above, it is to protect the dog from the harsh conditions that it was bred to work in. That being said, let’s find out exactly what the purpose of the coat is.

People sometimes assume that the reason a Husky has a double coat is for warmth. This is only partly true. The soft inner layer of fur is to keep the Husky warm but the computer layer has an even more important role to play.

The hard, spiky outer layer of fur is meant to protect the inner layer and the dog from the elements such as rain, the sun, snow, rocks, and dirt. It is basically a natural shield that adds to Husky’s already resilient body.

Why Do Huskies Shed Their Coat

This is another question that comes with a lot of assumptions. You might assume that a dog will shed to prevent itself from getting too warm in the warmer months. Again, this is only half of the truth.

A Husky will shed its undercoat so that it can grow back fresh, healthy, and soft fur in its place. If the Husky did not shed, the inner and outer layer would be too damaged to do its job of shielding the dog and keeping it warm. It just so happens that this process is done during season changes and this is another part of evolution. 

Because the Husky has to shed to maintain its healthy undercoat and it has to maintain good body temperature. Doing it before season changes are evolution’s way of knocking two birds with one stone. 

When the husky blows out its inner coat, the outer layer will, in the process, also replenish itself. This might not seem as obvious at first as you will mostly only notice the soft clumps of the undercoat.

When do huskies shed their coat?

Huskies shed their coat twice a year going into Spring and the autumn. In rare cases, a husky might only shed once a year and again, that is going into Spring.

This makes huskies different from other dogs. Most dogs shed their coats all year.

Should You Shave Your Husky?

Most of us like to maintain our dogs, we do this either by ourselves or by sending them to the groomers. To maintain our dogs, we often shave their coats, especially in warmer months. Some people might not know how to properly groom a Husky and they might end up shaving their dog.

You should never shave a husky. They shed their double coats naturally. Even if it seems like the shedding process is taking long, do not try and intervene by shaving them.

A husky is/was bred in cold climates with subtle sunlight. Their pigmentation is adapted to this. In other words, they have very little and in some cases no pigmentation. This means that when you shave your Husky, you may expose their skin to sunlight which is dangerous.

Just allow the Husky to go through its natural process, but you can consider getting some shampoos for a Husky.

Husky Puppy First Time Grooming and Coat Blow

What to Do When Your Husky Sheds

You might notice that your Husky seems irritable while shedding. This does happen in some cases. If you have ever shaved your beard or any part of your body, you will understand the discomfort that is caused when the hair starts growing back. Imagine this discomfort or itchiness across your entire body.

The best thing you can do when your Husky is shedding is to assist the process. You can do this by brushing your dog at least once or twice a day. Be patient with the Husky when he or she seems irritable and don’t, as harsh as this sounds, annoy him or her.

When you added the Husky to your family, this is what you signed up for. You are going to be cleaning up clumps of hair but because it sheds in clumps, it is easier to clean up than most other types of shedding.

Do Huskies Ever Stop Shedding?

Going into Spring is normally a happy thought for most people, for husky owners, it means cleaning up clumps of fur. It makes us ask, “Will my Husky ever stop shedding?” You might not like the answer.

A husky will continue to follow its shedding routines throughout its life. As tedious as the cleaning up might be, in my experience, a Husky makes up for it by being the best friend a person can ask for.

At What Age Do Huskies Start Shedding 

A Husky pup is one of the most playful puppies around. At this age, they are inquisitive, cheerful, and full of energy. It is when they start shedding that we realize how fast time flies. Your Husky is now entering life as a teenager.

A husky starts Shedding his coat at around 8 months old. This does depend on the climate you and your dog live in. So, it might happen a little bit sooner or later.


The goal of this article was to help you decide whether or not you can handle a Husky dog. If you do already have one, it was to assure you that, shedding is completely natural for Huskies. The process might make your dog irritable but that is to be expected.

Huskies are incredible dogs. They require a lot of attention. It is best to be patient with them when they are shedding as the process can be uncomfortable. Assist the process by brushing your Husky regularly and try not to annoy the Husky.

Finally, when getting a Husky, just know that once or twice a year, you are going to be cleaning up a lot of furs. Husky makes up for this by being a great member of the family.

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