How to Brush Out Dogs Undercoat | The Right Way

Brushing a dogs undercoat close up

How do you brush out your dog’s undercoat? Special tools, like undercoat rakes, can help get to the undercoat more easily than some dog brushes. Regularly brushing the undercoat is essential to keeping your dog from itching or getting too hot and will help get rid of excess fur.

Do I Really Need To Brush My Dogs Teeth? [ANSWERED]

Dog with electric toothbrush

Our domesticated doggies do not have access to the same materials as their rugged ancestors did, to keep their pearly whites clean and plaque-free. This leaves us with two options as pet parents, either do it ourselves at home with the proper materials or have our veterinarian do it. 

Do Girl Dogs Get Periods? Canine Estrous Cycle

tired dog laying on bed with eye half closed

While there are a lot of similarities between canines and humans, there’s also a lot of differences. Dogs, for example, don’t have to worry about Lyme Disease nearly as much as humans do because they produce their own vitamin C every day. But what about reproduction and menstrual cycles in dogs? Do dogs and humans share anything in common or do the differences outweigh the similarities? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this post.