Best Chew Toys for Dogs that Last (5 Durable, Fun Options)

by Stuart | Last Updated:   April 3, 2019

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What’s there to do with a dog that loves to chew? If you’re part of the pet parent demographic who seem to be constantly replacing toys due to your doggie’s insistence on destroying them, you might be ready to give up.

Some dogs are simply very aggressive chewers, but constantly coming home to find pieces of their toy on the ground can get tiring, as can repeatedly spending money on new chew toys you know will meet the same fate as the old ones.

Top Pick At A Glance

KONG – Extreme Flyer and Extreme Goodie Bone

  • Power Chewing Dogs: The natural KONG Extreme black rubber formula is created to be tough and durable for power chewing dogs.

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Our recommendations for the top dog chew toys that last:

  1. KONG – Extreme Flyer and Extreme Goodie Bone
  2. Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball
  3. Goughnuts – Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX
  4. KONG Extreme Dog Toy
  5. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Durable Dog Toy

Fortunately, there are plenty of dog toys on the market specifically designed to withstand your pup’s chewing, meaning they don’t have to give up their favourite hobby and you don’t have to continue replacing destroyed toys. Here are the five best chew toys for dogs that last.

Dog playing with his chew toys, a stuffed bear, on the ground

Alright, let’s take a closer look at these chew toys for aggressive chewers. But keep in mind, despite some claims, no dog toy is truly indestructible. It’s always a good idea to have an eye on your dog while they’re playing in case they require your help.

1. KONG – Extreme Flyer and Extreme Goodie Bone – Tough Dog Toys for Power Chewers

This toy is marketed as “extremely durable,” meaning that even the heaviest of chewers will have a hard time destroying it. It’s made with hard, natural rubber that is also non-toxic, so if your doggie accidentally ingests part of the toy, they will be fine. 

However, we don’t think they’re likely to ingest any simply because this toy is almost impossible to break.


  • The patented Goodie Gripper holes are ideal for stuffing challenges
  • Promotes your dog’s instinctual need to play and encourages lots of healthy exercises
  • Black rubber formula is created to be tough for longer-lasting play sessions

For added fun, the product comes with “goodie grippers,” which allow it to be filled with treats. Keep your doggie busy for hours on end as they work both their mouth and brain trying to get the treats out.

When they finally get it, it will be a very rewarding experience. If your dog is an intelligent, aggressive chewer who needs a challenge, this bone is a perfect choice.

2. Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball

Does your doggie love to play fetch with you? What about the tug of war? If so, then this ball is the ideal toy for them. Toss the ball so they can chase it and bring it back, or just let them occupy their time by chewing it.

Jolly Pets

  • Will not deflate when punctured, made from Jolly Pet’s signature JollyFlex material- an innovative, durable, non-toxic material that can be punctured without deflating and bounces during play
  • Designed to be tugged, thrown, carried & launched
  • Features an Easy Grip rope for hours of outdoor play. The rope can be pulled back and forth through the ball, but never comes out
  • It floats! The Romp-n-Roll floats for water retrieval
  • Made in the USA: Jolly Pets is proud to manufacture the Romp-n-Roll Dog ball right here in the USA and supports organizations throughout the nation that provide toys to shelter dogs

The ball is made of non-toxic, durable plastic and includes a rope for you to hold either when launching it or playing tug of war with your doggie.

If your dog loves swimming, we have more good news for you—this ball floats, meaning you can take your game of fetch to the beach. This toy is ideal for bigger, more active dogs, but it comes in a variety of sizes, making it suitable for any pet that loves to chew.

3. Goughnuts – Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

This black, rubber ring is advertised as being “virtually indestructible.” That’s about the best any company can promise.

The toy was created by polymer engineers who specialized in coming up with the sturdiest design possible, so even the most persistent chewers will probably have difficulty destroying it.


  • Reinforced natural rubber is designed by engineers that make rubber for spaceships and aircraft
  • Sizes for every type of dog jaw and chewing intensity
  • After many years designing chew toys, we found it’s healthiest to use a toy that reduces leverage in the dog’s jaw, by forcing the jaw to stay more open while chewing.
  • Follow our sizing chart in the images
  • Save your money with our chew toys that will last a lifetime AND be satisfying and safe for your dog to chew on
  • Veterinarian recommended

It’s fairly expensive for a dog toy, but don’t let price be a deterrent because this toy will last whereas cheaper toys will need to be replaced over and over again, leading to an even greater accumulated cost.

Goughnuts products even come with a guarantee—if your doggie manages to break through the outer layer of the toy, the company will replace the product for free, so you will only have to pay once even if your dog defies all odds and breaks the toy.

4. KONG Extreme Dog Toy, Black

We’ve included another KONG product, simply because they are a reputable brand known for making tough and durable chew toys. This toy is different from the bone (product #1) and is more suitable for games of fetch, though it also works for extended chew sessions.


  • Veterinarians and trainers worldwide recommend the KONG Extreme as one of the best durable dog toys available
  • This treat-dispensing puzzle toy helps solve chewing, separation anxiety, teething, boredom, weight management, crate training, digging and barking
  • Unpredictable bounce makes for exciting games of fetch and other interactive play with your pet. This rubber toy is specifically designed for superpower chewers and can help them get the exercise they need
  • The stuffable KONG Extreme is even more enticing when a treat filled with bits of kibble, peanut butter, KONG Easy Treat, Snacks or Ziggies. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Bonus: For an added challenge, freeze stuffed KONG for 4-6 hours before giving to your dog

Shaped like three different-sized balls stacked on top of each other, this toy is great fun both to throw and to chase. Fling the toy and watch it bounce unpredictably in every direction imaginable.

It will present both a mental and physical challenge to your doggie as they try to anticipate which way it will bounce next. The toy also has a hole for hiding treats, which can help keep dogs busy during extended chew sessions.

5. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Durable Chew-Fetch Ball Dog Toys

Some dogs prefer basic toys to fancy ones, and if your doggie is one of those dogs who simply like a ball to chew and chase, this toy is for you.

Planet Dog

  • The Orbee-Tuff Squeak Ball is constructed from 100% TPE rubber and designed specifically to withstand hours of vigorous play and chew sessions
  • Take to the park or the pool with this bright and bouncy ball that also floats! Your dog will love chasing and biting down on this squeaky dog toy during games of fetch, toss, and catch
  • Infused with a refreshing minty scent, this squeaky dog toy will help keep your dog’s breath clean as they chew
  • Orbee-Tuff dog toys are thoughtfully made in the USA from materials that are BPA, lead, and phthalate-free

The toy is buoyant, bouncy, and floatable, making for enjoyable games of fetch, and it’s made up of a sturdy, non-toxic rubber compound. The material is infused with mint oil, so your doggie will love to chew it.

However, the biggest upside to this toy is that it can be cleaned in a dishwasher, so you don’t have to worry about throwing it out when it gets too sticky or dirty.

Don’t blame the doggie, blame the toy (and the parent that bought it)

Dog Chew Toys Buyer’s Guide

Now you know which products we recommend— the above products are some of the best chew toys for dogs that last. If you have an aggressive chewer, these toys will present a huge challenge for your puppy to destroy.

They’re all safe and non-toxic, made of sturdy yet chewable material, and designed to be great fun for your fur baby.

However, there are still a few things we recommend for parents looking to buy their doggie new chew toys.

No toy is truly indestructible, and that means that with enough use, every toy is eventually bound to break.

The toys on this list will last longer than most, but don’t be surprised if your doggie eventually finds a way to crack through them.

When choosing a toy, make sure you avoid cloth toys, especially stuffed ones with squeakers. You’ve probably already learned this the hard way, but aggressive chewers love to break open these types of toys and pull out the stuffing, creating a huge mess for you.

They can also accidentally swallow the squeaker, which is a major choking hazard. Sturdy rubber and plastic toys are your best bet, and every toy on this list meets those qualifications.

Other than that, we’ll leave you to it, because you’re ready to start shopping and your pup is probably ready to start chewing.

Final Thoughts

The above video is a lighthearted “experiment” that includes a couple of the brands we’ve included on this list.

We hope you and your doggie have found something you both enjoy!

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